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Are you ever unsure of what your dog might be trying to communicate with you? Because they lack the ability to physically talk to us through our language, we have to read our body’s signals to determine what they’d like us to understand. What does a dog that covers their face with paws actually signify? Many things actually! Here are four reasons why your dog could be protecting her face with her paw.


Wiping or scratching

Dogs also get itchy and if their faces itch by rubbing their face with their paws is generally faster and more efficient than rubbing their face on the floor or spreading their eye goobers onto your favourite blanket. If this is happening repeatedly, however it could be the indication of a health issue like irritation, pain or an infections. If your dog has been pawing at their face for longer than typical, a visit to the vet could be appropriate.

Fear or anxiety

If you’ve ever closed your eyes in a terrifying film, this should seem logical to you! While our dogs may not be thinking they’re hiding from the threat that is in their faces the visceral reaction to fear or anxiety appears to be a familiar one for us. Each dog is different however, a dog that constantly hides their face in response to different situations could be suffering from an extreme anxiety issue that needs to be treated by your veterinarian.


Animals that are part of a pack have a tendency to show respect towards the leader, or alpha of their group. When they avoid eye contact your dog is acknowledging that their lives is in your control. They trust that you will take good care of them and do not wish to be a threat. This may be followed by bending over to reveal their stomach. When they open their stomach to you, they’re demonstrating their confidence in you.

Because you love it

If you praise your dog with praise each time she covers her face, because you think it’s cute, then she’ll repeat the behavior more often to receive that praise. Dogs usually thrive on being loved by their owners, and which is why they’ll perform any behavior that makes you feel happy!

How do I stop my dog from scratching his face?

Preventing the Face from Rubbing Another step you can take to stop your pet from rubbing the face of his pet is to make certain that your dog is protected from ticks and fleas by using the flea and tick treatment that is recommended by your veterinarian. Check your dog’s teeth as well as gums to ensure that you are not causing an abscess or an infection.

Why should you never kiss your dog?

The Salmonella syndrome, E. coli, Clostridia, and Campylobacter – the intestinal bacteria in pet animals which can lead to serious intestinal illness for humans. The majority of cases of people getting sick from licking or kissing with pets are due to the contact of fecal residues with their mouths which could be passed on after the pet licks their anus.

What does it mean when a dog kisses you on the lips?

Kissing your mouth is an instinctual behavior for dogs. The dogs have noses and mouths that are very sensitive, and they make use of their senses of smell and taste to discover all sorts of valuable information. The act of kissing your mouth is a way that is socializing and grooming, and it’s enjoyable for dogs to kiss or kiss when we feel it.


Is it normal to kiss your dog on the lips?

Kissing isn’t a typical characteristic of dogs However, some dogs get used to it. If dogs kiss your face it’s not always a sign of return affection. Licking dogs can mean various things, from showing affection and relaxing stress, to showing acceptance.

Do dogs know we love them?

It’s true that your dog knows that you cherish you! Humans and dogs share an extremely special bond, where dogs have taken over humans’ oxytocin bonding route which is usually reserved for babies. If you look at your pet, of your Oxytocin levels rise just like the moment you touch them or engage with them.

Is it safe to kiss my dog on the lips?

In the majority of cases we advise not to pet your dog. Recent research suggests that saliva from dogs may aid in wound healing. Your dog is a host of bacteria in their mouths. Pastuerella can be found inside the mouths of felines as well as dogs and can cause lymph node, skin and, occasionally, more serious infections.

How can I get my dog to stop scratching his face?

Preventing the Face from Rubbing Another step you can take to stop your dog from rubbing their face is to ensure that your dog is safe from ticks and fleas with an insecticide and flea treatment suggested by your vet. Check your dog’s teeth as well as gums to ensure that you are not causing an abscess or an infection.

Do dogs like when you kiss them?

Many dogs are able to tolerate kisses from their owners quite well. Some dogs may think of kisses as a sign of the love of their owners Some even love kisses from their pet owners. They usually express their delight by waving their tails, appearing alert and joyful and then licking your back.


Do dogs like to be hugged and kissed?

The majority of dogs accept kisses from their owners quite well. Many consider kisses to be a symbol of affection and love, and a lot of dogs love kisses from their pet owners. … However, hugging and kissing are some of the most frequent causes of dog bites to the face, specifically when it comes to children.

Is it bad to let your dog lick your lips?

Not entirely. “When dog saliva touches intact human skin, especially in a healthy person, it is extremely unlikely to cause any problems, as there will be very little absorption through the skin,” Dr. Kaplan wrote in an email. … Kaplan said it is recommended to keep your dog from letting him touch your face.

Why is my dog itching his face so much?

Allergies. If dog scratching becomes out of control usually, it’s caused by allergies to environmental triggers or food like pollen and mold. Dogs can also experience an irritation to the skin called contact dermatitis after they come in contact with things like soap or pesticides. Afraid or boredom.

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