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Domesticated dogs have a lot of characteristics that were inherited from their wild ancestors . they can be found dancing with or playing around their food.
What is the reason my dog seems to dance around the treats? There are three reasons your dog is dancing around the treats before eating them, and they all stem from its own nature to protect its food from being eaten by other dogs.


Wild Instincts

The modern dog is considered to be less active than their wild counterparts. But a dog that likes to dance with his food prior to eating it is in essence mimicking the unmistakeable feeding habits of his ancestors. habits.
In the past the wild dogs had to utilize their hunting and stalking abilities to live and survive. It is believed that feeding time is an important ritual for the pack, in which you will have people with specific roles and responsibilities to ensure that your hunt is a successful one.
Every kill requires a lot of mental and physical focus like running.
The modern domestic dog does not possess the same sharp instincts like their predecessors, since they don’t need to search for food in order for their lives. However, your dog will appreciate more stimulation than the majority of households offer.


Whatever their breed or size is, dogs can become bored if they don’t get enough exercise.
When they become bored or aren’t getting enough exercise, they tend to engage in undesirable behaviors. For example, your dog might look at food spills in his food bowl as a brand new game to play. And this behavior could catch your interest.
Try to give your pet an additional 30 hours of exercise and playing. Your dog may be less energy running around and playing with his food, and may be thinking more about his food preferences.

It’s the Scent

One plausible and highly likely reason for the fact that many dogs chew on their treats is to smell. Studies have proven that dogs’ perception of scent is around 40 times stronger than humans.
So that dogs will often hide themselves by smelling their food, treats or even waste. It is possible to see your dog swaying in his food or a treat it’s a good indication the dog is trying to detect the scent of the food. Although we humans can’t detect the scent of our pet however, other dogs could.
Here are some suggestions on how you can solve the issue.


Exercise First Before You Feed

What is the reason dogs love to play with their food? Another reason may be because they don’t have a schedule that is fixed for their exercise or feeding times.
You should provide your dog with food at specific times following exerciseto allow him to release the energy, and afterwards, fully relish the food. This can also help provide food structure, by mimicking the way wolves typically experience exercise, and then eating later.
Start by examining the habits of the dog. Do you exercise him or has someone else in your family walk him each day? Does your dog get enough time to run around and expend his energy?
For many breeds of dogs that are bred for dogs, at least an hour of physical or exercise routine is essential every day. In addition to his usual exercises, you could consider by giving him 30 minutes more of playtime.
If you begin to do the same, you dog will not be as energetic as his food comes around. The dog will instead focus in eating the food.
In the case of dogs, working to get their food is the natural course of events. For them, going out for an easy run or stroll prior to breakfast is more natural than eating meals first, and then working out later throughout the day. Even simple games like fetch can be effective. great.
Dogs are just protective of the food they eat and their treats which they view as their own resources and therefore need their scents to stick on food items so that other animals won’t eat their food.

Quality Time is the Key

Your pet may be giggling in excitement over his treat, as they may think that he’s now the pack leader and thus, is able to set the rules of his own.
Make him aware of the pecking order in the group with you as his pet’s owner by spending more moments with him. Spending time with your dog could aid in reducing any anxiety or worries he might have over being home without anyone to play with, or that he isn’t in your group.
This time of quality is something that should be considered as distinct from regular time spent playing. The act of giving your pet some time will create bonds between you, which builds respect.
A higher amount of social and physical affection can remind your pet that, as your human you are his guardian and that they’ll be more than happy to follow the direction you would like to follow to get there.
A few hours of quality time is essential particularly when you wish for your dog to alter his behavior. It is important to increase the amount of affection and love for your dog to ensure that he doesn’t perceive your actions as untrue or, at minimum, suspect.


How to Fix the Behavior?

If you are spending a lot of money for these snacks, you would not want your dog playing with them without eating the treats.
Understanding the reasons why they behave this way will help you to understand why they do it and correct this behavior more effectively.
This isn’t necessarily bad, and doesn’t need to be corrected. But, if you’d want to stop this behavior, it is best to start doing so while your puppy is still young.
Make sure your dog eats treats instead of playing or dance about it. Also, reward them for the right behavior, not punishment for bad behavior.

Final Thoughts

Yes, dancing dogs playing with their food may appear adorable, but always remember that the time for eating and playtime is two distinct things. Both of these activities shouldn’t be combined.
Don’t neglect to exercise your dog. Allow him time to play before feeding him.
Also, don’t not forget to consult your vet, as certain breeds of dogs are more vulnerable to
Bloating that can turn out to be fatal, can be caused by eating too fast after intensive physical or exercise activities.
If you’re in need of assistance in exercising your dog, you should consider hiring an expert dog trainer. For all the world’s sake, your pet might require a strict routine of exercise, not just to keep fit, but also to keep from getting caught dancing with his snacks.

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