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It’s completely normal to see your dog digging in your backyard or in the front. In fact, you ought to be worried when your dog doesn’t seem to dig even once. It’s because to the majority of dogs, digging is natural and is a part of their routine.

Imagine coming back to your home to see your pet dog digging through your carpet! This isn’t a good scenario. Since digging is a habit learned in dogs, carpets is not the place that you would want your pet to perform the ritual of digging.

As a pet owner, you might be left asking, why dogs scratch at carpets?

It is true that digging is one of the evolutionary behaviors our dogs inherited as we introduced them to our domesticated world. However, as you will see that not all digging routines are natural. They could be triggered by a variety of reasons other than the dog’s instincts.

We will go over different reasons that your dog may be tearing up your carpet. We’ll also discuss ways is possible to do stop the behavior.


Top 8 Reasons Why Dogs Dig At the Carpet

Searching for Food

One of the main reasons your dog is looking at your carpets is that your dog is trying to find food. This is especially true of carpets with fluffy piles, which can trap food crumbs and food crumbs.

No matter how small the food crumbs appear the dog wants to make sure that the tasty pieces don’t go to waste.

Hiding Things

The dogs are known for hiding things they put claim to. Your dog doesn’t worry if the carpet does not provide enough space to hide his bones, toys, or even the remote for his TV He’ll just need to keep it hidden. The majority of times the behavior occurs during the night.

You might wake up in the midnight and see your dog pet pawing at the carpet. You may wonder why my dog scratches at the flooring in the in the middle of the night?

Take care, as in the morning you could be missing your remote from your TV where you normally keep it.

Territorial Behavior

The dogs are naturally territorial. They spend the majority of their day marking their territory in order to alert of potential invaders.

In the dog’s world all that is within his area is owned by the dog. This includes furniture, toys carpets, even the person who owns it. Since carpets are belonging to them the act of digging on carpets is a great method to identify who is the owner of the carpet.

It’s important to remember that scent glands in dogs are that are located on the foot’s bottom, in between the toes. The scent glands release scents that dogs drop on the floor as a method to identify their territory. Therefore, digging on the carpet will allow your dog to effortlessly emit these pheromones to show who’s boss.

Investigative Behavior

Another reason your dog is scratching at your carpets could be that your dog is trying to find what’s beneath the carpet. Dogs might not be as interested as cats but they’re just as curious to seek out what catches their attention.

There are a myriad of ways to get your dog’s attention on the carpet.

The dog may be attracted to the carpet due to an appealing smell like the smell of the broth from a beef burger that splattered onto the carpet. The scent could also result due to a scent that your pet naturally likes.

In certain situations your dog could dig on your carpet while looking for the scent of an criminal, such as an animal from your neighbor that wandered into your property.

Another reason that can entice your dog to explore your carpet through digging is if they hear an intriguing sound emanating from it. Keep in mind that the dogs’ hearing is far superior to ours. Therefore, a sound like a mouse scurrying across the floor is enough to get his attention.


Change of Routine

Like all species are creatures of routine. Changes in their routine is more likely to cause a string of strange behavior, like digging into carpets. You might have bought carpets that are new and you’re asking yourself, why does my dog scratch at the carpet in a flash?

This is simply the dog’s way to let you know that they’re trying to adapt to the carpet. Sometimes the dogs can scratch at new carpets when they aren’t happy with the texture or color. It’s their way of protesting against the fact that you aren’t having them consult before replacing your carpet.


Certain dogs are known to dig on carpets as part the behavior of displacement, which usually results from anxiety about separation. Separation anxiety is a type of anxiety that develops when you’re away however, you’re not making enough provision for keeping your pet engaged during your absence.

Along with digging on the carpet, pets with separation anxiety can cause damage to your furniture. You may have wondered what causes dogs to scratch on the sofa? The reason is that scratching or digging on the sofa could be a sign of displacement that stems due to separation anxiety.

There’s a myriad of strategies that you can use to manage separation anxiety. But, the best practice is to bring your dog to a vet for checkups to make sure the problem isn’t getting out of hand.

Excitement or Boredom

It’s easy to imagine that your dog will be active throughout the day. However, dogs also do get bored. When that happens they will tend to engage in all sorts of inappropriate behaviors including digging your carpets.

The act of scratching or digging at your carpets is a dog’s way of releasing its stored energy. Most of the time the dog’s goal is to make you aware of the fact that it is important for him to be engaged.

Den Digging

One of the most frequently asked questions from dog owners is: why do female dogs scratch at the carpet?

In general, female dogs scratch on the carpet in search of a perfect place to lay their babies. If your pet nursed, they could look around the carpets for the perfect place to lay her babies and give them warmth.

But den digging isn’t unique to female dogs. Male dogs can also use digging in an attempt in order to keep their sleep spaces more secure and comfortable. That can help answer the questionof why my dog chew on the carpet before laying down.


Why do dogs scratch the carpet?

You may be asking yourself ‘why my dog scratches the carpet’ or “why does the dog scratch at the rug’.

When your dog scratched at carpet, it’s due to them seeking to make sure their surroundings tidy. In other instances it could be an indication of separation anxiety, something which can occur when your pet is on its own for long periods with nothing else to do. In some instances, it may also indicate that your dog is suffering from need of attention and is in pain.

A professional with experience can determine what of these two events are occurring and determine if there’s a more serious root cause behind your dog’s behavior.


Dodging or scratching at carpets is an action that is a natural part of most dogs. As a loving and compassionate pet owner, it is your responsibility to seek out the primary motives behind this behavior. Only then will be able to take the correct action and implement all of the strategies we’ve provided in the previous paragraphs.

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