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Imagine that your dog is getting ready to go to bed for the night after a long day of sprinting around the house, ripping objects off tables, and slithering around the kitchen. Just as it’s settled and sleep, you see that it is kneading the bed and digging it up and creating a depression within the blankets. Does this sound like something your pet is doing?
There could be a puppy who has a whole 20 minutes of routine of scratching the bed and moving it until it’s just right and an adult dog playing around with the bed until it is settled into. It is possible that you have caught yourself admiring your pet’s evening routine from time to time and we’re with you that it’s cute. But, in reality, this behaviour is something that runs much more in depth (no joke intended).
Every dog is unique, and even if you don’t have an excavating dog, you may have a dog who turns their blankets around several times or is pawing off on fluffy pet pillows. Have you ever thought what’s the cause the reason for your dog’s endless scratching and digging?


To Keep Itself Warm

The most obvious reason you can draw by the way your pet digs their bed is that it’s seeking to create a warm place to sleep in for the night. Because your dog is blessed with the smallest amount of sweat glands, it is common for dogs to dig their way into their Earth in order to let their body breathe the colder soil. However when the temperature gets colder, you’ll likely see your dog lying on a soft, furry cushion which allows it to focus the entire body heat.
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Your Pup Is Bored

Dogs are known to dig from time the time, and that’s fine. However, it becomes problematic however, if your dog is digging their bed regularly and even obsessively. One reason to this could be that they may be experiencing anxiety and anxious and is looking for ways to control its stress.
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To Comfort Themselves

Similar to how we organize our beds and then fluff our pillows in the evening. The arrangement of bedding in a way that allows it to get settled for a good night’s rest is an important reason for dogs to are known to slumber in their bed. The idea of creating a resting space to themselves is an instinct that comes from evolutionary processes, and results in your dog creating an environment that is cozy to rest in.
Who wouldn’t need a secure area to retreat to after a day of running and playing?

Marking Their Territories

Did you realize that your dog’s scent glands that are located on the bottom of their feet? It’s not unusual for four-legged creatures , which includes feline companions. So, if your dog is scratching or digging in your bed could be an indication the dog has marked its areas with the pheromones that are released by their feet.
In bed, marking their areas indicates that it’s “theirs.” This will keep other pets from entering the home from gaining access to the dog’s favourite spot, and that could include you!


Camouflaging Themselves

To the time of evolution when dogs were mostly wild, digging their surroundings was vital to ensure they were safe from predators as they napped. In the modern world there are fewer threats and they are not present (if you don’t include an intruder who is able to enter your home when you’re sleeping) However, the characteristic persists. This could be the reason your dog is taking up space within the blankets you’ve set up for them.
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It’s A Workout!

If there’s something you know about dogs it’s their utter passion for energy. Digging is a fantastic workout for your dog which allows them to engage muscles that haven’t been employed for a long time. This could also help meet the need that your pet needs to stay engaged. Dogs need to be active, and cleaning their beds prior to sleep can help relieve the energy that has been stored up.
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To Hide Toys From You

Dogs can be sneaky hunters If they find something they would like to back later to, they may choose to find it and then hide it in the most secure place you can imagine, which is their bed!
There are two possibilities for why your dog may be placing treats or toys in their burrows.
If there are several dogs within the family, they may make holes to hide their belongings from other dogs.
If they suspect they’ve something you would not allow them to have Your dog will certainly seek to conceal them in holes they dig into their bedspreads.


Why do dogs dig in their beds?

The act of digging, or scratching, is another sleep-related habit dog owners observe. It’s another behavior or habit that pet owners are accustomed to, even though they’re not as clueless to the reason behind it. The feline equivalent to digging into bed is kneading. Similar to how dogs play and scratch to find the comfort zone, regardless of the impact it may cause on your sofa or bed and even their preferred resting places even if it involves cutting your leg.
Although the amateur gardeners in our society snort and snort about it, the idea of a dog digging through the garden is perfectly normal. In the end, the earth is soft and dogs can play until they are content. It’s not surprising that dogs can distinguish between the dirt outside and your favourite comforter like your bed, or the floor of your cage. The substance of the dog’s bedding has less significance than the act.
In the case of sleep Digging into beds can be a routine and instinctual or correlated with the temperature. When it comes to nature, the act of digging into beds is a way to control extreme temperatures. Since dogs are not equipped with sweat glands, when it’s extremely hot, they might dig holes, which expose the greater area on their bodies cooling earth. In colder conditions, lying down inside a self-shaped hole helps to maximize body heat.

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