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Our four-legged family members are our best friends There is no doubt about that. However, there are times when they exhibit certain behaviors that can be extremely annoying.
So I set out to research more about the reason my dog was nipping at me, and what I could do to stop it. Find out what I’ve come across.
What is the reason my dog scratch at me? There are several reasons. Your dog may be bored and would like to play. They might have lost their toys or feel safe.
Some dogs exhibit this behaviour, but if it is a dog that does this, you will know that you’re not the only one! There are many different ways they may explore the house, so I’ll explain the most common ones.


Listed below are the possible reasons:

Your dog is trying to communicate with you:

All animals have their unique ways of communicating. Humans are among us. we communicate by shouting, speaking, or create messages. Your dog can’t perform these. They’re different from the species. This is the reason they take over your body and then dig into the surface of your body.
If they’re seeking immediate attention or to demonstrate something, they may make a paw gesture at you. It’s just their way to express their feelings.
They behave like toddlers, running about and in between your legs, calling you at intervals so that you are able to focus on them. There’s nothing to be concerned about in this situation. Simply take your time and show them affection.

Your pup is bored:

Dogs are playful creatures. They need to have something or another to do or chew. They may also feel bored because of the lack of stimulation for their minds or physical activity.
Young pups require a significant quantity of mental stimulation. This is a phase of their development as well. If you keep your dog on your own for prolonged periods of time, or you are not engaging with them or playing with them with them, they may feel depressed and become bored.
Certain breeds require lots of physical activity due to their genetic make-up. Breeds such as German Shepherd and Siberian Husky require a lot of daily exercise. If they’re not outside, they may behave differently and beg at you over and over again.

Your little buddy wants some instant love:

Your furry companions always want to be loved and adored by you. When you’re spending time with them, they might pounce on you with a sense of affection.
It could also mean they appreciate the way you’re treating them and they would like to do more of the same like handing them a head rub.
We all love watching our dogs pawing at us in search of affection and love. Doing something to show them love when they do this will also establish a pattern of being a recipient of affection. This is among the most charming reasons they make use of their paws for communication.

Your dog requires something to eat or drink:

Your dog knows when it is time to eat. When it gets closer to the time they’ll let you know by leaping, pawing at you or barking as well. They can’t verbally signal that they’re hungry. So, they need to come up with ways to let you aware that the meal time has arrived.
Pups will generally gently paw your leg when they’re hungry. It’s just a nice nudging at their back. Dogs that are well-behaved may even point at their bowls of food by pawing at you. This is a great thing to observe.


Your pup is trying to show support:

Our lives aren’t an idyllic paradise. Some days are extremely good. There are days that are particularly bad. The worst days cause us to feel anxious tension, stress and stress. The presence of a dog as a pet is a great way to help you relax.
They are aware that you’re unhappy because you don’t get to interact with them as often. They will try to comfort them by immediately coming to you or even pawing at you. They are there to support you and attempt to comfort you. This kind gesture can help many people take off the worry or stress they’re experiencing.

Your friend wants to play:

Pups are always a bit playful. They’ll always attempt to start an activity. They will poke you in the face or wag their tails. They leap up and down in enthusiasm in order to attract your attention and start something fresh.

Your pup has lost its toy:

If you own dogs, you should have bought a variety of chewing games for dogs. They are fond of playing with their toys. Over time the toys are dispersed or become hidden between your couch or in your bed. To fix this issue the dog will approach you and scratch at you. If you aid your pup in finding the missing toy They will leap in exuberance and show their gratitude.

Your dog feels unsafe:

Dogs possess this incredible ability of discerning whether a location is safe or not. They are incredibly attentive and smell senses too.
So, if they’re aware of something that is not right and they want to convey that information by continuously trying to grab your attention. They’ll yell at you, slam on your lap, or try to direct you to the unsecure location as well as the object that is insecure, to then make you aware.

Tips to stop your dog from digging at you

Petting a dog can be like petting a kid from your family, which was said at the beginning. It is important to know what your pet is trying to convey to you. Sometimes, it can be difficult since your pet has only one means of communicating with you. This is why you may miss the needs of your dog. It can take a while to adjust to their different ways of communicating, particularly if you’re new to dog ownership. Simply relax and follow your instincts , and you will learn the basics about your dog each day.



The easiest way to prevent this behaviour from becoming problematic is to make sure that your pet doesn’t get on furniture.
If none of this resolves the issue then consider ways your dog can be active throughout the day.
Can their walks be longer? Do they need new toys? Maybe they require a little more attention.
One final note on controlling your pet’s behavior. Don’t become angry at your dog when they dig. It’s a natural instinct they don’t have control over.
If you’re still concerned about it and would like to learn more about what causes my dog to scratch at me, a visit to the vet’s office could provide the solution.

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