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If you’ve got a dog then you’re aware of the game. The time for bed is approaching, and before you’ve even had the chance to change into your pajamas the dog is already in bed snagging away and spinning around and round.

In addition to ripping up the sheets, you are worried that the bed will be ruined by him. the mattress however, no matter the effort you make and he’ll never stop digging into the covers of his self-made bed, and occupies a huge amount of space, even though it’s only a small dog!

Why does the dog do this? Why do dogs poop in your bed? You have more than one solution to this question, so let’s begin at the beginning with the evolutionary roots of dogs digging into your bed.


Why Does my Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets? Other Reasons Dogs Dig in Your Bed

It’s Territorial

Your bed-scratching pet has marked your bed as his own. Like many animals, dogs possess scent glands in at the base of their feet that release an odor that informs other animals of their home territory. This is the reason why you lay on their feet. This is the reason why they scratch at the cover and beds as they arrange them to ensure their comfort.

Curiosity Isn’t Just for Cats

Your dog might also be digging while looking for something under the cushions and covers. This behavior of scratching which can make owners of dogs insane however, they could have put toys or leftover food item under the covers and are now trying to find it.

Why does my dog dig in my bed? Anxiety.

If your dog’s habit of digging is excessive or even excessive It could be an indication of a sort of anxiety. It is possible to consult your vet, but it could be beneficial to think about purchasing a dog bed to help calm him to sleep.

Nesting Behavior

What causes dogs to scratch their bed? If your female pet is digging around in her bed, it may be due to nesting behaviour that is also known as “denning.” Female dogs are naturally inclined to build a nest, even when they’re not expecting. Females who are wild dig into the ground to create holes where they can get in and birth their babies and also bring them up to a point that allows them to quit the nest.

Hide and Seek

It’s also a natural desire for your dog to have a secure space to keep from the other animals. This is why they’ll dig in a den. Even although they’re no more in the wild, they may still want to locate a safe and comfy place to stay.


The dog’s habit of digging into your bed can be an opportunity to make pillows more fluffy in a way. They’re just trying to arrange their bedding in a arrangement that makes them feel more comfortable. This is especially true in dogs suffering from any kind of discomfort related to arthritis, for instance. with arthritis.


Why do dogs dig under the bed

In this article, we will go over the specific reasons for why your dog is digging in your bed.

Your dog has way too much energy

If your dog scratched the floor or floors in any room of your home without apparent reason and with a lot of force it could be that he is stressed due to not exercising enough and, consequently, this is the way to escape.

The general rule is that this breed of dog can exhibit other signs of stress like stereotypes, licking, or constant panting. The act of scratching on the floor could become a stereotype when it’s done often and therefore demands immediate intervention.

Animals need to shed excess energy to remain calm, happy and balanced. To achieve this, it’s important to provide them with the amount of exercise they and personality require in both walks with friends dogs as well as through physical exercises that let them run and, in addition aiding us in strengthening the bonds with them.

If this doesn’t happen If this is not the case, the dog will look for other ways to relieve the stress, and a habitual scratching of the ground is among the methods. If this is the case and you’re not sure of the best way to assist your dog in getting free of tension, then we suggest visiting an ethologist or a canine educator for advice.

If your dog’s nails are too long

Wild, dogs will scratch on the ground to cut their nails but they would not harm their paws as they walked. If they’re too long, dogs may develop health issues including bent fingers or breaking a nail, causing damage to the tissue inside and causing an infection as well as other.

A dog scratching the floor after urinating

How many times did your dog scratch at the floor after urinating or defecating? They typically do it using both front and back legs, and then move slightly away from the urine or excrement and throwing dirt in the event that there is dirt.

The intention behind this behavior is not in order to hide the waste and urine to cover them up for hygiene reasons. It attempts make an impression by leaving an olfactory as well as visual trail for dogs who cross the same territory again later.


Final Thoughts

If you’re a lover of dogs and would love to have your pet share your bed alongside you but you hate that he’s constantly digging around in your bed, you need to recognize that this is an instinctual behavior for your dog. This is just what his ancestors in the wild did to survive.

If you think about it in the eyes of his mind, you’ll realize that he sees you as a beloved family member and as a vital member of the family that he would like to cuddle up with. However, there are some reasons to make him move into your own bed.

If you’d like to train him to rest inside his bedroom, pick one that’s comfortable . Also, ensure that it smells just similar to yours. Make use of positive reinforcement to help train the child to sleep on it. Before you are done, you’ll sleep like babies!

Dogs are the most sought-after pet around the world, and for good reason! Their playful, affectionate natures make them the perfect pet for numerous families.

As dog pet owners, it’s important for us to realize that dogs have certain requirements which must be met to ensure that they be healthy and happy.

Digging is usually an indication that something isn’t quite right.

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