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Dodging your expensive sofa could be a bothersome and undesirable habit you do not want to be a part of your pet. Why do dogs love to scratch and dig on your furniture, particularly your couch? What can we do to turn this behavior towards something positive? No one wants their $3000-dollar couch destroyed due to their pet’s behavior. This article will help you discover the source of the problem to discover a solution that is beneficial both for yourself and your pet. Spend a few minutes to study the reasons behind this behavior and the ways you can stop it.


Why does a dog suddenly start digging?

Dogs are known to dig holes to get rid of boredom. A lot of dogs resort into destructive behavior when they’re feeling bored. Dogs with a lot of energy might seek something to entertain them and keep them entertained. this can result in the sudden digging that happens in many cases.

How do I get my dog to stop digging in the couch?

Put a carpet runner made of plastic placed nub-side-up on your cushion. Make use of cat tape such as SmartyKat scratch-resistant tape, on cushions. Make sure you purchase the commercial pet repellent such as PetSafe’s SSScat repellent spray, to ensure that dogs stay away from furniture. Get couch covers like K&H’s Furniture Cover or make use of a sheet or dog bed.

What does it mean when a dog digs a hole and lays in it?

Dogs typically sweat their feet as they pant in order to cool off. If Fido lies in cool dirt, it is an excellent way to escape the scorching summer heat. If a dog digs into a pit and then laying in it, it is making a den. This provides him with a sense of security while he’s relaxing after playing that thrilling game of playing fetch.


Do dogs dig holes when they are dying?

Dogs dig holes even when they’re dying. Digging a hole provides them with an increased chance of dying and gives them a sense of safety and security when temperatures get too hot. However, as with all of them they aren’t aware they’re dying.

The Root of the Behavior

Dogs are known to dig for a variety of reasons. Each of these are considered to be instinctual behaviors that they learned from their ancestral ancestors. The reason your dog could be digging through the couch is because of the way dogs made shelters in the wild to create places to rest and shield them from predators. Another explanation could be because your dog is trying to hide the area in which they rest, just as wild animals would do. There are different reasons for this behavior. Other reasons might not be as obvious. Dogs often dig to find things. If your dog is smelling food or other scents on your sofa it could be that he is looking for a way to discover the scent. It could be that he’s trying to get rid of his beloved toy, as like dogs will protect the objects they cherish.

These causes are easily resolvable with a little training. If your dog loves to lie on your couch, then his behavior of digging might be related to his temperature and comfort levels. Dogs dig to warm their bed in the wild or to locate the most comfortable position to sleep just like humans fluff their pillows prior to going to bed. Sometimes, dogs play with furniture to relieve boredness. There may not be enough toys or exercises taking place in their everyday lives to keep them entertained. This could result in an extremely destructive behavior. It is essential to research ways to engage your dog’s attention a bit more. If your dog is gnawing at your furniture for some bizarre sleep ritual, because of a desire or out of boredom and boredom, we all can agree this behavior must be stopped in its tracks. Couches can be expensive pieces of furniture, and teaching your dog to let the furniture alone will make you and your pet both happy.

Encouraging the Behavior

When your pet is harming your furniture. The first thing you need to begin to teach your pet to remain out of furniture. Your dog must be familiar with the meaning of ‘off’ and know exactly what that means. If he isn’t taking the time to train him, he’s not learning. Be patient throughout the process of training. Your dog will be taught it. Another way to prevent this behavior is to purchase an animal bed. The dog should be permitted to sleep in his bed. Don’t allow your dog to lie on the couch or on your bed. This will shield your bed or couch from unnecessary scratching and digging.

In the event that your dog has been digging due to bored. Think about buying him new toys, or changing his play and walking schedule. Give your dog the time and attention he deserves, and it will significantly reduce the digging behavior. If none of these methods work then you should consider training your dog. This will make sure that he doesn’t be snagging on furniture when you’re away and will provide him with a place where he can feel safe and secured. It also limits the access to your favorite sofa, drastically restricting this behavior.


Other Solutions and Considerations

Another reason dogs may dig into your couch is if she’s nesting. A female dog that is pregnant will scratch, paw or scratch at bedding as she prepares to give birth. This could be the case. It is important to ensure that she has an area that is safe for the puppies as well as ensure that you are watching her. Nesting typically occurs at the end of pregnancy. Therefore, the puppies could be born anytime. If you do not provide her a safe and warm place to keep them the pups, she might choose to use your couch as a place to birth them.


It’s crucial to teach your dog to not get into your sofa. Make sure you are steady, firm, and lovable with your pet. Make sure that your dog has its own bed and space where he can feel secure. Making the effort to educate and take care of your dog will decrease this undesirable behavior. Always be patient as sometimes the dog’s instincts take over.

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