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The temperatures are dropping, the trees are swathed with orange hues and leaves cover the sidewalks — autumn is in the season for change in.
Although you might enjoy the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, it might not find it appealing when your dog is chewing on a leaf that has fallen off or two. It’s actually healthy to let your dog consume a few leaves every now and then since it’s part their inherent curiosity. If you find that they are eating leaves all the time, there are methods to stop them from consuming their craving for greenery.


Why Do Dogs Even Eat Leaves?

Why do dogs like eating leaves, in the first in the first place? Research has shown that eating leafy vegetables is not only an instinctual dog behavior. The wild dogs were seen eating leaves and grass on their own, particularly when they can’t get regular meat sources. Although plants aren’t so nutritionally rich as meat however, wild dogs continue to rely on them to fill in the gaps in their diet.

According to a veterinarian Dr. Andrea Rediger, DVM the theory is regarding how domesticated dogs got characteristics from wild counterparts. In an article published in the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, Rediger explains that “undomesticated dogs are naturally omnivores (meat and plant-eaters), therefore domesticated dogs instinctively include plant material in their diet.”

The situation where dogs are forced to eat food that is not edible are referred to as pica and could be a sign of more serious problems. It is possible that eating leaves is a component of your dog’s basic instincts, however the behavior may also be an indication of other health issues such as nutritional deficiencies or even boredom.

Although leaves are high in fiber, they’re not nutritious, so they aren’t going to add to your dog’s diet in any way. If your dog likes the flavor as well as the texture think about incorporating dog-friendly herbs and other vegetables to your diet, like peas, carrots and celery. You can even create a garden for your dog that is dog-friendly with basil, rosemary, and Thyme.

If your dog suffers from an stomach issue, they could make use of grass and leaves to to vomit and remove the food that is causing them discomfort. Leaf and grass aren’t technically harmful, however, in large quantities they could cause obstructions, especially for puppies. Keep in mind how often your dog vomits and how much leaves they’re eating. This could be a sign of a underlying digestive issue that requires an appointment with your vet.

The consumption of leaves on walking is also dangerous since the leaves may be sprayed with pesticides or other dangerous chemicals. Although the majority of leaves that fall from trees are safe but there are some toxic plants and trees that’s leaves or berries could make your dog sick such as the black walnut tree, Japanese yews, and tomato plants. Be sure to become familiar with the different kinds of trees that are in your neighborhood and yard prior to buying a puppy.


How Can You Curb Leaf-Eating Behavior?

Your dog might think that leaves are a unique type of dog potato chip however, it’s not enjoyable to wash up the your bowels after they’ve gorged themselves. If you’re worried about the behaviour, there are a couple of easy ways to stop your dog from consuming excessive amounts of fall leaves.
When you first let your dog out, observe them closely and keep a careful check on what they put into their mouths. If they are eating leaves, give them a firm “no”, and gently take the leaf away. If they begin to eat leaves while walking and the leash is pulled, give them an easy tug, followed by a “no”, and redirect their focus.
The fascination with leaves could also be a sign that your dog is bored and needs an activity to draw their interest. Try buying chewing sticks, or other games to distract the desire to consume leaves. It is also possible to play eating puzzles that stimulate the dog’s mind and encourage them to play with something else than leaves.
Also, ensure that you take time to play alongside your pup. If you allow them to go outside and they begin to search for something to eat then throw the ball or another toys to divert their attention. The activity as well as interaction with the pet can help distract them from their autumn snack and help to strengthen the bond you share to your pet.

Should I Allow My Puppy To Eat Leaves?

It’s fine to let your dog eat one or two leaves every now and then frequently, as long as it’s not toxic. In addition, since it’s the nature of dogs, so you will not be in a position to stop the habit, and it’s certainly never cause any harm. But, if they’re chewing on leaves frequently it is important to know why they’re doing this and work to decrease the urge.
Are you aware of how babies are prone to put everything into their mouths in order to test it?
Puppies are just like us. They are curious and like to try new things.
Additionally, the crunch of the leaves and falling leaves in autumn increases the curiosity to find out the leaves similar to.
While domesticated dogs are mostly carnivores and wild dogs, their ancestors depended on leaves and plants for food in times of low meat consumption.
It’s believed it’s possible that the instinct to survive may have been handed down to their children.
So, if your puppy has a habit of eating leaves, it is nothing to worry about.
If your dog is eating lots of leaves at a time there is a possibility that something else could be occurring and warrants examination.



Puppy’s learn about the world by trying everything including leaves.
The occasional leaf can be safe, however, eating excessive amounts could be a sign of anxiety or health problems.
Fortunately, puppies tend to stop eating leaves in a few weeks.
If they don’t then it’s time to take a examine their diet, exercise level as well as overall wellness.
Visit to the veterinarian may be the most secure option to find out the reason your puppy’s eating leaves.
In addition you could also take advantage of it as a chance to teach your puppy to obey the “leave it” command.
This will be utilized often in the near future, believe me!

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