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It can be confusing for you initially to observe your dog eating hair. We are devoted to our furry companions however, sometimes their actions and behaviors can be a bit confusing. Dogs can consume their own fur, or human hair.
Most often the dogs take their hair and swallow it because of boredom or fear (including separation anxiety). If your dog has a habit of eating hair from other dogs, it’s probably a sign of habit. It’s a pleasurable experience however it doesn’t do anything for them.


Understanding the Reasons

Before we get into the possibilities of solutions, it is important to identify the common causes that lead to this behaviour. Fortunately, the majority are averted or controlled through proper training and practice.

Stress or Anxiety

As I’ve mentioned before Stress and anxiety are two of the main reasons why dogs consume their hair. In the event that your dog gets upset over something, they may take to pulling out and eating their hair. For instance your dog might have separation anxiety when you go away. The more stressed they feel and the more hair they’ll lose due to stress. If they are stressed canines may also try eating human hair, or engage in a variety of other unsettling behaviors.

Attention seeking

You could be sitting in a comfortable chair watching TV , and your dog attempt to eat your hair. It may seem at you as a bit odd however, it’s really just an attention-seeking behaviour. They don’t have the ability to communicate through words, so they resort to the second option of in the process of eating your hair.
Additionally, if you’ve been in the past and reacted to this type of behavior, whether positively as well, this can teach your dog that this is something that will attract your attention. It doesn’t matter what type of attention they give them, the most important factor is that you observe the behavior. So, the best approach is to not react at these “provocations” and stay patient.
It is important to pay your dog a positive attitude at the time they have stopped eating hair. This will help your dog learn to recognize that your food is going to lead to nothing. This same technique is applicable to teach your dog not to eat their hair. Be sure to remain sane. If you believe that your dog has eaten excessively then it’s the right time to intervene.


If your animal is bored they’ll look for something that can help them pass the time. Most times they aren’t the most intelligent. It could become a routine in the absence of enough activity and stimulation and then you’re facing a problem. One of the main methods dogs combat boredom is to eat hair of their own or humans.
Both are both bad news. If your dog seems bored the reason is most likely because of a lot of physical energy that is unused and has no place to go. This could be because of the lack of exercise for your body and mind. Also you’re not doing enough training and playing with your dog.



If you are able to eliminate the above-mentioned causes as the possible causes of hair-eating There are a variety of reasons that are involuntary to this behavior. One of them is the pica disorder. It’s a problem with behavior. Dogs suffering from pica tend to consume food items. Human hair eating is among the most frequent symptoms of pica, but the reasons for this can be very complex.
It could be a form of behavior that has been learned or an indirect means of avoiding punishment. In many instances the rescue dog or dogs that have been rehomed show at least one sign of pica resulting from an incident in the past or bad behavior that was cultivated over time.


It is a common belief among dog owners that puppies are able to explore the world through their mouths. As a result, the majority of puppies are likely to eat their own fur coats at one point in order to discover it and get it more. In addition, hair can also be appealing to chew. It can move around and give some kind of feedback when chewing it.


The ticks, fleas and other parasites could be the reason behind your dog’s strange food choices. If you find that your dog isn’t just eating their hair, and is also scratching constantly, then parasites may be the reason. Redness, hair loss, sores and scabs around the chewing area are typical signs of parasites.


Another cause of hair eating could be due to various allergies. The food your dog eats or environment could trigger allergic reactions and result in itching. The dog will then be able to lick or eat hair that is located in the area that is causing irritation.

Health Conditions

Although the reasons listed previously may require minor behavior changes however, they’re not necessarily enough to necessitate a trip to the veterinarian. But, the behavior should be monitored when it continues to occur. There could be underlying health issues that require treatment by a doctor or trainer.
Pica is a condition that can both affect humans and animals. It is described as having an “irresistible urge to eat things that aren’t food, which may include your hair, their own hair, or the hair of your other pets (Puppy Smarts)”
As mentioned in Diana Bocco’s piece on PetMd.com The habit of compulsive behavior could be extremely harmful to the health of a dog as certain products could be harmful.



While it’s essential to watch the behaviour of your pet, it’s essential to be aware of when you should bring that pet that you have to visit the veterinarian. Noticing the symptoms associated with Pica, or seeing fleas and ticks are obvious indicators to seek professional treatment, there are other signs to keep a note of.
Constipation, as we’ve discussed previously, can be a normal result of hair loss, but constipation that lasts for more than forty-eight hrs is an issue to be concerned about.
If the dog concerned is unable to bowel it is possible that there are hairballs within their intestinal tract that could pose a life-threatening threat. In addition, if a human hair is contaminated by the form of treatments or products, that are commonly used for their pets, they could suffer from toxic issues and fall ill.

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