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Imagine searching for a underwear item with no chance of finding it and then you stumble across it hidden in a corner, shred into unrecognizable pieces. This behavior can create anger that can cause you to shout at your pet.

This could lead your dog to withdraw from you, or proceed to continue doing it. This article you’ll learn the reasons your dog engages in this behavior, its consequences and the best way to end the behavior completely.

Are you constantly irritated by the question, “Why do my dog eat my underwear?’ Check out the following article for answers that will last for years.

We all are aware that dogs love to chew on things and nearly all of us have run after a dog in the yard, playing an unpleasant game of fetch with their dog and their most beloved socks.

Today, we’ll examine this behavior, the reasons dogs are prone to it and the steps dog owners can take to stop it.


Why Dogs Eat Underwear

There are many things that could make your dog chew your underwear, some of which might appear to be a bit surprising bizarre, absurd, or even illogical to you. However it’s exactly what you’re seeing. Dogs can display a variety of bizarre behaviors.

1. Pica Syndrome

A common cause can be Pica Syndrome, an illness which causes dogs to become attracted to objects that are not nutritious, like clean underwear mattresses, and other non-food items. This condition is more prevalent in puppies, but it can be observed on humans as well but rarely. Pica Syndrome may be the reason for your dog’s eating of his underwear.

The appointment with a vet is essential to address Pica Syndrome and the vet will have to determine the underlying physiological or psychological factors that are the cause of the disorder.

The good news is that just a small amount of medication and a change in the diet may be enough to treat the problem and ultimately end the behavior of your dog’s eating his underwear.

2. Puppy Teething

If you’ve got puppies that are just 4-7 months old and is just beginning to enter his lifetime the time for teething could be something you need to be thinking about because this is the time when they go through it.

Teething is a source of pain that can cause your puppy to feel extremely uncomfortable. To relieve the pain the puppy can take a bite of any object he puts his feet on. If your pants are found to be lying in a haphazard manner in the moment and they fall into the hands of a predator, they’ll become victims.

Sometimes, puppies can chew things like undies to test out the new breed of canines. You can purchase chew toys as an alternative to undies.

3. Scents

Dogs are extremely perceptive which is why the sense they have of smell more powerful than humans. This makes them to concentrate and rely on scent to navigate through their surroundings.

As a result, they tend to get attracted by the owner’s underwear because they have a distinct scent of their owner.

If this happens the dog may play with your underwear in excitement while also smelling the pheromones which can cause him to inadvertently or intentionally chew the pheromones.

Although it can be a bit annoying you may find your dog simply trying to demonstrate that he is in love with you.


4. Boredom and Attention Seeking

If your dog doesn’t have any activity to engage in, he might be bored, particularly if they don’t get your affectionate interest either. In the end the dog may grab your t-shirts and start chewing to get you to glance at him.

In the meantime, trying to force the undies away from the dogs and yelling like a raged mother or father won’t do the trick. There will be another thing to chew on, and so it is recommended to take the torn water slowly, then provide him with the attention you want, and lightly scold him in the future.

5. To Protect Their Owner

As bizarre and hilarious as it might sound, the only thing your dog’s goal is to do is defend his pack leader, the owner of the dog, from risk.

The dogs believe that their owners’ underwear to be a source of their scent and therefore they will chew and tear up the underwear to eliminate the smell. This is to deter unwanted visitors from their homes. Funny.

6. Natural Attraction to Waste Materials

Dogs naturally seek out things that are rotting and is sour and smells like blood from humans.

If you keep your underwear or your period underwear within the washbasin for long period of time without washing them, they’ll collect dirt and all kinds of bacteria over time, drawing your dog.

It is recommended to not take care with dirty underwear or underwear for menstrual periods, since your dog could contract bacterial infections by chewing them.

7. To Cloud Their Smell With Yours

Wild animals, particularly those belonging to the family of wolves, have the notion that having a stronger scent makes prey less likely to attack them.

To wrap himself in the ominous scent The dog is convinced that your scent is enough to wriggle his body against your clothes or anything else with your scent to hide his scent.

The scent of the pack leader–which is you. It gives them an authoritative presence.

8. Hunting Skills Practicing

If you’re thinking “why my dog would ruin my underwear?’, remember that dogs are natural hunters–scavengers as they say, and will be keen to improve their hunting abilities, regardless of the help of you or not.

In the home the dogs will play with objects that their scent sense draws them towards One of them could include your own underwear. In this scenario it won’t be a lot of chewing since your dog may just tear the underwear by claws.


9. Teething in Adult Dogs

It’s not just puppies that experience a period of teething and adult dogs be affected as well. This is what causes gums to expand and cause irritation and crankiness.

The increased chewing comes into play as adult dogs are teething. They might also engage in various things that puppies do to ease their discomfort.

Cleaning your teeth regularly is recommended to avoid this. Additionally, the teeth could require a check by a vet to verify that there aren’t more grave issues in the orifice. At the end of the day chewing toys can be used as an alternative to underwear.


Our pets have a wide range of things, many of which can be seen as a bit annoying. If you’ve ever wondered what is the reason my dog chew my underwear prior to you know now that a lot of reasons are because they have a fascination with their owner.

The most important problem is which one is more valuable between your most beloved dog and underwear.

If you’ve ever wondered what the reason behind your dog engaged in this behavior and you’re now aware that, most times it’s due to their affection for you.

The ability to buy underwear is available but the love and affection of your dog won’t.

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