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Being with your favourite four-legged pet is one of people’s favorite way to spend their time. Why would it not be? The dogs were designed to be the ideal human pet! Hello? Man’s greatest friend?
They are also entertaining to spend time with and they are incredibly loyal they can be. But, it can be difficult to understand some of their odd behavior. For instance, the time that Fido prefers to be seated facing away towards you. There are many possible interpretations and meanings for this expression. What is the reason why my dog lean towards me?
If your dog is seated away towards you, it indicates that he is completely trusting for you. He might also be trying to stay away from eye contact since this indicates dominance in the dog world. The fact that he has his teeth and mouth distant from you, the dog is exposing his weaknesses to you.
To comprehend the reason behind it or even reduce it to a minimum you must examine the entire scenario as well as know what’s going on in your environment and the unique character that your pet has.
Are there any newcomers or unknowledgeable (to your dog) in your household? Have you had your dog punished or scolded by your recently? Do you notice that he has a timid or outgoing personality? There are many possible causes for this behaviour, and today we will look at the most prevalent reasons.


Why Does My Dog Face Away From Me?

He Is Showing His Vulnerability

A single of the more important messages conveyed by this behavior is that it shows that he’s comfortable enough to open up his weaknesses to you. The most effective weapon for dogs is their bite, and by turning his mouth in the opposite direction from where you are, it demonstrates that he does not view you as, or perceive youto be as a threat. Whatever the reason, being secure enough to not turn his back towards you is a testimony to the close bond both of you have.

Uncomfortable With Eye Contact

Certain dogs tend to be uncomfortable with eye contact, at any time regardless of whether they like being petted and spending time with their human. This is also a common doggy reaction to a human whom they don’t have a good relationship with. They’ll be content to sit alongside them, but facing them in a backwards direction but they’ll avoid making any eye contact.

It’s A Personality Trait

Being uncomfortable in a given situation can frequently be the cause behind the back-displaying behavior, sometimes it’s just an individual doggy choice. Some dogs don’t care for face-to-face interactions or even contact and prefer to be with their back facing your. In this situation it’s a personality characteristic that is difficult to change, but creating trust and building strengthening the bond can assist.


Showing Complete Trust

As mentioned earlier If a dog is sitting with his back to you, it’s an absolute display of vulnerability. This signifies that he is completely absolutely, totally, and 100% percent believes in you. This implies that he places his complete faith that you’re reliable and trustworthy. While this may not be the sole reason why your dog has a tendency to sit away from you You can find comfort in knowing that he could not be doing this without total and complete trust in your.

He Is On Guard

One of the most important reasons for existence is to safeguard his family members or his ‘pack’. It’s in the dog’s nature. In putting himself on the front of any danger he perceives (so to say) and putting himself in danger, he’s doing exactly what he is doing and allowing instincts of nature and defending his home territory. In the event that your dog abruptly stands up and is sitting with his back towards you this could be a sign that he’s sensing something is not right and is convinced that he’s necessary to protect yourself.

He Is In Need Of A Massage

A good massage is relaxing and your dog is no different. Most likely, because of prior experiences, your pet will know that if he turns your back towards you it’s likely be touched, petted or even massaged. This could be Fido’s way to ask to be massaged, particularly in the event that he’s had a massage that way previously.


How Do I Get Him To Stop It?

Reconditioning is feasible, it’s not easy and it is certainly not accomplished without understanding the true reason behind the behaviour. Whatever the cause determines the best course of action to follow to stop the behavior.
If your dog is seated away from you due to the fact that you feel he has to guard his pack, you have to eliminate the perception of danger. Utilizing treats, praise, and positive reinforcements can aid in speeding up the process of reconditioning. It is important for him to associate any time spent with you to something that is positive.

Active Reinforcement Only

There’s no matter how comfortable you can make your corner on the mattress or just how you pay those who sleep facing you, they will still have exactly what they want while they are sleeping away from you.
You must ensure that the only signals you’re providing your dog with in regards to their sleeping position are ones that you actively selecting and using to convince that they should sleep with your direction.

Train Them To Cuddle

This is the most long-lasting solution, and it will require the most effort however it’s the most effective and most efficient method for your dog to lie down in front of you as well as to create more physical contact and intimacy in your relationship overall.
In light of everything we’ve been discussing concerning how dogs are naturally disposed not to lie face-to-face so it’s not surprising that we observe certain differences in how we interact with them in other situations too.
Cuddling, which includes sleeping face to face could be interpreted as an indication of aggression or dominance among dogs, which is why a lot of dogs aren’t interested in cuddling in any way.
If you can teach them how that cuddling is a good idea, it can can help to reduce the fear they have towards the dominant signals they are so enthralled by.
They’ll be at being relaxed with you and less concerned about whether they’ll “offend your status” or whatever dog think about.
Worst case scenario, you get a cuddler dog!
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