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It’s early in morning and you awake feeling exhausted. You walk into the kitchen to pick up some allergy medication , and your dog is lying on her mattress. When you take out the medicine and pouring a glasses of drinking water, you start to cough up profusely. Your dog is immediately agitated and scurries over to you. She begins to whimperand make licks, and even circle you. It’s like someone attacked you and your dog has to ensure that you are safe. While this affection and love is nice but it is important to understand why our dogs chase us whenever we cough.


The Root of the Behavior

If we cough, it generally happens in the middle of the night. It is possible to be able to feel it coming in a matter of seconds prior however, to all in the vicinity, we’re in the middle of a sneeze that is sudden. The people around us may be confused and get a response about the sneeze we’ve had. We humans know the difference between a sneeze and an actual sneeze. Even though it can be a little shocking it isn’t too shocked. Dogs however don’t understand this.

Canines can be sensitive and compassionate animals that love human beings. Sneezing to them is an incredibly frightening thing to watch. The dog watching as you make a funny face when you cough and watching your bizarre reaction that sees air, noise and, from their point of view the pain, spill out from your mouth and nose. If you cough your dog will leap up and check to see whether you’re fine because they are worried that you suffer from pain or may have been injured by something. At times, the dog may come over to you as they’re not sure if they are truly okay.

The licks, the comfort and worry are all due to their desire to help you heal. This is the same reaction which a dog might experience in nature when their leader was injured. When your dog is aware that the sneeze is only one of those sneezes, he might interpret it as something different. If you do sneeze, the noise is sure to draw the dog’s interest. For dogs, this sound can be frightening, but it could also be thrilling.

If your dog hears that you are sneezing, they could be frightened and run away because they feel that your sneeze signals an invitation to get out and play. It is possible the dog is barking, jumping onto you, and is incredibly exuberant. No matter the reason why your dog is running towards you whenever you cough or cough, he’s still coming to you because he has highest regard for you, and desires to be loved by you.


Encouraging the Behavior

Animals are very empathetic. If you cough, cry or leap up and down in excitement, your dog likely to respond because they love you and are aware of the exact timing of your movements. They would like to live their lives together with you. You are their guide that offers everything from food to love. Because of this, you must allow your dog to take care for you and run up at you whenever you cough. It’s normal part of their behavior to behave in this manner.

Dogs can be stressed and anxious over even the most insignificant of things. It’s a normal aspect of owning dogs. If your dog’s behavior is an extremely alarming manner it is possible to assure your dog that everything is okay. It may be necessary to repeat several times, but after your dog has adjusted to the sound of sneezing it won’t be reacted in such a drastic manner. They could still come to you to comfort you or even be excited and want to play.

It is recommended to soothe your dog during times like this and also play with them if you want to. It is important to ensure that you adapt your dog’s perception of what sneezing means as well as the other human characteristics that you have. This will make your connection with your dog easier and make life more enjoyable. However, having your dog look after for you every once often with a lot of love isn’t going to hurt.

Other Solutions and Considerations

If your dog seems to be concerned and anxious when you cough, you might want to teach your dog to not react when you are sneezing. If you do sneeze then they respond you could repeat your sneeze a few times to let your dog know that you’re okay. You could also sit down next to them while you sneeze , to let them know that you’re secure. This will lessen the reaction of your dog if it is extremely. But, it’s crucial to be aware that you might not be able to remove it as your dog is an emotional animal that cares about your feelings and loves you. Your dog’s love for you will never be able to disappear.
If we cough, we are forced to expel air from our mouths as well as noses. Certain people sneeze quietly while others sneeze loudly. If you are unaware of the sneeze of another the dog could be shocked. Certain dogs might jump to the side or jump over the person who is in a state of alarm. If your dog is jumping onto you after you’ve coughed, he could be watching you to make sure that you’re okay. From his point of view it could be a cry of distress or a cry for assistance. However it is possible that any loud sound made by the pet’s owner could appear exciting to a certain dog. The dog may see the noise like an invite to join in or take part in the gathering.
If your dog gets anxious or scared whenever you cough, test counter-conditioning your dog to be accustomed to the sound. What can you do to counter this? Every time you get a sneeze and you cough, make sure to drop a sweet treat when you grab the tissue. Soon, he’ll realize that sneezes are a sign that treats are on the direction! A different approach is to throw his ball or toy away from your so that the sneeze will not cause any discomfort to the child. Some pet owners may be unable to coordinate throwing out toys or treats in the event that they cough. In this situation it is possible to muffle your sneezes by sneezing your elbows or hands.



Being pet parents, we have a few things we cannot ignore. One of them is the unconditional love that our animals are for us. If we’re excited or sick, or angry the dog will come towards us and give us love and affection. We know this and have to be able to embrace and accept the fact that it happens. Why wouldn’t we? Everyone wants to be loved.

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