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If your dog is taking its bones to you and you’re contemplating the reasons and how you can do to fix it. This post will provide several possible causes and the ways you can do about it.
Why does my dog give me bones? One of the reasons your dog is bringing its bone to you is because it wants to share it with you, has discovered that this behavior is rewarded, it likes to have fun with you, or that it simply enjoys carrying the bone with its mouth.
There are a variety different causes that could be causing the problem, it might be beneficial to look at what might make each one more likely. Once you’ve got an understanding of the primary cause it will be much easier to convince the animal to cease.


Why does my dog bring me his bones?

Below are some possible explanations for why your dog is doing it , and what might make each one more than likely to represent the most important cause.

It likes to carry the bone in its mouth

It could be that it is just a desire to hold the bone inside its mouth, but it’s not actually giving to you the actual bone. It’s more likely if it transports the bone in the home and does not release when you attempt to remove the bone from it.

Encouraging the behaviour

It could be that it has learned it is rewarded for doing something. If you are prone to giving your dog more treats, toys or more attention, when it is given the bone, it’ll likely repeat the gesture to receive more rewards.

It wants to share

It is possible that it’s sharing its food with you, and is showing that it is trusting you. Research has shown that dogs will share food with their companions It is therefore probable that it is the case that your pet has been sharing bones with you.

It wants to play

The reason it does it might be because it is looking to play. It’s most likely if it exhibits indications of excitement, for instance when it shows you its bones by doing things like wag its tail or swoop at you.


Things to consider

Here are some points to take into consideration when determining the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog was not always bring you their bones, it is helpful to look at what else went on at the time it began to do it. If it began doing it in a sudden manner it could be due to factors like learning that the behavior is rewarded, or it could have begun carrying its bones around due to anxiety.

What is different when your dog brings you its bone

If there is a specific moment when it is likely to bring its bones to you it is also beneficial to think about what’s different regarding the timing. For instance If it happens more frequently when you are getting ready leaving home It could indicate that it is suffering from separation anxiety.

The body language it shows

It’s also helpful to look at the body language that it uses when it does this.
If it exhibits indications of anxiety by making noises like crying, refusing to make eye contact, or making itself seem smaller could be more likely to indicate that the cause is related to something that caused it to feel anxious.
While if it displays expressions of enthusiasm, for example things like waggling the tail of its dog, then it could be more likely to indicate that it’s because of things like desire to play.

What to do about your dog bringing you its bone

Below are some tips you can do to stop your dog’s tendency to bring you bones.

Avoid encouraging the behaviour

As stated above as mentioned above, it could be that the dog has learned it is rewarding. If you would like to end it then it is best to reward it for doing things according to your expectations and not reward the behavior when it is not.

Give it attention throughout the day

It is possible that your dog is doing this to attract interest from you. It’s helpful to pay your dog time to be attentive throughout the day by engaging it in activities as well as playing with it, and practicing with it.

Allow it to do it

It’s not uncommon for dogs to take the bones of their owner. If your dog hasn’t been acting out in a strange manner or exhibiting any unusual behavior, it is probably okay to continue to bring its bone to you whenever you feel it.

Don’t give it extra bones

Another option is not to offer it bones since it already has them. This could make it less likely to to exchange its bone as it’s the sole one it owns.


Other Solutions and Considerations

If your dog is always giving you bones and you’re not happy with it, you might want to examine the behavior and determine why they’re doing it. The most common cause of this behavior is leadership roles and the need for attention. Your dog may be showing respect for you, or they might be demonstrating to that they are in charge.

If you believe it’s essential, you can make your dog to understand that you are their guide and you can engage them in play at times however, they can’t constantly drop their bones in your lap. If you would like them to keep doing this you should show gratitude, and If not, create limits. But, this behaviour is normal and the majority of dogs engage in this behavior to connect with their owners.


The dogs are adorable creatures who are a joy to play with and interact in a playful way with their owner. They are their owners’ eyes for everything. If they decide to offer you a bone to get the attention of others, express their love or even ask for a play, it’s an act of kindness. Sometimes it’s okay to play with your dog this manner, regardless of whether your lap is splattered with the slobber that they have gotten off their bones.

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