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If your dog is getting in between you and your leg, then you’re likely thinking about the reason and how you can fix it.
This post will explain the various reasons your dog could be between your legs, as well as several things could be done to prevent it.
Why does my dog run behind my back? The reasons your dog is able to go between your legs could be because it is scared, dependent, wants to be noticed and is experiencing an anxiety about separation, or could be protecting. It could also be due to the fact that you have taught it that getting between your legs can bring benefits.
There are a lot of factors to take into consideration in determining the reasons your dog could be going across your leg. There are many other options to take to stop it.


Why your dog goes between your legs

The many reasons why your dog runs between your legs may be able to provide clues about the manner in which you do it.
Below, I’ll discuss several reasons your dog could be able to get between your legs. I will also explain why it is likely.


The reason your dog has been hopping between your legs may be because it’s anxious. If it’s anxious, the movement between your legs may help it feel more secure and less stressed. its nerves. It is more likely if it occurs in the event of something that is causing it to feel anxious, like a person or dog that it isn’t familiar with.
It could be that it is due to some anxiety around separation. Being in a quiet space causes your dog to feel anxious. This is especially likely if it seems to act this way before it realizes that you’ll be leaving and exhibits signs of anxiety as you leave.
If your dog seems to be acting out because of anxiety, it’s a good idea to figure out the cause that causes anxiety and then stop it. It is possible that training to desensitize your dog works particularly well . This is because you gradually introduce the element that causes it to be anxious, and give it a reward for not being anxious.


It is possible that it does this as a result of being submissive. When in the wild, most dominant dogs display their power by staking out the other dog in an un-sexual fashion. It is possible that putting your legs in between the legs of your pet is a method of proving that you are the dominant dog.


The reason your dog runs between your legs may be in order to protect itself. It’s more likely to be more frequent in times when other individuals are in the vicinity. It could also be more likely to occur if it yells at those who are near.

Seeking attention

It could be that it flies between your legs as it’s seeking attention. It’s more likely to happen if it does it when you’ve been unable to pay the animal much attention, and attempts to convince you to pay it the attention it deserves.
In this situation it’s best to keep it in mind throughout the day , in the forms of exercise, training and even play. But, if you don’t want it be through your legs it will be wise not to give it the attention it deserves when it goes in between the legs of yours.

You have been rewarding the behavior

It could be you dog learned from your experience that getting between your legs can result in it receiving items it desires. This is especially likely if you give it rewards like belly rubs, or other items that it enjoys when it walks in between you legs.
If you’re looking to train it to stop running through your legs it will be helpful to avoid rewarding it when it behaves that way and also to try rewarding it when it’s good behaved.


What you can do about your dog going between your legs

There are numerous ways to go regarding your dog’s behavior when it is in between the legs of yours. The most appropriate solution for your dog’s needs will depend on the reason for the behavior.
Below, I’ll discuss some of the ways you can do to prevent the dog that is straying behind your back.

Positive reinforcement training

Positive reinforcement training is where you reward your dog for displaying the behaviors that you want to see. In order to motivate the dog off running between your legs, you should be rewarding it for not going between your legs, and refrain from rewarding it when it doesn’t.
A good example of how to achieve this is like this:

  • Reward it for it’s success before it gets between your legs
  • Don’t be tempted to reward it every time it gets between your legs
  • Remove it from between your legs. Don’t pay the item any attention until it stops trying to climb between your legs.

Avoid negative reinforcement training

Negative reinforcement is when you accidentally reinforce behavior you don’t want to observe by giving it items that it would like to see when it shows them. It could be because you’ve weakened it by in the past, which is the reason it happens.
It is better to keep it from rewarding it every time it is between your legs. You should make sure that you only reward it when it behaves in a way you would like it to.


How to train a dog to stop walking under your legs

Now that you understand what triggers your dog or puppy to run across your leg, you could be thinking about ways to get your pet to stop.
Start by training your dog to understand that crossing your legs isn’t acceptable.
When this happens, you should not ignore your dog. Tell them to lay down on their bed. Once they have done that then give them a reward for their behavior.


The dog’s walk between your legs can be fun, or irritating. It’s your responsibility to decide what is acceptable for your home.
Be aware that positive reinforcement and regular training are the most effective for your dog. It’s also best to train them when they’re pups.

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