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If your dog is behaving strangely at night, you may be wondering why and how you can fix it. In this article I’ll show you common causes and the ways you can do to fix it.
What is the reason that makes my dog erratic at late at night? The possible reasons your dog’s behavior changes at night include an issue with their diet or separation anxiety, fear or needing to exercise more or injury, having to go to the bathroom, old age or inducing the behavior.
There are a variety of possible reasons for performing this, which could happen because of several reasons. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration in determining the primary reason and many things you can do to fix it.


Why your dog is crazy at night

Here are some typical causes for dogs to go insane at night, and what makes them more likely to be the cause your dog is doing it.


It’s possible that an issue with the diet has caused it to become agitated in the late at night. It may be eating too muchor not getting enough nutrients from its diet, or taking in foods aren’t appropriate. A problem with the diet is more likely to occur to occur if it’s become abnormal following a change to its diet or is erratic when eating certain food items.

Separation anxiety

If your dog doesn’t have a place to sleep It may be because there is some sort of separation anxiety. This is the reason it doesn’t like being left on its own and the idea of being alone can cause anxiety. It is more likely to happen if you notice indications of anxiety when you’re planning to leave for example, crying or pacing.
In this scenario it is beneficial to make it used to being away from the person you are with by leaving it indefinitely for long durations. It is important to begin by letting it go the pet for a short period of time to ensure it doesn’t become anxious and reward it for not becoming anxious every time you perform it.
It’s crucial to let the room for a time when it doesn’t begin to become anxious, to be able to reward it for not becoming stressed. It is possible that you have to begin by not leaving the room but just making it appear as if you’re planning to depart.

Encouraging the behavior

It could be that you’ve encouraged your child’s behavior through rewarding it with rewards. If you often give it treats, toys or attention during times of high activity at night, it’ll likely repeat the behavior to receive more rewards.

Struggling to fall asleep

It could be that there’s an issue in the environment it sleeps in. It could be too hot or too bright, noisy or uncomfortable.


It could also be that something has caused it to become scared. It is more likely if you observe frequently at certain occasions, like when sirens, fireworks or even construction work out in the open.
In this situation it is recommended to get rid of the issue which is making it anxious if it is possible, or to attempt desensitization training.

Excess energy

It could also be due to the fact that it hasn’t been able to burn off its energy throughout the daytime. It’s more likely to be the case if it is more agitated at night in the absence of being in a position to exercise throughout the time of the day.


It could be that an injury is making it behave that way because of discomfort. This is especially likely if it began becoming agitated suddenly, or if it’s been showing signs that it is injury like being limping. If you suspect that an injury or illness could be the reason the best course of action is to go to a veterinarian.


As dogs age, joints get more painful, and could cause the dog to become awake during the late at night. This is most likely if your dog is older and is experiencing signs of discomfort during the daytime. If this is the case it is recommended to speak with your vet regarding it the next time you go to the vet for a visit.

It needs to pee

It could be that it’s doing this because it was needing to take a pee. It is more likely if it’s an infant and would like to go out when it becomes agitated.


What to do about your dog acting crazy at night

Here are some suggestions you can do to stop your dog’s crazy behavior at night.

Take it to a vet

If you suspect that your dog may be injured, is happening suddenly each night, or you are unable to determine the reason then the best course of action would be to visit the vet. If you do this you’ll be able to receive the right advice from a vet who is specifically tailored for your dog’s specific needs and determine if there are medical reasons.

Ensure that it is getting the right diet

It can also be helpful to make sure you’ve been feeding it correctly, and to ensure that it does not have access to food items it shouldn’t be eating, and that no anyone else is feeding it.

Feed it earlier

It may also help feed it earlier in the evening as it is possible that feeding it later in the night is contributing in the behaviour.

Give it exercise

If it’s healthy, it can assist in making sure it can get the recommended daily exercise appropriate for its breed and the time of its.



A majority of the time, they don’t do it to be a nuisance, but rather to communicate something about their needs. Some times, puppies have been spotted doing inappropriate things as they go through the same phase as humans who are teens. The birth of a puppy is a thrilling experience that can lead to a lifelong relationship when you put effort in taking care of the animal.

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