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Being under the same roof as a dog is similar to having a shadow who can be seen everywhere. Dogs are awestruck when they walk with their owners from room to the room and to enjoy their presence. In their eyes intimacy is an abstract notion, if not inexistent. Why do dogs keep following us to the bathroom?


Here are 10 possible reasons for this behavior:

1.They want to take part in all your activities.

As a part in your household, your pet would like to be part of your family and share all things with you, including the intimate moments. This is why it’s very common for them to accompany you everywhere, even to the bathroom.

2.They are curious.

Your pet’s curiosity makes him seek out what’s going on while you’re in your bathroom. They may also think that you frequent the bathroom because it’s your space and you should always ensure it is secure, since dogs are prone to spot places they frequent in this manner.

3.They think they are protecting you.

When you go to the bathroom by yourself, it is risky as you may be exposed to an attack! Most likely, however, your dog’s protective instincts believe that it.

4.They just want to be near you.

Dogs are one of those who are the most trustworthy and social pets. They may follow you as evidence of their affection. This is why they let you know how much they love you.

5.They like to smell several scents.

Dogs love discovering new scents. The bathroom is the ideal place to experience a range of smells. From cleaning products, soaps and perfumes, shaving creams, scents and much more it’s a dream for the dog!

6.They worry about you.

The dog could be concerned about your going to the bathroom and being close and looking at you may be an attempt to connect and ensure your safety.

7.They suffer from separation anxiety.

Certain dogs aren’t able to stand being separated from their owners. Take a look at your vet in the event that the need to be close to you is causing anxiety.

8.They don’t understand the concept of privacy.

The dogs’ ancestors were wolves who still lived as a pack. This dog is genetically programmed to always be within a family. Therefore, he doesn’t understand the concept of privacy. He wants to be a part of everything.

9.They express their love.

If your dog is able to pick up toilet paper and then brings them to you that is a way to tell that he is in love with you even in the bathroom.

10.They try to help.

Your dog would like to be a helper. He will assist you in removing your paper, or provide you with towels. It is important to remember that he’s trying his best to assist you.


Why Do Some Dogs Not Follow Their Owner To The Bathroom?

The answer is in the puppy’s development:
In the beginning stages of a puppy’s existence the puppy’s developmental stage, and this will be crucial in the time it reaches adulthood. This is the stage in existence where the experiences will be a significant influence on the future of his behavior. These are, in fact,”first experiences “first experiences” that have significant influence on the behavior and behavior of the young puppy.
The experiences that occur can be positive and negative for the animal. As an example, the behaviour of a puppy that has experienced a traumatizing first experience is not identical to one who has experienced positive and enjoyable first experiences.
If he has been habitually accompanying them to bathroom since the age of a child it’s typical for him carry on this habit into adulthood. This is why he inherited this behavior , and in his case, the odd way to behave is not to go with you. However, it could be normal to find that he is not a victim of this behaviour and, consequently doesn’t follow you , or has learned to be permitted to enter that space.

How To Manage This Behavior

If your dog is following in your footsteps to go bathroom but doesn’t show any signs of fear when you tell him from entering There is no need to intervene as the dog already knows that it cannot enter. If, however, your dog is accompanying yourself to your bathroom due to it is dependent, which is that he has been afflicted with hyper-attachment, it’s vital that you intervene in order to treat the dog in order to bring him back to mental health.
Apart from that, dogs with separation anxiety exhibit other signs such as crying, barking destruction of furniture and objects and urinating in the house or vomiting.

Encouraging the Behavior

What are the implications of taking your dog to bathrooms with you? For the dog’s health and wellbeing being with you in the bathroom is not any different from being in other rooms of the home. If you’re uncomfortable with your dog in the bathroom However, you could consider training your dog to get rid of the habit. Some dog owners have succeeded by instructing their dogs to speak. If you teach the dog “stay” or to go to a mat or crate or crate, you might be able to allow yourself some time to complete the things you have to take care of when you’re in the bathroom. Another alternative is to put some of your beloved toys out of reach , and then give them to your dog whenever you have to use the bathroom. The toys should be available when you’re outside of the area. It could also be helpful to use treats If your dog is motivated by treats and can be easily engaged. If your dog follows you to the bathroom due to the fact that you are constantly following you around it is possible to teach him not to do this behavior. One good place to begin is to get your dog used to the sound of you getting up from your chair or heading for the bathroom.


Final Thoughts

The unconditional love that dogs have for their owners is a fact that is known and appreciated by all pet owners. If it’s occasionally funny and unimportant for your dog to be a constant companion including going to the toilet, it could but be a sign that you are suffering from separation anxiety. If this behaviour is causing you anxiety or discomfort take the time to contact a professional who can aid you in reducing your dog’s fear.

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