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The main reason for this is ease of living. Small spaces are a favorite for dogs because they feel secure which makes for a pleasant relaxing. They also appreciate the warmth that’s produced in the tiny space , as well as the clean carpet. In the event that this happens for the dog you love, then there ought to not be a reason to be worried.

When you wake up in the morning, and you’re getting ready to get up, you will discover your dog laying at your feet on the bed, or bouncing about in excitement on the bed. They are eager until the morning to begin and are sitting at your bed, waiting to see you rise. And I am sure that you might be wondering why my dog lay on my mattress?

The majority of the time in the morning, you’ve probably observed that your dog has been sleeping on the bed, and isn’t looking forward to getting the morning started. They’re not eager to leave the safe place under your bed even if you ask them to leave. Most of the time, this is a normal however, you should be aware of the reason you dog hides in the bed in order to give them the best treatment in moments in need.


Why your dog sleeps or lays under the bed

Below are the most common reasons dogs do it , and the factors that make them more likely to do it.

It feels safer there

The reason for this it is because it feels more secure in the bed. If it is sleeping underneath the mattress it is in a position to shield itself from both sides, which means to be able to recognize the dangers that could be present and not be able to detect the danger. This is probably the reason your dog will do this even though there is no reason to be afraid. It is more likely the cause when it has more of a submissive character.


The reason it has been doing it could be due to something that is making it feel afraid. This is especially likely if it has a tendency to do this whenever a specific event occurs like when there is the sound of thunder or loud noises outside.

Feeling threatened

It is also possible the fact that it is afraid. It is more likely if it is doing it most often when a specific animal or person is present or in anger at it. In this situation it’s best to approach it with calm and implement positive reinforcement to alter the behavior, instead of punishing it.

It finds it comfortable there

It’s not unusual for dogs to lie down in bed. The reason that your dog has been sleeping there may be because it is more comfortable there , as it’s warmer and more dark, which could make it sleep more comfortably. It’s more likely when your dog doesn’t display any signs of anxiety or fear within the house, and is acting normally and otherwise.

It does not want to be bothered

It could be that it is doing it in order not to be disturbed. It’s more likely if it went to sleep after having exercise or having a meal. It could also indicate that it’s been trying to sleep in the night, especially if it is sleeping in your bed during the daytime. It’s a good idea to make sure that the space it sleeps in at the night it is cool not too bright, peaceful and has an area for it to lie down.

They don’t want to be disturbed

If your dog doesn’t wish to be agitated then it’s likely to be able to hide under the mattress away from and everyone else. It usually happens after an exercise session or having been fed.


Things to consider about your dog going under the bed

Here are some suggestions to take into consideration when determining the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first started sleeping under your bed

If it didn’t always lie down on your bed It is helpful to look at what else took place at the time it began. It might be that something happened that triggered it to begin doing this.

If it started to do suddenly it could be because of factors like something that caused it to feel nervous, such as people acting aggressively towards it or construction work began outside of your home.

What is different when your dog does not sleep under the bed

It’s also a good idea to take into consideration the time of day when the item is put under your bed , as the timing may be in connection with it.

For instance, if it is doing it while you’re not there and you are not home, it could be an indication that it suffers from some anxiety over separation. If, however, it does this after completing exercise, it is more likely that it is doing it in order to go to sleep and not bother.

How to stop this behavior

While this behavior isn’t harmful, it isn’t a good idea to allow it to happen, and here are some suggestions on what it is possible to do to end this behavior.

Take it to the vet

The dog may be sleeping on your bed due to being in pain , and the area under you bed could be the sole safe area where it can be secluded without being disturbed. If it is then take your dog to the veterinarian to check the issue out. The dog will be healed and will be content to be able to sleep in the same place where it sleeps.

Eliminate the fear factors

There are things that make your dog afraid in the home. Remove these obstacles and reduce the fear of your dog and in this means it does not have to retreat under the mattress.



The dogs are sensitive and caring pets and it is your job as a pet owner to ensure that they live a happy life. It’s fine for your dog to sleep under your bed , but ensure that they’re not doing it because they’re scared to be sleeping in a different home.