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Does your dog love it to “tuck” himself into your mattress in the evening? If so, you’re certainly not the only one. This kind of behavior is a regular characteristic of many dogs even though the reasons behind it are hard to understand. In the end, dogs in the wild did not have cozy bedding with fluffy duvets that they could lay their tired heads on at night. But dogs love to be cozy too. For many contemporary dogs, there’s nothing more luxurious than cuddled up under a heap of soft, cozy blankets while their human by their side. But , one has to ask whether there is more to this kind of behavior? Because logic is the basis of everything that our pets do, it’s an logical assumption that this behavior is more than just a desire to be with us. Are our dogs trying to locate the most comfy spot to catch some sleep? Perhaps this behaviour has roots that run more deeply? While we will not know the answer in the end There are numerous reasons dogs choose to burrow in the cover.


The Root of the Behavior

A lot of pet history experts believe that before being domesticated, animals were creatures that gathered in dens. In a way, a den was a method of nesting. This behaviour is observed even today in females who are preparing to birth their babies. A lot of pet owners have noticed that their dogs are the most relaxed when they are in a small, sheltered or confined space. That’s probably the reason why crates are the most popular place for our furry friends to relax or play with their beloved toy, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In the wilderness, finding a spot to relax and rest that was safe from the glare of predators is an absolute necessity to survive. A sudden attack at a time at a time when dogs are at its most vulnerable could result in a catastrophe. Priority was given to creating small spaces that provide enough warmth and security. As seen through the eyes of our dogs our beds are the most secure space in the house for them to lay down. It’s comfy and its covers offer insulation against weather-related hazards and conceal predators from view.

However, what is more important than it lies the simple fact that it’s the place where you can are able to rest. The greatest feeling of comfort and safety for your pet comes from being near to you. Since dogs were thought to be group animals, it is likely that your pet is most relaxed when he is in close proximity to your “pack leader.” It is safer to be in a group. Being close to your dog gives the dog with the chance to protect yourself if needed and also strengthens the group. Although today’s dogs do not have to worry about predators who could hurt them as they rest, their instinct to defend themselves remains.

For certain breeds like terriers, or other breeds that hunt they are wired into their DNA to “go to ground.” The process of going to the ground involves burrowing into small, tight areas to hunt prey. A small hole that could cause a person to feel claustrophobic is not a problem for the majority of dogs, and especially for those whose primary duties were to help their owners during hunting trips. The dogs did not just participate in hunts but also enjoyed hunting! The act of digging under the ground to search for the quarry was immensely satisfying.


Encouraging the Behavior

But burrowing isn’t restricted to Terriers or other breeds designed to hunt. Other breeds bred to endure colder weather will often opt to dig under snow to create a sleeping tunnel for warmth during cold winter evenings. However, there are different reasons behind this intriguing behaviour. Some dogs find digging and then digging under the covers is a soothing routine. It’s as comfortable as their skin. As humans have a routine of routines that allow us feel at ease and relaxed, so are our canines. This is only one thing that can be observed as such.

It could be an aspect that results in Fido getting himself more comfortable so that it can have a great night’s sleep. In less frequent instances, dogs snooze because of stress. Digging can be a compulsion behaviour for certain dogs. If you notice that your dog to be too enthusiastic in his digging or is avoiding contact with your family members it could be due to a reason that is related to the behaviour. A thorough vet exam can be helpful in determining any medical issues that could cause your dog to avoid the family home to alleviate discomfort.

If your dog’s behavior is not due to a medical reason, it would be advisable to speak with an expert dog trainer to determine the root of the issue. Similar to humans, dogs are also affected by the weather and noise may also influence burrowing behavior. If dogs are scared, whether it’s due to lightning or thunder or a power failure as well as fireworks, they rush to hide! The safest spot for a dog to be wild during a threat is to hide in a small, sheltered area, it’s natural for dogs to seek out the same kind of space in our homes when they feel scared. Similar to that cold weather could cause a similar effect on our pets. As a cold snowy day can leave us wanting to stay under the warmth and security of the blankets and warm blankets, our dogs long for this simple creature security.

Why does my dog go under the covers?

For certain dogs, crawling under covers could be a regular occasion. Others, they do it when they’re nervous (such when it is during the midst of a storm) or aren’t in good health. Dogs also like to crawl in bed together with their humans as they love the warmth and the companionship being cosy with them and their “human pack”.


Why does my dog sleep under the covers and between my legs?

Have you noticed that your dog is constantly seeking out clothes, pillows, or blankets for sleeping under? If so, it is likely that your pet prefers sleeping in the position of a burrower. This means that when dogs rest in the burrower position they seek the comfort and security. They usually require plenty of love and attention before they can fall asleep.


Dogs love digging and burrow. Some are prefer it more so than other. It’s a common and natural expression of their instincts inherited from the times when each dog had a job of his own. Although our dogs do not require hunting for their own food , or even do the jobs to which they are trained but they do enjoy the relaxation of relaxing under cozy blankets. Relax with your best companion today!

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