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If your dog continues to groom you, you may be thinking about the reason and how you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand several possible causes and the ways you can do about them.
Why does your dog love me? One of the reasons your dog grooms your hair are that it does it to bond with you and has learned that grooming will be rewarded, or it’s not a jerk, or it is seeking extra attention.
There are many possibilities for your dog to be doing this or it may be because of several reasons. But, there are several factors to take into consideration when trying to figure out the root cause, and there are many ways to fix it.


Reasons why your dog grooms you

Below are a few possible causes, and what might make each one more than likely to cause the primary reason.


Dogs often groom one another to show love and bonding with others. The reason your dog is grooming you may be that it’s bonding with you. This is especially likely if it occurs in situations like when it’s sitting with you and quite calm while doing it.

Encouraging the behavior

Another reason could be the fact that it has realized that this behavior is reward-based. If you often give your dog treats, toys or even extra attention when it is licking you the dog, it’s likely to perform it more often in order to receive more rewards.


Sometimes, dogs will also be seen licking other dogs, especially when they’re being submissive. The reason that your dog has been licking you could be due to submissive. It is more likely if it is doing it in the event that you are angry at it , and also if it displays other signs of submissiveness, such as the tail being hidden or rolling onto its back.


The reason for it to do it is because it’s thrilling. It’s more likely to happen if it does more frequently during certain times, such as when you get home. It could also be more likely to occur if it displays other signs of excitement like wagging its tail or becoming extremely enthusiastic.

Looking for attention

The reason it licks your skin a lot is that it’s trying to attract attention from you. This is especially likely if it is a habit to pay it more focus when it does this and more frequently when you haven’t paid it enough attention.
It is helpful to give it time throughout the day, but not reward it with more attention when it is starting to lick you.

Hunger or dehydration

The reason it does it at times could be due to hunger or dehydrated. This is especially likely if it begins chewing on its lips or other things frequently too, and also in the absence of the ability to drink water. It is crucial to ensure you have access to drinking water all day long to avoid this occurring.


Is It Safe to Let Your Dog Groom You?

If your dog only kisses you every now and then and you don’t even think it’s worthy of consideration. If your dog is always grooming you all time, you could be thinking about whether this is okay or even appropriate for you.
Although your dog’s grooming habits do not pose a threat towards you and your dog, it is possible to consider ways in which it could be harmful.
There are some advantages when you let your dog groom your pet, which we’ll discuss in a second.

Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to think about when it comes to your dog grooming you.

Don’t let it lick your face

Because dogs’ tongues contain a variety of germs it is crucial to not let your dog kiss your face.

If it always groomed you

If your dog was not constantly groom itself, it might be beneficial to think about what was going on when it first began grooming itself, as it could be that something happened which triggered the behavior. If it began grooming itself suddenly it could be because something led to it becoming anxious, an alteration in its diet, or it realized that this behavior was rewarding.

What is different when it does it

If your dog seems to do it more frequently at an exact moment, it might be helpful to look into what’s different regarding the timing. For instance, if it tends to do it more frequently at night then it is more likely to do it because of the excitement.
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How to get your dog to stop grooming you

Here are some solutions that you can take when confronting the behaviour.

Don’t reward it

The reason your dog grooms you may be because it earns rewards when it does. Instead of rewarding it with things it’s looking for when you groom it, the best thing to do is not reward it, and instead reward it for acting as you want to.

Give it toys

It can also be helpful by giving it something to keep it entertained to make it unlikely to be able to conduct itself in ways that you don’t would like it to. The things you can offer to it could include toys, bones, as well as puzzles.


Final Thoughts

Grooming is a normal thing for dogs. The grooming is for themselves and their friends as well as their human!
There are many motives for this behavior, including love and social bonds as well as the pleasure of eating it, and even as a means for stress reduction.
If you enjoy it when your dog grooms your hair, then you may let the grooming behavior persist, but be aware of the possibility of an infection with bacteria.
However If it’s a behaviour that you do not like, you can stop it by giving them an item to play with, or having a playtime with your pet or educating them to not touch your face.

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