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It’s not uncommon for dog owners to get confronted by a roaring sound as they stroll past their pet in the evening while they’re asleep. Additionally, it’s normal for you to get disturbed by the grunting of your pet when you’re trying to relax for a evening of restful sleep. Many people begin asking “Why does my dog growl? “Why does my dog growl at me at night?”.
There are a variety of reasons why can cause dogs to growl, particularly at night, especially in darkness A thorough comprehension of their actions (or response) to the situation their current situation could help in finding solutions. A punishment for your dog isn’t the most effective option although it might seem as a straightforward solution. It is important to study and learn from the behavior before using punishment to get rid of it. We’ll explain the primary reasons your dog is barking or grunting at night.


Reasons Dogs Growl at Night at Their Owner

Dogs can growl at owners for different reasons during the night. The following list can serve as a reference guide to figure out what is causing your dog’s nerves, causing it growl. If you can pinpoint the problem it is possible to implement positive reinforcement exercises to reduce the need to growl. In most cases you do not want to be aggressive, but it might be that there are external factors that trigger the dog to cry when they’re shocked.

Your Dog Needs Attention

Showing signs of aggression at night , such as a groaning sound, could be pointing towards a dog that needs to be admired by the owner. The puppies are the most likely to display this type of behavior because they are accustomed to being the centre of the attention of others. They are typically lively and love playing with their owners and toys every day.
It can cause problems in the evening when your dog isn’t allowed to play or interact with the owner. It could cause anxiety over separation which may influence the behavior of your dog. It could happen if attempt to the dog of your small dog, and they’re not with you at night.
If you are the parent of an adorable puppy, you might want to drop a few toys inside their crate or near their bed for the night to decrease the likelihood of dog barking and growling. This is to stimulate playful play while keeping your puppy entertained at evening.
Another method to lessen the aggressive behavior of your dog at night is by providing the opportunity for lots of exercise. Your dog will probably prefer to sleep in the evening, rather than demanding attention. A exhausted dog, as they say is a calm dog.


Be aware of the time of your dog’s groaning. Are they only screaming at night? Does your dog look scared with hairs that are dangling? This could be due to the result of trauma that’s linked to night or darkness. For example, canines may show signs of anxiety when it begins to get dark.
Rescued dogs may show symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is particularly true when they’ve had trauma in the past or had an awful event that remains in their minds and remains in their mind. For instance some military dogs show symptoms of trauma. In addition, rescue dogs who were neglected at night could have suffered trauma previously.
Furthermore, your dog may be averse to a dark place or the dark can cause a repressed memories of a terrible incident from the past. It’s true that dogs can also be terrified of dark spaces.

There is an Issue with the Diet

A poor diet could be the reason your dog is unable to sleep in the night and groans. That’s right food could be too muchor insufficient or an unsuitable diet.
Make sure you pay close attention to your dog’s food and make sure that no anyone else feeds your dog when you are away. You can also adopt a habit of feed your dog in the early hours of the evening instead of late in the night. Dogs are likely to not growl as much at night if they’ve already eaten their food.

Group Barking

The dogs may also start to growl at night due to dogs that are within the vicinity. This can be common during the late at night, when everything is peaceful and streets aren’t bustling.
It usually starts with one dog barking, while other dogs follow and bark.

Your Dog Hears Sounds You Can’t Hear

There is no doubt that dogs have better hearing capability than humans. It is due to the fact that their ears can pick up sounds at frequencies that aren’t that human ears can hear. This means that their growling could be directed towards a sound far away , which your ears are unable to detect.
This type of aggression may be directed towards another animal, perhaps an animal that has wandered into their territory in the night.

The Sleeping Spot is Not Conducive

Dogs are quick to voice their displeasure whenever they are unhappy with their surroundings. This is the most common when dogs are extremely picky. If a dog doesn’t sleep well , it can become angry.
The room where you sleep could be too dark, bright or cold or just plain uncomfortable and your dog may beg for mercy by grunting. To prevent this from happening, make sure to look over the area where they sleep for anything which could cause the dog to growl.


Why does my dog growl at me in bed?

Your dog may be showing behaviours like resource guarding that gets more intense in the evening. Dogs who are envious over their possessions may begin to yell at you for being too close to them in the fear you’ll end up taking them.
It could be when there’s a particular place in your bed you aren’t aware of but think is theirs. If you touch this area in your bed, with or without your hands or in sleepless tossing turning, could cause your dog to snarl at your presence.

Why Is My Dog Growling at Me All Of A Sudden?

Sometimes, a dark house can make your dog be furious, as they aren’t able to see clearly. They might believe they’re intruders.
If your home isn’t completely dark at night, and your dog begins to growl at the door all at once you may be suffering from vision loss. Dogs who have a decline in eyesight are more nervous, particularly in the evening, as it’s much less clear. The signs of loss of vision may include:

  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Bumping into objects that are common
  • Eyes tearing and eyes squinting eyes



If you’ve ever wondered “Why does my dog growl at me at night?” Now you know some possible causes. Finding the reason will provide you with the most effective solution. While doing this, be sure you do not punish your dog for a groaning with a shout.
It isn’t a good idea for your dog to believe that grunting is punishmentable behavior. This can cause them to seek the bite, which it’s not something you want to happen.
In essence, the sound of a dog’s teeth is your dog’s method to communicate with you. Just like any other conversation, ensure that you’re paying attention.

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