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The dogs are always on guard when they see someone new in the area. Your dog is alert to new arrivals instantly, however sometimes they growl at him, and occasionally the dog doesn’t. It could be a sign of anger, defensiveness, or just simply a sense of anxiety.
Why is it that he has different reactions to different people? Do he have a perception of people that you don’t? There is no way to summarize the entire dog’s behavior and, certainly, every case is individual, but we can study the way dogs view their environment and perhaps get a better understanding of this intriguing topic.


People smell.

The scents of people differ from those of dogs. They are far more adept at smell than humans actually, they’re 10,000 to 100,000 times better.1 Due to this difference and the fact that we are unable to comprehend the amount of information dogs gain by smelling someone’s. It is amazing that trained scent dogs can discern twins living in the same area and having the identical diet.2 Dogs can detect where you’ve been as well as who you’ve been with, perhaps for a long period of time.
Your dog could be able to smell something subtle about someone else that causes him to growl , which your nose will not be able to. This doesn’t need to be a cause for concern. Your dog could be aware of something he’s come to be able to identify negatively, such as an unfamiliar dog or the scent of a dog’s fear. All dogs are the result of their own experiences , and as they can’t talk about their experiences it is only possible to guess.

Some people just look shady.

Some people appear frightening to certain breeds of dogs. Dogs rely on their vision more than they do their smell however, they do depend on it to a large extent. Dogs utilize the ability to recognize faces in order to interact with one with each other, and humans may not perceive facial features in the same way that dogs do. If your dog yells at one person, but not the other, it could be that he has an aspect that is reminiscent of a threat in his mind.
They also differ in their size or features as well as their manner of moving. Certain characteristics or styles could cause your dog to think of danger, or look strange to your dog making him feel fearful and unsure. We all know that even people who are familiar with them could be threatening to dogs when they suddenly move or wear the headband.

You can help your dog learn about people.

If you believe that the person your dog is screaming at is someone with good intentions You can help teach your dog to not feel anxious or secluded around them. Provide him or her with a purse that is filled with the dog’s favorite snacks. It is important to ensure that your dog has learned behaviours that will get a positive response from you, such as standing at your command. Repeat this process so many times that your dog will know how to behave without thinking about it. When a newcomer comes in the dog, have him do the behavior you have taught him and reward him for it. Your friend should then ask to reward you.
Do not doubt the character of the individual but don’t be fooled by the fact that your dog’s first reaction is to growl. It could be a sign that they smell of something your dog isn’t certain about. You can increase his confidence by training and rewards.


Why do dogs bark at certain people?

Dogs can bark at people due to the fact that they’ve was cruel to the dog previously or they look the person who has mistreated them. It may also be because your dog considers someone’s posture or voice to be frightening. But it doesn’t mean anything negative. It could be that the dog is happy to meet the person. They will be reminded the times they were rewarded in the past by giving them treats, attention or playtime.

Three reasons why dogs only bark at certain people and strangers

There are three reasons that your dog might bark at certain individuals:

  • A person who has been mistreated could have abused the dog or anyone who looks like, sounds like or behaves similarly to someone else who has mistreated them previously. Your dog might show teeth or pull their lips back or stiffen their tail or just stay away from the individual.
  • Excited: The person is someone that your dog knows well or had contact with previously, and they become excited whenever they meet them. Your dog could show his enthusiasm by waving their tail or excessively licking.
  • A person seems to be in danger: Although the person might be innocent but it could be because your dog isn’t a fan of their manner of speaking and views the person to be threatening. They could make an intense gaze that your dog isn’t a fan of or it could be that the dog thinks that the person is in their property or is close to you and thinks they are dangerous to you.

Why does my dog growl at only one person?

If your dog is agitated at a specific individual, it’s normal behavior for dogs. It could be that the person you are observing reminds your dog of someone who abused them at some point in their past. This could be due to because of the manner in which they interact with your dog , or perhaps how they feel about your dog. This could be something your dog taken note of. This could include the type of shampoo or deodorant that the person is using as well as the food they eat as well as the scent or the aftershave they put on or even if someone is scared of dogs. It could be a variety of factors.


How to stop your dog from barking at certain people

If you believe that the person who your canine is barking to is good-natured Dog trainers suggest the use of positive reinforcement training to help your dog learn not to be frightened or defensive towards the person. This kind of training for dogs employs rewards to motivate the dog’s behavior in the manner you would like. When your dog does not bark at other people give them a reward, and eventually, they’ll understand that not barking at strangers means that they can play with them or a yummy reward.

Why do dogs bark at specific people?

Animals can be very expressive and their behavior and body language can reveal how they’re being. Although barking at people should not be considered to be unacceptable behavior, it is helpful to understand why your dog is engaging in this behavior. Through positive reinforcement and making sure you don’t accidentally allow them to do so the dog to be taught that barking at people isn’t acceptable and isn’t beneficial to them.

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