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If your dog is known to headbutt you, this article will help you understand the reason and how you can do something take action to stop it.
Why is the dog in my house headbutt me? Likely reasons why your dog headbutts you are that It makes your dog feel safer, it is trying to remind you to give it something, it is playing or that it is trying to get attention from you.
There are a variety of possible reasons that your dog could hit you in the head and this may be due to several reasons. But, there are options to determine the root cause. There are some things you could take to address it.


Why does my dog headbutt me?

Here are the most likely reasons your dog might have been doing it , and what might make them more likely.

It makes your dog feel safer

Dogs evolved to be pack animals and therefore naturally feel more secure when around other dogs within the pack or with other dogs. The reason your dog is striking its head at you could be that it makes them feel more secure. This is especially true when your dog is known to headbutt you frequently throughout the day, and isn’t trying to steal something out of you when doing it.

Separation anxiety

Another reason could be the dog may suffer from separation anxiety. It is the reason your dog becomes stressed when you’re not at home and/or when you’re going out. It is especially likely in the event that your dog has a tendency to headbutt you right before you leave the house or before you go to sleep in the evening. It is also more likely to occur if it displays other signs of anxiety such as crying or pacing as you leave.

Your dog wants attention

It could be that it is searching for attention. This is especially likely to happen if it occurs more often when you haven’t given it much thought and you are prone to pay it more attention when it is doing.
If you’d like to train your pet to stop, it might benefit to show it respect throughout the day, but refrain from rewarding the dog with praise when it lays its head against you. For this, you must make it stop and then wait for it to relax, then be attentive and repeat the procedure if it begins repeating the behavior.

Your dog wants something from you

The reason could be that the dog is in need of something and is trying to communicate that to you. It is more likely if it is inclined to do it more frequently at an exact time, such as the time you normally give it food or go on an outing and also if your dog gets enthusiastic when it does it.


Your dog is playing

It might also be it is your pet playing as you do it. It is more likely if it displays emotions while doing it and also if it does things like jump up onto you or throw you the ball.

Encouraging the behavior

It could be possible the dog been taught that the behavior can be rewarded. If you often give your dog items like treats, toys or focus, when it headbutts you, it is likely to perform it again in order to earn more rewards.

Your dog is showing affection

It could also be that your dog is showing you love. It is more probable if the dog shows affection by asking your attention to it, and the dog does it more frequently when at your table.

Your dog is spreading its scent onto you

The reason it does may be to release the scent of its owner on you so that other animals can smell the scent and will not come near you. It is more likely when your dog rubs its body upon you while headbutting your head.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Headbutt You

Although it could seem odd even though it’s quite common that dogs headbutt your. As with other behaviours we may not understand dogs also have their own way of communicating and headbutting is just one of them.
Since dogs cannot communicate with you in the same way you interact with other animals and will be able to determine the things that draw your attention and which behaviors yield results. If your dog would like to take a stroll and you go with him after getting hit on the head, he will be able take advantage of this in order to get the things he wants each time. Why? It works because it does.

What Does It Mean When Dogs Headbutt You

If your dog bites you head on and then headbutts you, they’re saying they want you. This isn’t an exact indicator that they are in need of anything, but it is a sign that they definitely need something. There is no way for a dog to headbutt its human simply because it’s enjoyable for them or they want to harm you.
Don’t ignore a dog’s headbutt. determine the reason they’re doing it, and determine if there is good reason for doing it.


Should You Let Your Dog Headbutt You

If you’re going to permit your dog to hit you head-on is your personal choice. If your dog does it to alert you when something isn’t right, or they need food or even to go outside the headbutting could be a great method to communicate.
For some, headbutting is too frequent and is used for other reasons such as wanting to play or just want to have their way.
In this instance you shouldn’t let your dog headbutt you. In fact, allowing this kind of behavior to continue will only cause it to get worse. They’ll try to get you to do something each time they’re in the mood for something, which is going to be quite annoying.
If you’d like to keep your dog from head-butting you in the face to attract your attention, you’re likely to need to find an acceptable way to take its place.
For instance, if your dog headbutts you , and then walks to the door to tell you they’re ready to go, do not react to the headbutt. But once they have sat at the door you can reward them with treats.
Doing this will demonstrate to your dog that simply being at the door telling you they must go outside.

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