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It’s an experience to watch your dog run away with his treat then disappears beneath a table and chews on it for several hours. It’s not the most pleasant experience (a thank you for your kindness would be appreciated! ) It’s not difficult to manage. You’re at a loss and who’s to blame you? You know that in order in order to resolve issues you have to first comprehend the root of them. Therefore, you wonder what is the reason why my dog have a habit of hiding treats?
Dogs keep treats hidden to ensure they are secure and secure from harm. The habit of hiding treats is an embedded instinct in pack animals, and it is an effective way of protecting their food sources from any real or imagined danger.
In this article, we will fully explore why dogs hide treats and what you can do to prevent the behavior so that you can protect your furniture/yard/sanity.


Reasons Why Your Dog Hides Treats

Hiding treats isn’t the worst behavior dogs can exhibit. It’s normal for dogs to hide treats as it’s a trait that is inherited. But, it can be confusing for new pet owners. Here are some additional possible reasons why your dog might be hiding their food.

It’s Instinct

In the past the dogs hunted in huge groups and fought over all the animals they were able to take down. Although group hunting makes it easier to kill massive prey, it implies that it is more likely that hungry animals will be found.
Thus, dogs needed come up with a method of safeguard their food by putting their food under six feet and then waiting. When the sea was clean the wolf would pick into the food and eat the treat in peace.
The dogs that were clever enough to keep their food in a safe place consumed more frequently and were able to survive at a higher level than dogs that did not hide their food.
Over the course of thousands many years Your dog has resisted the instinct to protect and bury the most precious possession (the sweets) to be later retrieved. Don’t get too angry, as it means the dog you have been among the few survivors of a long time past!

Your Dog Is Protecting The Treats

For dogs, the most secure spot in the world is definitely on your couch or snuggled up within the folds of his bed and the most important factor in life is definitely the treat you’ve just gifted to him.
To keep his prized treat safe He keeps it hidden from the prying eyes of hungry people. Then, once he’s more secure, he’ll dig it out and eat it up. If you have pets or you play tug-of-war with your sweets you may be tempted to put away his treats to better secure them.

He Isn’t Hungry And Is Saving It For Later

At times, when you hand your pet a treat, it’s because he’s not hungry. If you’re full from your last dinner, are you eager to eat dessert? Well, maybe.
Humans are constructed differently from dogs! Dogs often keep the treats in a secure location so that they can wait until they are full. When their stomachs start to growl again, they’ll run to their hideout and dig out their treats.
This is a simple behavior issue that you can address to help your dog get fewer treats, and only offer treats when you’re hungry! It’s a good idea to offer your dog treats following long walks or during between meals.


Your Dog Is Anxious

Certain breeds of dogs are naturally nervous. If you give them a snack and they are thinking “Oh no! What happens if they take it away from me?” Dogs suffering from anxiety may exhibit different behaviors, including destruction of property , or crying, drooling or panting.
It is vital to deal with the dog’s anxiety as it is a major cause of psychological distress, and can be put out onto your furnishings.
Following the receipt of a treat the dog that is anxious will rush off to a safe place and keep his treat. This is especially true in the presence of a noisy or other bustling family.
If you have any other pets including other animals that are aggressive Your dog could be feeling anxious and fearful. If you have pets of your own and feed your dog, make sure to keep it in a separate room from other pets in a place where you can’t keep the treats. If the anxiety is extreme take your pet to the veterinarian who is competent to prescribe medication.

He’s Overweight

One glance outside will inform you that dogs owners tend to overfeed their dog companions such as basset hounds who waddle and golden retrievers roll and pugs dance during walks. A lot of people believe of more being better than none.
Due to this the majority of dogs put their treats away and not eat them immediately. When they’re not full and full, they’ll eat their treats and munch on.
Be sure to not feed your pet (talk with your vet regarding the right diet for your dog!). While a puppy with a lot of weight is cute, a dog who is overweight has a higher chance to suffer from different health issues.

How Can I Stop My Dogs From Hiding Food or Treats?

Although none of these are necessarily bad however, it can be frustrating to discover treats that are hidden in the home. Also, you may not wish for your dog to steal food from their bowls to eat in another place because of the mess it can cause. There are, however, some methods you can employ to stop your dog from constantly eating their food and other treats off.
In the first place, make sure you’re not feeding them too much and also that they’re not keeping extra treats. If that’s not the case, and your dog is still scurrying around with treats and food, then attempt to keep the eating space as secure as you can. This should be done prior to the age of puppyhood and involves keeping the kitchen area or the utilitarian area (wherever they eat) closed with an enclosure or gate.
The general idea of training is an excellent way to keep your dog’s brain active, which can aid in stopping bad habits from becoming established. Scent work and trick training, as an example, can keep your dog physically and mentally engaged. Training can increase your bond with your dog and your dog, as well as instill good manners into your dog.


Final Verdict:

Hope you’ve found the answer to “why does my dog hide his treats?”
All you need to do is keep a an watch on their daily behavior. The habit of hiding treats of your pet is harmless, but shouldn’t be permitted. You must spend enough time with your puppy , and give him sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

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