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Sometimes, you need to escape from everything. It might mean a trip to the spa or an enjoyable holiday. Your dog can’t travel on alone it’s not even possible to purchase an airline ticket So, he’ll most likely take a trip to the most inviting place he can come across in order to relax. You can find some peace and tranquility as well as a relaxing nap, particularly if tired. While it’s not as common be, that tranquil place to relax could be beneath your mattress.


Your dog’s afraid of something

If you’ve noticed, when it’s raining out, your dog runs to the bed. When company comes over, your dog runs away and runs to her bed’s under-bed hideout. It’s due to the fact that when your pup gets scared and is scared, she will go to a place she believes is secure. In this instance, the safe place is beneath your mattress.
To stop this behavior to stop this behavior, you can employ methods of desensitisation and counterconditioning to help your pet become to be comfortable with what’s frightening her, suggests the Animal Humane Society. For instance, if the sound of thunder is causing her to retreat under the bed Play softly recorded thunder while providing her with treats, and plenty of praise, when she is calm and relaxed with you. Increase the volume slowly until she isn’t triggered by the sound any longer.
If visitors and strangers make your dog nervous it is possible to change this behavior by having guests offer tasty treats to her during your next trip. Dogs will eventually be able to associate strangers with positive thingssuch as snacks — and will not flee when company comes to visit.

Your dog feels sick

When your pet suddenly finds himself hiding in the bed, it may be due to a feeling of illness According to Vetinfo. If your dog is suffering from depression or illness, they will tend to avoid the area due to the fact that they feel yucky. It could be that when you observe other signs such as if your dog seems tired or a bit grumpy or isn’t eating as well. It’s possible that he’s sick even if he’s house-broken however, he’s not eliminating at home or vomiting is due to stomach upset.
For dogs that have recently been to hide under the bed It is recommended to visit a vet to get a physical. Your veterinarian can conduct tests to see if something is off and address any medical problems. When your dog is feeling better, he’ll probably not need to be in the mattress anymore.
The pet is injured or sick, therefore she will naturally go to the safest place where she is the most secure. If you’re not able to determine the cause of your pet’s fear, and then go into the veterinarian. The bed’s underside isn’t the ideal spot for a dog who is sick to be because it’s difficult to access.


Your dog needs a relaxing vacation

Your pet may lounge in your bed as she believes it’s an ideal, peaceful place to sleep. Dogs are known as den animals and may see the bed as a large area where she can cozy in. In this instance it’s best to let her on her own when she lies in the mattress.
You can also give your dog an alternative to her bed den by providing her with a crate, as suggested by the Humane Society of the United States. Crates resemble a den and can be placed wherever you like. They’re great if you need to keep your pet from sleeping in your bedroom, particularly in the event that your dog’s snoring keeps you from a peaceful night’s rest.

Your dog is stressed out

If your dog is suffering from stress, they may go in the bedroom to ease his stress. Maybe a new pet making him anxious, or you’ve recently experienced a traumatizing incident. Your dog may be stressed due to the recently relocated brand new home, or perhaps there’s an addition within your home. Loss of a member of the family regardless of whether they are four or two legged could cause anxiety for your pet.
It is possible that you need to give your dog time to adjust to what is irritating him. Talk to your vet when your dog is found hiding in the bed for hours on end. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication to ease any anxiety your dog may be experiencing.

Your dog is hiding treasures

Your pet may be hiding under your bed since there’s a place where she keeps the most valuable possessions she has such as her favorite toys and even your slippers. Like a dog who would put a bone in the ground to chew later and then stash bones under your mattress. Some dogs store their possessions in safe places in accordance with Cesar’s way of life. Your dog might choose under the bed for that secure spot.

Provides a Cool Environment

The area under the bed can be a perfect place to cool your pet on the summer heat. There may also be carpet flooring underneath the bed that’s not as worn out, therefore it could just be a matter of the space underneath the bed providing an extra comfortable space for your dog to lay in.


How to Get Your Dog Out from Under the Bed

As we’ve mentioned before that there’s nothing serious in this kind of behavior. Let it happen even in the event that your dog is in the bed time. It’s possible that you be required to assess whether it’s an ongoing occurrence.
The area under the bed isn’t accessible, so it could cause problems when you are in a situation of extreme urgency (e.g an emergency with a fire) and you have to evacuate your home as fast as you can. Bed-hiding behaviors could also be a sign of the presence of a serious issue in your pet. A visit for a vet visit is recommended if your dog exhibits any signs of fear or discomfort.
The main thing we’d like to emphasize is not to make your dog go out particularly if your pet is in a weak condition. Instead, let your dog be at peace and wait until she is released. Offer your dog treats and lots of praise after she has made her way to the exit.
You could also block off the bed’s underside to keep your dog out of getting into the bed at any time. Be sure to provide another place to rest before you take out any bed spaces.

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