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If your dog is placing pillows in their mouths This article will give the likely causes and how to deal with the problem.
Why does my dog put pillow in his mouth? The most likely reasons for why your dog is holding pillow in his mouth is that it enjoys the sensation and it’s been taught that the behaviour is rewarding or they are bringing them as a gift.
There are plenty of possibilities for why your dog puts pillows in their mouths and it could be because of one or more of them. But, there are factors to consider to determine the root cause. There are certain things you can do to address it.


Why does my dog hold pillows in its mouth?

Here are some possible reasons your dog has pillows and what could make their chances higher.


It could be due to the fact that the dog has begun to chew. It’s more likely when your dog is young, but has begun having teething issues suddenly, or if it’s started chewing on other objects too. In this situation it’s best to give it something else to chew like toys or bones, and also to seek out things aren’t meant to be removed.


Many dogs carry objects through their mouths when they are nervous. Anxiety could be the reason why your dog has been doing it. It’s more likely if your dog tends to be more aggressive frequently when it is more likely be stressed, for instance when you leave home.

Encouraging the behavior

Your dog may also have learned that putting pillows inside its mouth can be rewarded. If you often give your dog treats, toys or attention when it is carrying pillows, it’s likely that it will carry them more frequently to earn more rewards.

Your dog is bringing it to you as a present

It may also be that your dog has brought the pillow to your home as a gift. This is especially likely if your dog is inclined to take the cushion it’s sitting on to you. In this instance it’s best to not reward the behavior and also restrict the access of it to things that you don’t would like it to carry.

It simply likes the feeling

It could be that it just likes the feeling it gets when you be able to hold a pillow. It is more likely in the case that your dog is performing the exercise at random times and does not appear like it’s doing this to earn reward.


Things to consider

Consider these suggestions to determine the primary issue.

If your dog has always carried pillows in its mouth

If your dog didn’t always have pillows in his mouth, it might be helpful to look at what else went on when your dog first began doing it. If it was discovered abruptly, the reason would be more likely caused by things like teething or rewarding the behavior, or separation anxiety, which causes the dog to be carrying something with the scent of you.

The timing of when your dog carries pillows in its mouth

If there is a specific moment when your dog is more likely to be carrying pillows around, it might be beneficial to think about what’s different about the time of the day. If, for instance, you notice that it does it more frequently when you’re planning to leave the house It is more likely to be nervous. If, however, it is more likely to be more active frequently when you get home, it’s more likely to be giving it as a gift.

What to do about my dog carrying pillows in its mouth?

Below are some choices you can consider when dealing with the behaviour.

Avoid encouraging it

It could be the dog been taught that the behavior is reward-based. It is better to encourage it to provide you with a pillow and to not give the dog any attention until the dog is behaved.

Give it other things to hold or chew on

Another option is giving it something to carry, but you wouldn’t want to carry around. Some things to consider giving it include toys or even a bone.

Redirect its focus

Another alternative is to direct its attention towards something else when it appears likely to be inclined to grab pillows. Repeatedly it should be possible to remove it from an habit of picking up objects you don’t wish to.

Keep the pillows out of its reach

If it is possible, it could also be a good idea to put the pillows away from its reach , so that it can’t lift the pillows.


Why does my dog hold socks in its mouth?

Most likely, the reasons why your dog is holding socks in his mouth are that it enjoys the sensation or is bringing socks to you to give to give you a gift or it enjoys the smell of the socks. If you dog takes socks towards you will be more likely because it is giving them to you as a gift or a desire for rewards. If it does it while you leave your home, the reason could be anxiety about separation.

Why does my dog hold clothes in its mouth?

The most likely reasons your dog puts garments in his mouth is that it enjoys the sensation and it has been taught that it is rewarded for its behavior or it’s giving the clothes into your home as a gift or it has learned that its reward is given.


This is a normal and normal behaviour and is not something to worry about. The only reason it should be treated with caution is if you notice your pet is chewing the skin of his own or on the skin of another dog and causing bleeding or becoming infected. If the behavior is extreme and is causing damage to your dog it is recommended to speak with an animal veterinarian for assistance. If the behavior isn’t harmful you can just relax and take pleasure in your dog’s adorable personality and his wacky behavior.

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