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If your dog is a screamer while you’re singing, then you could be wondering what you can do to stop it. This article will provide four reasons that they are doing it, and also what it is you could do make it to end.
Why does my dog howl while I sing? The possible reasons your dog screams when you sing, include the bonding process, nature, or learning that the behavior is rewarding or it’s a reaction to your feelings.
It’s possible there could be a mix of causes. There are a few factors to consider in determining the most important cause and there are plenty of options to address these.


Reasons why your dog howls when you sing

Below are four typical causes and the factors that make each one more likely.


The reason for it to do is that it’s bonding with you. It could be a method of letting you know that you’re an integral part of the group. This is likely if it is only performing the act during your singing and it doesn’t occur at other times , like when sirens are playing near by.


It could be because it is a part of the genes to howl whenever it hears loud noises. When they were in the wild wolves and dogs would howl to warn others dogs and wolves to their location. If they heard another dog howling they would begin to howl too. It could be the reason your dog yells when it hears you sing. It’s also probable to have been the reason when it hears sounds other than your own such sirens or other dogs who are howling.

Encouraging the behavior

It is possible you’ve taught it that it earns rewards for doing what it wants to do. If you are prone to giving it something like special attention, toys, or treats, and it yells at you, it’s likely to perform more often to earn more rewards.

Reacting to your emotions

It could be that it is doing it due to your own feelings. It is more likely if you be very different when you start to cry and displays abnormal behavior in itself, such as anxiety. In this situation it is helpful to calm yourself down. But, it’s likely that it does this because it is its nature to howl whenever it hears it.


Things to consider

Below are some points to take into consideration when trying to determine the primary reason.

What is different when your dog doesn’t howl when you sing

If it doesn’t let out a roar while you are singing, it might be beneficial to think about what’s different about when it does not sing. For instance, if it does this only after it’s received something, like exercise or food or food, it could be performing the act to signal that it’s ready to be fed or to receive exercise.

What else happened when it first started doing it

It is also helpful to look at if it is howling in other situations as well. For instance If it is also heard howling in response to sirens will be likely that it’s been doing this due to ancestral ancestry or to communicate with dogs in the vicinity.

The body language it shows

It’s also helpful to look at the body language that it uses when doing it. If it displays positive body language, such as letting its tongue in the air, wagging its tail or simply being at ease, it is more likely to be doing it in response to enthusiasm. If it does show indications of anxiety like crying or pacing or pacing, it is more likely to be doing it because of something that is making it nervous.


How To Stop Your Dog From Howling

If you aren’t happy with your dog howling when your singing or in general there are many methods you can teach them to not howl.

1. Find Out Why They’re Howling

If you notice your dog crying then you must determine the reason for the sound. The reason dogs howl is a variety of reasons including separation anxiety or boredom, loneliness and many other reasons. To stop your dog from hissing it is important to determine the reason your dog is yelling so you know what you can do to stop it.
In this scenario the people are yelling because you’re singing. It’s easy to check first step off of the checklist!

2. Positive Reinforcement

As with most behavioral issues Positive reinforcement can be a great way to shape the behavior you would like to see in your dog. In this instance, if your dog does not howl while you are singing, you’ll give them treats.
Positive reinforcement works because dogs eventually establish a connection between not screaming and receiving a treat.
Positive reinforcement will not help if your dog’s crying because they’re suffering. This is a great idea. As a dog’s owner, you’d like your dog to let you know when they’re hurt.

3. Spend Time With Your Dog

If your dog suffers from trouble with separation anxiety or appears to be lonely at all times Spend longer with them. They will not only appreciate this, but it can prevent them from barking when you are away.

4. Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Plenty of Exercise

Every dog owner knows that they need exercise, and lots of it. Because they’re social animals they need to interact with their owners and other dogs also.
Go for walks with your dog frequently or take them to an animal daycare before you head to work. In this way your dog is too exhausted to cry at home, since they’ve exhausted themselves with exercise.

5. Buy Your Dog New Toys

If your dog stays home for the entire day with no other activities, it’s bound to become bored. They will growl whenever they can. To stop this, get your dog new toys. Even even if they already have plenty of different toys, new ones can provide a fresh stimulation that will help keep them entertained.

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