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Why does my dog jump on me while walking?

There are many theories that attempt to explain the reason dogs leap. The most popular among them are the notion the dog wants to establish their authority.
The main issue with this theory is the absence of evidence to support it It also isn’t very logical.
Instead you take a few moments to contemplate the below… Is this seem familiar?


Seeking attention

One of the main reasons that dogs are known to jump up on their owners when walking is to attract some attention.
Amazingly, they are skilled at attracting attention because it’s an easy method to capitalize on our weaknesses.
In essence, whenever your dog jumps on you, it’s likely that you’ll pay them some love. However, whether you react positively or negatively the situation isn’t much of a concern to the eyes of your dog.
You might believe that actions like the dog to the ground or yelling at them isn’t the exact opposite of paying your dog attention.
However, the reality is that, even though it is, in many ways, negative attention. It’s still an act of attention that could turn into more frequent behaviour in the future if you let it persist.

Attempting to play

There are occasions where your dog might playfully jump on or bite you in order to start playing. If this happens, it’s generally not the result of an aggressive dog.
It’s typically an effect of your dog being an abundance of pent energy that they need to let go.
They might just want to convince you to play with them or let them off the leash to allow them to run.
Although this kind of behavior isn’t always bad however, it has the potential of causing injuries or even damage. Particularly, if you own an enormous dog that has sharp claws.


There are a variety of factors that could make your dog nervous. The noise and the crowded areas for instance.
If your dog isn’t at ease in these environments or around other dogs there’s a good chance they’ll suddenly be anxious.
In this situation the dog may decide to leap to signal your dog that it’s simply too to handle for them.


If your dog is exuberant, it may be excited and will be compelled to jump.
There are a myriad of scenarios that can make your dog exuberant. They can be as basic as being enticed to chase a car or other animal.
It is important to keep in mind that every dog reacts differently when overstimulated.
Certain children will begin to move around with enthusiasm, while others have fun playing with toys and some be able to get wildly jumping.
As a dog owner, you must be aware that certain dogs are more energetic to other dogs and may require some sort of space and place to use their energy.
If they’re unhappy with any thing they’re participating in, they will express the problem by jumping.


A friendly greeting

Dogs play and greet one another one-on-one.
In some instances you may even observe dogs licking one another in the face, and even try to replicate this with humans.
It is a natural method of communication that dogs use. The issue is that we humans are larger than our furry pets.
So , if they get the urge to greet you (either to you or to a human) the best way to respond is to get up and say hello in front of them.

You are encouraging the behavior

Dogs are adept of getting the response they want. Everything from gently persuading dogs to shouting it can inadvertently reinforce a particular behaviour or response.
For example an act as simple as touching them and scratching behind their ears can encourage them to take on a certain manner to get what they desire.
Remember that dogs are skilled in sabotaging situations that favor them. They’ll be testing your boundaries while long as they can run free.

What to do about it?

You’ve probably experimented with every method you can think of. None of them has performed…
All you’ll need to do would be…

Ignore the dog

Do not show that your dog’s jumps are annoying you. You can accomplish this by not reacting to your dog’s behavior in any way.
This technique is known as “negative punishment” in dog training, but if we take the word ‘negative punishment’ off the table it’s not a problem. it.
The dog’s absence can minimize the unwelcome behavior.
Remember that there is no eye contact or touching, and speaking from your side.
To make this more effective, face your dog when they leap onto you.
The goal is to portray yourself as uninteresting to dogs. They won’t be able to interact with your back, but can they?

Redirect the behavior

Apart from ignoring your dog, the other thing that works well is to direct their attention and focus towards a different task.
Positive reinforcement is at your disposal to get outcomes.
Just ask your dog to obey a command like’sit or lie down’ and give them a reward for their obedience.
Once your dog is obeying instructions, reward him with treats and repeat it over and over. This will instil the correct behavior within your dog’s general behavior.


Wrapping Things Up

It’s not a bad thing that your dog leaps up onto you only when you would like to.
In reality typically you’ll need to take every step you can to stop the behaviour. In order to keep your sanity in the least.
With the advice outlined above, you’ll be on the right track to preventing your dog from jumping earlier rather than later.
Be aware that persistence and patience can always succeed.
In the event that you don’t have the time or energy to exercise Fido it is always possible to consult professional dog trainers or look up My Everyday Dog Training Tools to achieve the most effective results.

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