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Imagine that you get home and are met by warm, saliva-filled cuts on your face. Although it may be an expression of pure delight by your pet when they are happy to be with the world, there’s many other reasons for our dogs to are so enthralled.
Similar to the barking sound, licking can be an instrument your dog can use for communicating with you. Because they don’t have a language the body is what they use to let us know how they feel.
Here are a few reasons why your dog might be awed by licking you:


Why Does My Dog Keep Licking My Legs?


One of the main reasons dogs touch their owners is to show their love. Since you’re the person who takes the care of their needs, they’re their whole world!
When dogs are allowed to lick, pleasant endorphins release into their bloodstreams, making them feel calm and comfortable. It is also possible that they have been bitten by their mom when they were young, which is the natural instinct of dogs to touch things in order to express their love.
Your dog is a lover and is licking your face to show affection according to the American Kennel Club. Wild animals, certain species of the dog family are known to beg pack members to lick them to welcome them home. Your dog may be delighted to see you after you arrive home or start licking your face randomly to show his affection. You can pick him up and snuggle him whenever you start to lick him to show you love him as well.

You taste nice!

In the event that your animal isn’t very romantic and does not show any affection it could be because their occasionally licking might be due to the fact that you’re tasty!
As your puppy might be able to lick bowls, treats and other objects that previously included their favorite foods Some dogs enjoy the taste of salt on the skin of their owners.

Sensory tool

Because the paws of dog can’t look at things the way our hands are, some canines lick objects to feel the things they’re.
To dogs, licking similar to touching something. Thanks due to the fact that their tongues are packed by millions of cells for sensory they might be licking people from a new place to learn what they’re like!


Dogs are smart animals, and could use their tongues to grab your attention.
If you’re seeing that your pet is inclined to kiss you when they’re hungry or just want to have fun, this might be that you’ve accidentally taught your pet that licking is a great method to attract your full attention.

He likes the taste of lotion

Dogs are known to be fond of taking a lick of lotion. They might enjoy the tastes and smells in the words of The Huffington Post. For example vanilla or coconut oil-based lotions for your body could appeal to dogs. However, you must be sure that your dog isn’t licking your legs when you apply lotion on them as it can be harmful for the dog. Lotion is made up of various ingredients that can cause stomach upsets in dogs and lead to vomiting, lethargy or other health problems. If you’ve applied the lotion, you should not to allow your dog sit on your legs.


How do I stop my dog from licking me?

Although your dog’s licking could be just a sign that they are in love, it could be annoying when you are trying to accomplish tasks in the house without wiping the saliva from your skin! Here are some ways to help you stop that your pet from kissing your face:

Change your body scent

Since many dogs enjoy licking the salty taste off of their owners’ skins, altering the smell – and even taste of your body may be enough to stop them.
Things like soap, body wash and scent all affect the kind of food your puppy will consider your skin and you could come across a solution that you don’t like as much!

Keep your dog occupied

Since dogs also engage in the act of licking to play engaging in play, making sure they are entertained is a great way to cut down on the number of times they will lick you. Engage them with toys when you can and take the dogs for a walk whenever you suspect that they’re playing.
Keep in mind the fact that, if your pet utilized licking as a means of communication over a long amount of time, then it might be difficult to break out of their normal behavior. This is why it’s important not to scold your dog if they go back into their old licking habit and to constantly increase the frequency of licking.
As you can see, there isn’t generally any warning signs you should be looking for when you are wondering the reason your dog is licking you. Be aware that dogs that lick themselves frequently could be an indication of stress or open wounds So, consult your vet when you spot any indication of trouble.


What to do if you don’t like the licking

If you do not want your dog take a bath You can simply walk out of the room , without reacting to this behavior of your dog as per Animal Planet. It will be a signal to your dog that when the dog licks his legs, that it’s an indication you’re about to go out and go out and go, which is likely the last thing that he wants.
Another method to get your pet to stop licking is to redirect your dog’s attention elsewhere. If they are licking it, throw a ball or pass him your most loved toy.
You can also try tricks training, in which you ask your dog to sit, and then offer treats. Be aware that negative reinforcement isn’t recommended because it’s not effective for dogs. They require constant positive reinforcement.

What to do if your dog is licking excessively

If your dog keeps the habit of licking your legs, regardless of the reason you do, it could be that he is dealing with a medical problem. It’s recommended that you visit a veterinarian to determine whether your dog is suffering from an illness or is suffering from anxiety.


Your dog could be kissing your legs for various reasons. It could be that he is envious of the taste of salt on your skin, show you affection, or even trying to calm himself. If he’s licking excessively ensure that you consult your vet for an exam to eliminate any medical concerns.

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