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In the animals it is certainly not the animal that you consider when you hear self-grooming. In reality, a lot of us need to go to a salon for their grooming or give our pets the deep-cleansing treatment at home to keep them fresh and looking tidy.
As with other animals, such as cats, dogs can have problems with maintaining their hygiene. If dogs rub their face on the ground, on furniture or even their paws, some view it as an indication that they are trying to groom themselves which it certainly could be. However, just like the other odd behavior that dogs exhibit the act of rubbing their face may indicate a myriad of other issues.
Why do our pets scratch their faces? From cleaning their face to scratching at an itching, there’s many theories on the reasons why dogs develop this peculiar behavior. Check out the following article to discover the reasons your dog is acting this way, and how you could to stop it in the event that it becomes somewhat overwhelming for you to manage.


Cleaning Their Faces

Have you thought that your pet appears to scratch his face more frequently after spending time outside having fun in dirt? Maybe he engages in this face-rubbing practice after a walk during a rainy day in which his fur coat is wet. If your dog appears to just rub his face under the same circumstances, it’s likely that he’s cleaning his face. Like we said earlier that dogs aren’t the most effective self-groomers however, like all animals they don’t like to look dirty.
The scum and water that accumulates on the face of a dog can cause irritation and cause discomfort for dogs when mucky substances enter the eyes, ears or the nose. Dogs will rub his face in order to wash off whatever he taken from the outside such as dirt grass, dirt, or even tiny bugs. The dog may rub his face on the carpet or on your paws to ensure that he is able to scrub his face as completely as he can. If your dog is trapped in a rainstorm and then the water can stick onto the fur of his face as well as around his eyes, which can distort his vision. To avoid this, when reaching a dry spot your dog could wipe your face in order to remove the moisture.
To prevent your dog from to avoid rubbing his dirty and wet face on the furniture or carpet Make sure to grab towels and wash the area before letting him into your home. If you come back from an outing with a dirty puppy, he’s probably will remove the dust by rub his nose on your furniture!


Fleas or Allergies Are Making Your Dog Itch

We all know how irritating itching can be, even more frustrating when they aren’t scratched in a proper manner. While human itches may be caused by a variety of causes, dog’s itching tends to be due to more treatable issues. The most common reason for itchy skin in dogs is the presence of fleas. They are easily transmitted through animals, meaning that your pet will be able to catch them quickly.
If your dog rubs his face in a constant manner it could be a sign that the creepy crawlers are living on the skin. When a dog rubs its face for too long the fur may begin to fall off, leaving the skin exposed. This can lead to the possibility of skin getting irritated and becoming affected and red.
If you suspect that your dog is scratching due to tiny bugs have settled on his skin, the most effective solution is to treat it with a flea remedy. There are specially-formulated shampoo or pills that solve the issue immediately and prevent your dog from trying to take the insects from his skin by rubbing the surface.
A common cause of itching is allergies. Your dog could be enjoying a play in a forest zone and was irritated by the nearby plant that causes an allergic reaction to the skin. In rubbing his face it is trying to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling caused by this allergen.
Stings and bites from insects may also trigger discomfort for your dog. If your dog happens to be unfortunate enough to get one directly on the face the bites and stings may be 10 times more painful due to the sensitiveness of the skin. If you notice your dog constantly rubbing his face, you should check for any sting or bite marks too in the event that you have suffered an injury. There is a possibility that he will require medicine or ointment to ease the discomfort these ailments may cause.


Underlying Medical Issues

Another reason for facial dog rubbing is the potential for the brain having a tumor. Although it’s a very unlikely reason, it’s certainly not possible, and it’s crucial to check for other indications when you think your dog’s habit of rubbing its face may be a sign of something else that is more troubling.
If your dog is constantly rubbing his forehead with objects, it might indicate that he is suffering from migraine. Migraines in animals are caused by a variety of factors, but the most common cause of headaches in dogs are brain tumors. A tumor that is located in the brain puts immense pressure on the head which is why dogs may begin rubbing the head area regularly in order to ease the pressure he feels.
If your dog is scratching his head and face frequently and appears less energetic than usual and eating less, and sleeping more, you should take your pet to a veterinarian immediately. It could be a more serious problem at hand.

In Conclusion

If you’re calling it boops, bunting or headbutts, it’s cute to observe your cat’s faces with joy. It’s also extremely comforting to be at the recipient of those lovely rubs. From marking their scents to keeping track of time, to showing affection or seeking attention, it’s not a secret that cats are fond of bunting. We love that about cats! What’s the most fun thing your cat has touched? We’d like to hear about stories about your cat’s antics and you can leave a note below on this bizarre and adorable feline behavior!

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