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If your dog is stretched out a lot, you may be interested in knowing why and how to fix it.
This article will explain what it is that could be doing this and how steps you should take to cause this to cease.
So, why is my dog always stretch? One of the reasons that your dog is always stretching is that it’s tired and needs more exercise, is sick or injured and is suffering from allergies or fleas or simply enjoys the sensation.
There are a variety of possible reasons your dog could be doing this, however there are also several possibilities to pinpoint the exact cause.


Why does my dog keep stretching?

Every one of the reasons your dog has for doing it could have some clues.
Below are a few possible causes, and what could cause them to be more likely.


It is not unusual it is common for pets to stretch out more in times of stress or have just been awakened. If your dog usually stretches longer before going to bed or getting up, it’s likely that it is due to these reasons.

It needs more exercise

If your dog is one that is supposed to be able to do plenty of exercise, however it isn’t receiving enough exercise, it could be that the lack of exercise has caused muscles to become tired. It’s helpful to ensure that your dog can be getting the proper amount of exercise required for their breed.

Illness or injury

When your pet is sick it could be stretching out more, as it helps make its stomach feel more comfortable. This is especially likely if your dog begun doing it in a sudden manner and is experiencing signs of illness such as vomiting or fatigue. If it appears that it’s sick, then it is best to see an animal vet.
It could also be that there is an injury that is less painless when it’s stretched. This is especially likely if the injury has been showing other indications of injury like limping. If, for example, it looks to be in danger of being injured, the best thing to do is to go to the vet.

It simply likes the feeling

It’s not unusual that dogs stretch out a often and is not a reason to be concerned on its own. The reason for this is could be because it likes the way it feels when stretching.

Upset Stomach/Bloat

A bloated stomach or an upset stomach can be among the more serious reasons why your dog is too stretched. Stretching can ease the gas and pressure caused by bloat.
Excessive stretching could be a sign of bloat. However, be sure to check for other signs to look for before making any conclusions:

  • Swollen stomach
  • Excessive drooling
  • Pacing/Restlessness
  • Try to vomit but without result
  • Rapid breathing

Bloat usually occurs due to drinking or eating too soon after exercising, and is generally more common in large breeds like Bernese Mountain Dogs and Great Danes. After a stroll or playing in the yard, be sure that your dog’s breath has decreased and their temperature has dropped prior to feeding them food and drinking water.
If your dog takes in their food in just few bites, you can try an interactive bowl to reduce their appetite. The elevated food bowls may aid in preventing canine constipation.


Stretching may be a warning indication that pancreatitis is a problem in dog. They could try to take the strain on their muscles constantly stretching their abdomens.
The signs of pancreatitis and canine bloat are often identical, and it’s essential that you take your dog checked by a vet when symptoms continue or become more severe.


Things to consider

When your dog first started stretching a lot

It’s helpful to look back at the date your dog started stretching out more, as it may be that an event occurred that triggered it to begin doing it.
If it began doing it suddenly , it could make it more likely caused by things like being injured or sick and exercising less or a sudden change to its routine. It is helpful to think about the other factors that changed since it began to do it.
However, if it’s always stretched out, it is more likely to do it because it’s tired or simply because it does it naturally.

When your dog stretches most

It is also helpful to look at the time the time your dog does it because it might be possible that the timing may have something to do with it.
For instance, if your dog seems to stretch out more when you’ve just woken, and is prone to stretching, it’s more likely to be stretching its muscles that are stiff.

What to do about your dog stretching a lot

Below are some choices you can choose from when trying to get your dog to relax less.

Take it to a vet

If you are unable to determine the reason why your dog is doing this, or if your dog is doing this frequently or has started appearing to be ill or injured, then the best thing to do is to visit the vet. In this way, you’ll be able get an expert opinion specifically tailored to your dog , and also to eliminate the possibility of injury or illness.


It’s not uncommon for dogs to stretch out a large amount. If your dog hasn’t been doing this for a while and isn’t showing any signs of injury or illness the behavior is likely to be a normal behavior.

Give it exercise

It can also be helpful to ensure that your dog can be getting the right amount of exercise recommended for their breed. You can exercise by walking it on your own or hiring the dog walker to walk it for you if you’re unable to take it on yourself.


When Is Stretching A Cause for Concern?

In generally, stretching isn’t considered to be a reason for concern. However, you may be more aware of it as your dog gets older. Particularly if they’ve been lying down for prolonged durations of. Be sure to bring your dog to regular vet appointments and be sure to check their joints (knees and ankles, elbows, etc.) to look for signs of problems with mobility or pain.

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