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If you consider it, dogs will kick their back legs often. It’s a normal “feature,” it’s something that we rarely consider. As humans do, we rarely do anything even once. What’s going on when the dog is kicking its back legs? Do we need to be worried about? It could also mean there is something wrong?


Why does my dog kick its back legs?

There are a variety of reasons an animal could kick its back legs, according to the situation, but most people are discussing sudden kicking. A sudden kick to the back of your legs is usually due to three primary reasons: scratching the dog’s back, going to the bathroom, and even sleeping.

Dog Kicking Its Back Legs When Scratching

A lot of canines possess an auto-selectable “sweet spot.” If you scratch it your dog’s reflex is to scratch it too.
It’s not unusual. The most common method that for a dog to scratch its back is through its hind legs. If you begin to scratch you, it kicks automatically in the air as it’s scratching itself. In some cases, this is making you scratch a little bit (even although it’s very enjoyable) and the natural reaction is to scratch more.
There are a few breeds that have a spot for itching and it can occur at different places for each dog. However, it’s completely normal and not a dangerous behaviour. What you need to be concerned about could be the case that your pet end with lots of itchy spots and kicks its leg every time you go to touch it.
When this occurs, it’s because your pet has a skin issue that has to be addressed. Because your dog is likely to kick whenever you touch an area that is itching, it could be an indication that everything gets itchy. In other words an intolerance to food or allergies, an allergy to something that is outside or another skin issue.


Dog Kicks Its Back Legs After Using the Bathroom

A dog is likely to kick its hind legs after having used bathrooms (or out in the open) for the purpose of “mark” a territory as its own. Bathrooms and kicking are methods of dispersing scents that dogs can notice (and for your dog’s benefit, hopefully, back away). Your dog is more likely to utilize the marking behavior in places that are frequented by canines, like around hydrants or posts.
The scent glands of dogs are located on their paws, as well and other areas. If your dog is kicking his back leg, it’s activating the glands. The glands then release scent throughout the air.
Dogs may do this after having used the bathroom, or walk around outside. In either case it could appear like it’s scratching or wiping its feet even though it’s trying to mark its territory.
There’s nothing you can do other than distracting your dog while it is doing it. It’s a stressful experience because it could feel as if your dog is torn down the lawn. You shouldn’t allow your dog to play in the lawns of neighbors precisely because of that. Other than damage to lawn, it’s not an issue that could be harmful.

Your Dog Is Sleeping

When dogs are asleep they are often able to run around through their dream. Of course, we cannot inquire from our dogs if they’re dreaming, so we can’t know for sure the reason for what’s taking place. However, based on scientific research, the most likely conclusion is that they’re just dreaming of running and their feet are reacting.
Similar to us wandering around in our sleep. We know that dogs exhibit the same types of patterns in dreams in the brain. So when your dog runs through the night in a full-on sprint it could be following a rabbit, and/or something like that.
It’s not just normal, it is also amusing. This behavior can be seen at the very beginning of their lives as puppies, as well in old dogs. It’s not harmful for the dogs and typically indicates that they’re sleeping well and long sleep.

Why does my dog kick its back legs randomly?

Let’s suppose that nothing is happening and your dog begins to kick its back legs into the ground in random ways. There are several possibilities in this area.

  • Your dog is exuberant. Dogs are prone to display a type behavior that’s akin to “getting ready” behavior when they are excited about playing and play. In this case, they may take on dominant behaviors like scent marks or even engage in other activities.
  • Your dog is showing dominance. If there’s another dog in the vicinity it could be marking its territory to ensure it understands who’s boss! It’s not necessarily a bad thing however, keep this in your mind, since it could not be satisfied with the dog that is in the vicinity.
  • The dog has marked his territory. It is true that this may occur after pooping or peeing however it could be a random event. Your dog may be a bit irritated or be smelling an animal.

Most importantly, all of these aren’t actually a cause for concern Your dog is in good health and is simply displaying normal behaviours for dogs. If your dog is showing dominance, be aware it could be an issue in the future. However, if you look at it in the situation, it’s fine.


Why does my dog kick his back legs on the carpet?

Your dog will kick his back legs across the carpet because of the scent.
This is how they define their territories. It’s easier for them to determine the territory that is theirs. It also assists them to stay clear of territory that belongs to others.
The sweat glands that line their pads release Pheromones. These are typically long. This is why this method is more effectively than marking urine, for instance.

Why does my dog kick its back legs when lying down?

When your pet is grooving and is kicking its rear legs around, then it’s likely playing.
Cats, dogs and even dogs will often engage in this behaviour because it’s something that they may use when hunting for prey. Many of the play actions are related to hunting since play is a form of training for hunting.
In the course of play it is common for your dog to be able to roll around, kick its legs, place its paws to the sky, and so on. In the event that your dog’s lying on its back , and has its legs, it’s showing submissiveness and that it’s eager to have fun. A paw raised when a dog is lying on their backs is a submissive posture that shows that your dog isn’t trying to test you. This is something funny dogs may perform to entertain themselves.

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