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Dogs are known to be active and playful However, why does my dog attack me while lying down? A lot of dog owners ask this question. You might have noticed that your dog is kicking you at night, especially when they’re lying on the floor or lying down. This is considered normal behavior and is very common. there are many reasons for it to happen.
The dogs sleep in various places, and here you will find a complete guide on why your sleepy dog kicks you constantly and the reason the do so. You also get an extensive guide on the various positions they lay in. We also provide information on the reason they kick, and what you need to do to prevent them from doing it.


Why Does My Dog Kick Me When Lying Down?

If your dog is lying on the ground or lying in bed or in a bed, they can sit up and begin to kick your legs with their hind legs. It’s extremely annoying and potentially risky because it can occur at any time, even while cooking dishes from the kitchen.
According to some experts in the field, they have stated that there are many reasons dogs engage in this behavior. One of the main reasons is the dominant behaviour that the dog wants to be with his owner next to his side all the time even when he’s asleep.
Another reason that dogs attack us during sleep is that they are not secure, and by staying close to them to them, they will feel secure enough to not be attacked repeatedly. They also believe they are part of our family and it is important to always be close to them to ensure their safety regardless of their position in bed.
Another reason the reason dogs kick you is the way they sleep. There are a variety of sleeping styles that dogs enjoy to lie down.

Dog Sleeping Styles

Here are some of the different sleeping styles and positions of your dog’s:

  • On the back, lying on your back, with four legs in the air.
  • On the side, you should feel the side paws should touch your leg or face.
  • The frog’s tail was spread out as if it were a f and diagonally across the floor or bed.
  • The ball is curled tightly with their noses tucked under their tails.why-does-my-dog-kick-me-when-lying-down-2.jpg

Why Do Dogs Twitch in Their Sleep? Reasons

There are a variety of reasons your dog will kick you in the night. asleep, including:

Comfort and Security

If your dog is lying on its stomach or side It’s a sign that they feel secure in that particular moment. In contrast should your dog choose to the position of sleeping with their backs up, their comfortable position lets them observe their surroundings.
Because of this sleeping pattern your dog is likely to kick your back when you lie down in various sleeping positions. Your dog is more secure lying on its back since it is able to observe what’s happening around.

Dominant or Submissive Behavior

The dominant or aggressive nature of dogs is among the main reasons they engage in this thing while they are resting with their loved ones. This means that if your dog is in a state of dominance and he is a bit naive, he’ll sleep with his pet all the time even during naptime and will kick us as we attempt to lie down next to him.
Dogs naturally tend to be cautious around things they consider to be dangerous. But in the event that it comes being able to touch your dog with no consent or touching too much to him for comfort, he is uncomfortable and feels vulnerable.

Sleeping Style or Position that they Prefer

Certain breeds of dogs are inclined to sleep in specific places. It is possible to check this out by observing your dog’s sleeping preferences and their preferred position before determining why the dog is kicking in the bed.
If you look closely and closely, you’ll see that each breed has their own method to rest or sleep. Certain dogs lie on their backs with their legs extended while others roll up into the shape of a ball. Some prefer to sprawl across couches, beds or floor , with their paws resting on the edges.


According to certain experts, why is my dog beat me, even when you sleep like a newborn? Researchers have discovered strong evidence that your dog is sleeping just like we do. This means that they’re running after something, which is why they are lively and energetic.
In this type of activity is common, particularly in the first part of sleep. Therefore, you should do not move or make noise until they have finished the activity they’re engaged in. In contrast, if you’re walking along with them or making noise during their sleeping phase, it causes another issue.


The excessive heat in the home or on bedding could cause the dog to kick while lying down. If your pet feels warm during naptime this could be a typical reason for dogs to kick us in the night. If your dog sleeps on their stomachs or sides it is possible that they feel uncomfortable due to the high body temperature So, try to provide the pet with an ice-cold and cozy location.
It is a sign it’s possible that the dog acting because they’re not breathing enough fresh air and are overheating especially in warmer temperatures. So, providing them with cool areas where they can get peaceful sleep can stop dogs from who are kicking their behavior while asleep.



As pet owners, we hope that this guide will be useful and informative to give you an understanding of why the dog spit on me after I was lying down. This can be because of a variety of reasons like excitement and digestion which are described in detail in the previous paragraphs. In addition to the cause of this issue, you receive a step-by-step procedure for how to solve this issue.

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