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A lot of dogs lay on their owners’ feet and as a pet owner, you might have wondered at some point or another as to why your dog isn’t fond of his pet bed and prefers to rest in your feet.
It’s not as if that it stops when your dog is resting peacefully at your feet. It is likely that your dog will end in stealing your freedom to move as you’d like because you are afraid of awakening sweet Rover. And then there’s the time the time when Rover gets lost in the dream world, with his tail in the air and his the paws moving like he’s playing with imaginary balls.
If your dog is fond of lay his head at your feet be at ease knowing that you’re not the only one. Many dog owners have reported their the feet as their dog’s preferred place to rest.
Of course, since dogs don’t have the same language as we do We can’t inquire about what makes our feet their ideal place to sleep However, at the very least, we have some reasonable guesses that we can make.


Feeling a Social Connection

As of now, we know that dogs, as human beings, can be social by nature. They are fascinated and eager to connect with dogs as well as people in their vicinity. They love to make new acquaintances and stay with their owners.
There’s a reason that they’re known as “man’s best friend,” in the end. It could be one of the reason that your pet may choose to sleep on your feet as their preferred spot to sleep.
In the 1500-year long history of domesticated dogs and humans It’s instilled in both our furry companions and us that there’s an emotional bond that grows. We’re their social circle as well as their family.
What are the most common instances of people saying that their pets are their kids? It’s a valid analogy. According to a study that was conducted recently the dogs were found to experience the similar “secure base effect” observed in children who have a bond and bond with parents. Therefore, it is likely that your dog will see yourself as their parent offering shelter, care and food. Dogs are therefore able to depend on you and in turn, would like to be with you.
There are times when they could become dependent on you in a way that they turn into “Velcro dogs” and may be afflicted with separation anxiety even when you’re in the room next to them. However, this can be dealt with by a behavioural specialist when needed.
The reason is that your dog sees you in the same way the small children view their parents. They can’t avoid being close to you.

Keeping Tabs on You

In the same way the dog also takes immense pride and a sense of security being close to you. They are drawn to where they are due to them a sense and security. Being able to sleep at your feet, or close to you is a sign that they are reminded that they’re not in a lonely place. They are aware of where you are to rest peacefully.
And , if you need to wake up early, your companions will be first to learn that you’re off to somewhere. That probably means that you’ll have an evening bathroom companion. However, that’s the normal behavior of dogs that aren’t lonely. They require to know where you are since without them their world could be much more terrifying and insecure.
There’s a possibility that pets that aren’t allowed to sit on furniture regularly are more likely to lay on your feet since they’d like to remain within close reach of you as well as monitor your movements. If given the chance, they’ll snuggle up to your body while sleeping if they’re allowed close. Some may even cuddle with your head close. If you want them to sleep on your couch or in the bed with you isn’t allowed the animals will stay on your feet.


A Protective Role

Similar to the need to know where their owner is or in order to feel the feeling of security some dogs might curl in their beds in order to ensure that they’re safe from everything that could occur in the dark.
As we’ve already talked about that dogs are social animals and become attached to their human. Certain breeds are more susceptible to possessing a protective or protecting instincts, consequently, they are more likely to stay close to their owners in order to ensure they are under watch.
If your dog is one that is very protective of you, may be you’ve noticed how often they push against you when you’re on the move or standing. When there are other dogs or individuals, they might not let you go or even lie down on your feet in order to protect your feet. If their private space is violated, they could react with a bark, a growl, or even lunging with the hope of chasing away the invader.

Planning an Escape

There is also the possibility that animals that are prone to sleeping on their owners’ feet might want to ensure that there is an escape route. As with dogs, they want to to be vigilant about the door.
A study conducted in the past revealed that in couples, the men prefer to be facing the door so that they are aware of the threat that is approaching. Dogs, too, rest on their owners feet, facing the door. This is to protect them from threats that could be approaching.
When your furnishings are set in a manner that your feet face the door , and you wish to determine how the layout of the room determines where your dog likes to sleep, try switching your position to lie down or sit to see whether your dog is able to stay close to your feet.



A dog that lies on your feet is a pure natural instinct, and usually a protective mode. There’s nothing wrong with this except if it is a source of irritation for you. Consider some of the training techniques described in this article if you feel your dog’s behavior is too difficult for you. If not, just allow him to be. Pet the dog and love him. Your dog will be delighted by the affection you give him.

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