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When your dog walks up to you, and you imagine that it might be fun to play with you, or even lay with you for a while and then, to your surprise, your dog puts his head on your neck. You might be thinking about what message your dog wants to convey to you through this gesture.
What is the reason my dog place his head on my neck? It’s usually because the dog is expressing his love for you or wants to establish a bond between you. Hunger or stress are both possible factors. It may also be an indicator of a medical condition or simply sadness.


7 Reasons dog lays his head on your neck

Here’s an explanation of the reasons why your dog picks your neck, not every part of your body and to rest his head. It could be because:

Show of affection.

Human beings utilize non-verbal and verbal ways to show their love towards one another, it’s the same way that a dog would like to show his feelings for you.
There are many places on your body to rest his head, but you chose his neck since putting the neck of your pet is touching position that allows you to be a part of one another. If your dog is doing this frequently, it’s an indication that he values your dearly and keeps you close to his heart.

Clue he needs warmth.

Naturally they are warm-blooded creatures and, unlike cold-blooded cousins, they are sometimes cold and might even be killed due to cold. Dogs can approach you in this situation most likely because he’s feeling uncomfortable and is in need of warmth.
If your dog is lying in a quiet position on your neck, and there’s an air conditioner within the room, you might think of switching it off or altering the temperature according to your pet’s preferences. If it’s cold outside put on some clothing to keep him warm.

Indication of Hunger

Dogs are not able to verbally communicate it is hungry, or even ask you to feed him So, he can only draw your attention towards his pain by coming up to you until you realize that he’s hungry. While hunger can cause some dogs to become violent, the more calm ones tend to come closer to you in a pleading manner and hope that you will give them food.
Some are prone to lay their heads on your necks and show they’re weak and need to consume food. If you notice that your dog hasn’t eaten in a while or is hungry, feed him and you’ll see his face glow immediately.


Sign of stress.

If your dog comes up to you looking sluggish and moody this could mean that she’s going through lots of stress and is looking to help ease her stress by easing it a bit.
The stress may be triggered by the environment around him, possibly due to a new person or object, or it could be caused by something else that is causing him stress or you. It could also be due to your own stress levels, as studies show that stress levels as a dog’s owner can negatively impact your dog, causing it to become unhappy and stressed.
If you observe this behavior with your dog you can involve him in a fun exercise, or cheer him up through playing, or offering him a treat and determine what’s the reason for your dog’s anxiety.

Protecting you.

You may be wondering, “What is he protecting me against Is there a particular type of threat I’m not aware of Is there a danger lurking around that I am not aware of?
It’s not exactly.
There may not be any risk in your immediate surroundings However, aside of being your friend and companion Your dog also acts an active bodyguard, constantly watching for any sign that could cause harm to you. When dogs were part of a group A dog that was ‘lower’ typically sat his head on the alpha’s neck to shield against any attack during the night.
Your dog could be doing the same thing on you, considering that your neck is a vulnerable area that is prone to attacks. Anything that could harm you must be vetted by your dog before it can do so.
If your pet’s weight is excessive over your neck, this may cause breathing problems as you rest. If you don’t feel comfortable remain in your arms, however try to keep him from resting his head on your neck.

Feeling sick.

As a dog’s owner you have a good idea of your pet. You can tell when he’s smiling You also know when he’s sad and also when he’s sick. The dog lying on your neck may be a sign that he’s sick, or in the case of more senior dogs, it could be a sign that he’s about to pass away soon.
There is no need to be worried or being sad, since this is just a normal feeling. You should however, try to check your pet to determine if everything is in good health, instead of believing that everything is fine. Take a look at his body organs and fluids for oddities or unusual changes since this will aid in determining the cause.


Insecurity or encouraged behavior.

Your dog could also be laying on your neck as you are afraid and uneasy of what lies ahead. Even if he doesn’t have any issues it is possible for your dog to be attracted to you and not want to be away from you regardless of the reason. If this happens then consult a professional to help him deal with his fear quickly.
In addition to the other reasons listed above Your dog could also do this simply because you have encouraged him. Every time he put his head resting on your shoulder, your brushed him or said good things, and you want him to continue enjoying this affection.


After having read the many reasons why your dog may be lying your neck, it’s essential to remind you of these factors and, if your dog is doing this you’ll know what the issue is.A dog that would like to lay his heads on you is likely to simply need to be close to you. It is a way of showing their love and wanting to keep an intimate relationship with you.
However, these tips cannot be engraved in stone because your dog could rest across your neck to give any of two or even three, of the reasons listed above. As a proud owner, it’s essential to observe changes in your dog especially when his head is upon your neck. Then, take actions. I hope you enjoy reading this article!

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