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We take care of our pets and, obviously they do lots for us as well!
However, when it comes down to finding comfy, warm and cool spots to bond, the situation can be a bit one-sided. We’ve spent a lot hours and dollars searching for the ideal place for our dog. Sometimes we’re successful , and we are rewarded with a peaceful dog snuggled in their new bed. Sometimes the dog decides that other places are better, including spots such as the bathroom flooring.
What’s happening here? What is the reason dogs lie in the toilet?
Although it’s probably a combination of factors, dogs generally enjoy the feel of the cool flooring, particularly during those summer days. Some dogs might prefer the small space of the bathroom, which stimulates their natural desire to seek out a place to hide or simply want some peace and peace and quiet.


Reasons Why Your Dog Likes To Lay Down and Sleep In The Bathroom

Let’s take a review of the 8 primary reasons dogs enjoy an afternoon bath time. Be aware that it might not be a single reason that draws your dog’s attention, and this could also be a mix of factors that motivate your dog.
Being attentive in the context that the dog’s behavior is occurring can aid you in determining the reason behind it and which explanation is most appropriate for your pet!

The Bathroom Floor Feels Cool and Comfortable

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In the summer, when temperatures are hot the bathroom floor can be among the coolest (in the sense of temperatures) locations in your house. Particularly if your bathroom does not have windows that let in warmth.
Furthermore, unless your pet is a growing Great Dane, there’s probably plenty of space on the floor to stretch out , which could lower the body temperature. A curly tail is an other side of this, and could aid you, as well as your dog, save the body’s heat.
The majority of dog beds are form that is round, which almost requires dogs to lie down. The combination of the curled up sleeping position with a warm bed can be a great way to heat things up, and can make the comfort of the floor in the bathroom even more attractive.

Your Dog Wants A Den

Although it’s difficult to imagine a small Maltese dog wandering about in the wilderness, our pets are still driven by their instinctual behaviors, and some could result in some bizarre or strange dog behavior, such as sitting in the bathroom and lying upon the ground.
In the wild or on the streets, dog owners make dens to be secure and to raise their children. The dens are typically small and dark and are semi-secluded. In modern homes the bathroom is considered to be one of the most suitable alternatives to the dog’s den, particularly when your bathroom is as most and does not have windows.


Your Dog Finds The Floor More Comfortable

The motivation behind laying on the floor of the bathroom could be quite straightforward and certain dogs might prefer the feel of the hard flooring over their comfy mattress, regardless of the cost of their new pet bed is!
Similar to how some people like mattress that is firm, and some prefer soft ones, different dogs might have preferences for certain types of textures.
Be aware of how your dog is laid out on the toilet. Do they usually stretch their legs straight? If so, then they must have an appropriate bed to match their preferences and not one that makes the dog to form an elongated ball to accommodate. If so, you should consider an easy-to-clean dog bed without edges to help keep your dog curled up.

Your Dog Simply Wants Some Quiet Time

In other situations the dog may prefer the bathroom to rest in since it’s among the most peaceful places within the home. Even the most energetic pets require a break every now and then that includes the opportunity to get away from people, pets or kids.
The bathroom is the ideal space for dogs to take a break as it’s uncommon for people to simply hang out within the bathrooms. It could be quite odd, but it’s perfectly normal for your pet!
Think about the time of day your dog chooses to lay in the bathroom and other activities taking place in the house. If your dog seems to be drawn to the bathroom after children come home after school, or whenever guests come in, it could be their method of finding a peaceful space.

Your Dog Is Nervous

However, sometimes the search for a quiet space could lead to the need for to find a place of refuge from anxiety.
As we’ve previously mentioned bathrooms are dark, cool and provide little stimulation, just like the typical dog’s den. This is why it’s not surprising that the bathroom that resembles a den could be the first place they go to whenever they’re stressed out or overwhelmed by all the activity happening around them.
There might be loud guests in the house or outside (like thunder, fireworks or even construction) However there are dogs who go to the bathroom to get away from the noise.
Take note of how your dog is behaving when they’re in the bathroom. If you’re laying down, it’s most likely explained by the reason above and your dog might require an interruption. However, if your dog’s expression is nervous body language such as panting (even even while lying down) it could be time to support them to manage their anxiety.


Final Thoughts

“Why does my dog lay in the bathroom?”
The majority of dogs will rest on the bathroom floor since it prefers a smaller and area that is enclosed. It is one of the smallest spaces within the home, which makes it a great location for a dog to relax without worrying about their security.
Most dogs perform this when they first enter an area, but it’s also a common occurrence for dogs who are around for a long time.
It’s an instinctual one that is born from the dog.

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