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When you consider it, dogs will kick their back legs often. Because it’s a normal “feature,” it’s something isn’t something we often consider. However, as humans do, we rarely do anything even once. What’s going on when the dog is kicking its back legs? Should we be worried about? It could also mean there’s something not right?


Why does my dog kick its back legs?

There are a variety of reasons dogs may kick their back legs, according to the situation, but most people are talking about sudden kicks. A sudden kick to the back of your legs is usually due to three primary reasons: scratching the dog’s back, going to the bathroom, or sleeping.

Dog Kicking Its Back Legs When Scratching

A lot of canines are born with an instinctual “sweet spot.” If you scratch it the dog’s instinct is to begin scratching as well.
This isn’t atypical. The most common method that for a dog to scratch its back is through its hind legs. If you begin to scratch the back, your body automatically kicks the air as it’s scratching itself. In some cases, this is making you scratch a bit more (even even though it’s fun) So the default response is to scratch more.
There are a few breeds that have an itching spot , and it can occur in different spots for each dog. However, it’s completely normal and not harmful characteristic. The only thing you should be concerned about could be the case that your pet end with lots of itchy spots, and is moving its legs whenever you rub it on any surface.
When this occurs, it’s because the pet is suffering from a skin problem that must be addressed. Since your dog is likely to kick whenever you touch the area of their body that is itchy, it could be a sign that all of it is itchy; that is an intolerance to food or allergies, or allergies to things that is outside or another skin issue.


Dog Kicks Its Back Legs After Using the Bathroom

A dog is likely to kick its rear legs after having used bathrooms (or out in the open) for the purpose of “mark” a territory as its own. Bathrooms as well as kicking can be used for dispersing scents that dogs can be able to detect (and to your dog, hopefully turn away). Your dog is more likely to utilize to mark areas that are heavily walked by dogs, like around hydrants or posts.
There are scent glands for dogs on their paws, as well and other areas. If your dog is kicking his back leg, it’s activating these glands. The glands then release scent throughout the air.
Dogs may perform this behavior after having used the bathroom, or walk around outside. However, regardless of the reason it could appear like it’s digging, or covering its foot but it’s actually trying to identify its territory.
There’s nothing to do aside from distracting your dog whenever they do it. It’s a stressful experience because it may feel like your dog is torn down the lawn. You should not allow your dog to play in the lawns of neighbors precisely because of that. However, aside from the possible damage to grass, it’s not something that can be considered to be dangerous.

Your Dog Is Sleeping

While dogs sleep they are often able to run within their sleep. Of course, we cannot inquire from our dogs if they’re dreaming, therefore we can’t know for sure the reason for what’s taking place. However, based on scientific research, the most likely solution is that they’re simply dreaming about running, with their feet, and they’re reacting.
It’s similar to how we are being able to move around during sleep. We know that dogs exhibit the same types of patterns in dreams in the brain. Therefore, when your dog runs at full speed in a dream It’s likely that it’s running after a rabbit or similar.
It’s not just normal, it is also amusing. It is common to see this kind of behavior at the very beginning of their lives as puppies as well as old dogs. This isn’t dangerous to the dogs and typically indicates that they’re sleeping well and restful sleep.


Why does my dog kick its back legs randomly?

Let’s suppose that nothing is happening and your dog begins to kick its back legs on the ground randomly. There are a couple of possibilities in this area.

  • Your dog is exuberant. Dogs are prone to display a type behavior that’s akin to “getting ready” behavior when they are excited about playing, when they engage in dominant behaviors, make a scent marks, or engage in a lively manner.
  • Your dog is showing dominance. If there’s another dog in the vicinity the dog could be declaring its territory to ensure you can ensure that your dog is aware who’s boss! This isn’t a problem however, keep this in mind as it could not be content with the dog that is in the vicinity.
  • The dog has marked his territory. This can be the case after pooping or peeing or pooping, but it could occur at any time. Your dog may want to mark itself or have been smelling an animal.

Most importantly, all of these aren’t necessarily a problem The dog is doing fine and just doing normal behavior. If your dog’s behavior is showing dominance, be aware that this could lead to an issue in the future. If you take it as a whole by itself, it’s okay.

Why does my dog kick its back legs while sleeping?

While we sleep it’s because there’s a particular area of our brain which makes it impossible to move. This is very important. If it isn’t turning on it can cause us to do activities similar to “sleep walking.” When it is turned on for too long there are things that can happen like sleep paralysis. This part of the brain isn’t functioning completely, which is the reason we have the ability to toss and turn while we sleep.
Dogs also have this same issue There’s a part of their brains that informs them “don’t move when sleeping,” however, it’s not functioning fully. Certain signals are able to get through, like the automatic sensation of running.
If a dog runs during their nap, it’s most likely they’re having a form of dream. It’s basically the equivalent of a dog’s sleepwalk. Since we don’t know how to inquire from our dogs as to what’s going on, we don’t know what they’re thinking about. It’s just a normal instinct and nothing to be concerned about.

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