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There’s no doubt that your dog appears adorable lying on their backs with all four legs spread out up in the air. We think this position of the belly is uncomfortable and awkward but it’s actually the most relaxed and comfortable your dog could be.
The ability to sleep back allows your dog to relax their muscles. This shows that they’re in a deep sleep. So what are the main reasons why that your dog is sleeping at this angle?
If your pet ever lies on his back and has his paws high, you might be wondering what’s wrong with this posture. Doesn’t it look hilarious?
It’s true and it is. However, there are some interesting facts on the reasons your dog is sleeping upon his rear. We consulted a renowned vet to explain the significance of this paws-up sleep position indicates.


Why do dogs sleep on their back?

Apart from the comfort factor Another reason that your dog could sleep with their belly exposed is that it assists to maintain their body temperature when they’re sleeping. The fur covering the stomach of your dog is much less thick than the fur that covers the rest of their body and unlike humans, they are the only animals with sweat glands in their paws which is why exposing their stomachs can help them to get cool.
It is important to note that sleeping backwards isn’t the norm for dogs living in the wild and it’s not something that’s commonly observed in dogs who sleep outdoors. The reason for this is that the position puts your dog in a vulnerable position and demonstrates the submission. If your dog is sleeping on their backs it’s a sign they feel very secure and at ease.

Dog sleep positions

  • Superman If your dog is sleeping in a position that they are lying on their stomachs This means that they’re restful, yet awake. They’ll likely leap to pay attention once they sense that you’re moving.
  • In a curled-up ball The majority of puppies and dogs who are outdoors sleep with their paws snuggled into their bodies and their tail wrapped around their bodies. This posture helps to keep warm and shields the body of dogs from predators that might be lurking out in nature. Although this is the most susceptible position for dogs but it’s also the least relaxing position.
  • Side sleeper: Like when your dog is asleep lying on their backs, when on their sides, they’re in an extremely deep sleep and are very comfortable within their surroundings.

Let sleeping dogs lie

If your dog is drifting away into the world of nod, you must be careful not to disturb or wake the dog unexpectedly. This is especially important to teach young children that even the most calm dog may be aggressive if they suddenly awaken.
Your dog may be the latest member of the family, and is having trouble getting the best night’s sleep while keeping your eyes open during the process, read the steps to help your puppy sleep.


Cooling Off

The opposite of the fetal position, lying on their backs with their paws up in the air , indicates that your dog is in search of some cooling. “Dogs generally sleep on their back to cool down,” the Dr. Travis McDermott, a vet at Durango Animal Hospital in Nevada. “Dogs exchange heat through their paws, and this allows them to cool down,” says Dr. McDermott.
Furthermore, since fur is thinest on the belly and pads are filled with sweat glands, exposing their paws and bellies to cool air, this sprawl upside down, it could be a comfortable and refreshing.

Safe and Secure

If your dog takes to this paw-up position right next towards you on your sofa or lying on your back in bed, you’re doing things right. “Sleeping on their back is a very vulnerable position and shows trust/comfort in their surroundings,” says Dr. McDermott.
When dogs lie down on their sides, they won’t seem to have an ounce of worry and are totally relaxed. It’s obvious that your dog feels right at the comfort of his home. The experts believe that when pets are exposed to their weakest areas in this manner they feel secure and at ease.

Comfort 101

Another reason why your dog might prefer sleeping on his back is that it’s comfy. As with humans do, dogs have their favorite sleeping positions, and some would prefer nothing more lying on their backs with their the hips spread out with feet up in the air due to it’s comfy. He might also be seeking a belly rub or a stomach scratch.


It’s a Wolf Holdover

In the world of wolves the act of rolling around on the back demonstrates to the alpha you’re submissive. So your dog’s roll around on its back tells that he’s the boss. In addition, wolves utilized this method to get out of fights with aggressors by calming them down and showing them that they’re harmless. The next time you see your pet roll over and lays on his back is like saying, mercy, you’re the winner. I surrender.

Should you Worry If your Dog Doesn’t Sleep on His Back?

It’s unlikely to read anything into the fact that your dog isn’t sleeping on his back- except that he’s not comfortable doing it. “This could be an aging issue or could be due to not feeling as secure,” says Dr. McDermott. It could be that your dog prefers lying in a coiled fashion, sprawled on his back or lying on his the legs of a frog.
Always ask your veterinarian if something concerning your dog is doing that you are concerned about.

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