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Touch and affection are just as important for our dog companions just as they are to us , particularly when that pet is their favourite human.
Certain dogs may lie next to you and lean their weight on you. Other dogs might lean their muzzles against your leg, while your dog may prefer to lay their head against your face or neck.
This one might be odd, but it’s normal to ask yourself why my dog sleep upon my skin?
The act of laying your face on the floor is a sure expression of love and intimacy. If you’re down or your dog seems nervous, this may be a way for them to express their feelings or seek out comfort. This could be a sign of attention-seeking that you’ve unintentionally encouraged.


Why Does My Dog Lay On My Face?

Whatever time you’ve been a dog owner, it’s never too late to learn and if you’re trying to learn the reason your dog is always lying on your chest or curled up around your neck, we’ve got your back!

Reason 1: It’s A Puppy Behavior

The puppyhood experience is full of surprise, both small and large things, as your dog is beginning to explore the world around him through play by pushing boundaries and becoming a part of your family.
One way that your dog can show their affection is to stay close to you for as long as they can, particularly when they’re finished playing or asleep.
If you’re also lying down, they could be tempted to climb up on your back and curl up onto your chest, possibly neck, or even lay on your back cheek to cheek.
Puppy’s who had a habit of sleep next to their mother and siblings may feel your body’s warmth is soothing as well as your consistent breathing.
As your dog gets older it is possible that they will continue to sleep like this in the event that you don’t train them to change their behavior.
The larger breeds that have the option of using you as a bed could place their head on your chest or kiss your face with their noses or rest their heads over your neck.
As with all do-things, it is possible to break this one using the crate to help your puppy develop an organized and disciplined sleeping pattern and manner of behavior.
In the daytime, during group naps you can also instruct your children to lie down in a way that’s more comfortable for you, and when they get bigger, you won’t be faced the weight of their body pushing into your eyes or upper body.

Reason 2: It’s A Love Gesture

It doesn’t matter if it’s a puppy or a senior dog, the desire to be close with their pet’s human is completely normal.
If your dog is lying on your back, particularly when they’re in a napping position, and don’t appear to require something, chances are they’re doing it for love.
Certain dogs may choose to lay their heads over your thighs, or lie down next to you and sleep However, there are dogs who just want to express their love for you by getting all on you!


Reason 3: They Might Know You’re Unwell

There’s a reason dogs are often regarded as man’s most loyal companion and I believe it’s because they’re capable of detecting our emotions.
Sure, some may believe that this is just simply a dog’s desire however, research has proven that dogs do not just detect different emotions by watching our faces, they also understand emotions in humans solely based on our voice.
If you’re feeling sad and you’re crying , your pet may want to lie down on your face and get as close as they can be to comfort you.
In addition to providing emotional support dogs, they can also detect the presence of illness in humans. The research has proven that dogs are able to detect cancer. For instance, they are able to detect breast cancer at 88% accuracy, and lung cancer with 99% precision.
They can also detect other conditions and diseases like Parkins’s Disease, malaria and also detect the moment when someone experiences epileptic seizures or is suffering from diabetes.
If your dog hasn’t ever shown any interest to snuggle up to you or even be close to you, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhealthy However, they may have sensed there’s something wrong.
Perhaps you’ve been sick with the flu or your dog is alerting you to a coming migraine. In a study of 1027 participants “nearly 60 percent of these subjects indicated that their dog had alerted them to the onset of a headache-usually an hour or two in advance!”

Reason 4: To Feel Safe

Dogs can feel our pain and sorrow, and they try to comfort us by their adorable hearts, but they sometimes require comfort too.
When you spot your dog lying very close to your face or they get up onto your chest, be aware of the way they move and observe whether they’re shaking or displaying any other indication of being afraid.
Maybe there are fireworks going off in the area or perhaps there was a car accident nearby, or perhaps the car reverse-fired. Similar to thunderstorms, high-pitched music can be terrifying for dogs.
Even everyday sounds such as your spouse breaking a plate can cause the dog seek security. Particularly if they’ve had trauma in the past due to the abuse of their owners or existence on the streets.

Why does my dog try to smother my face?

They might be afraid to go away from your side or they might think they’ll get a reward or simply bored. When they start this type of behavior, it is difficult to convince them to stop. The trick is to continue to encourage good habits and to know the consequences of what you reward.


Closing Thoughts

Perhaps sleeping with your pet right on your own face would be the ideal way to sleep. It’s soothing the dog and you pet, and can give a touch of warmth, especially during the cold mornings.
While it may sound wonderful however, large breeds, or dogs that employ this technique to obtain something from you or communicate their needs could make parents feel uncomfortable and could end up becoming an annoying behavior.
The good news is that dogs are intelligent individuals and we can train them to be attentive to our desires and needs. And if you don’t think laying on your back is your style, then you have to voice your opinion.
Do your dogs also like relaxing their head on your face? And how does it affect your mood?

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