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The tongue of your dog is used for a variety of reasons, such as drinking, eating, cleaning himself, and even talking to other pets. There are a variety of reasons why your dog might take a bite out of his bed. Understanding the most likely cause will make it easier to bond with your dog and also provide any



A dog might lick her bed due to biological reasons. Dogs often have their pups lick their beds to clean their bodies. If your dog just given birth to pups and is wiping her bed in response to the biological need to keep her puppies’ surroundings neat. Sometimes, bed-licking could be a sign that your pet is hungry or searching for food. There are dogs who keep treats and chews in their beds. and licking their beds can occur when the dog licks the chewing pieces or crumbs.


The dog is a pack animal and a lot of their behaviours are rooted on the psychological aspect of working in a group. Dogs that lick their noses might be signalling obedience to an owner dog, or showing the absence of aggression towards other animals and humans. The act of licking may also be an indication of stress, anxiety or boredom. The habit of grooming is often seen in dogs that are under-stimulated or stressed in their surroundings. Bed-licking could be a type of seeking attention. If you observe your dog’s licks on your bed, then you could be giving the attention that your dog needs.

Potential Health Problems

Animals are known to exhibit chewing, licking or drooling behavior when they’re feeling sick. Certain medications for pets may cause your dog to be nauseated, particularly when you administer medication in the absence of a stomach. A change in diet or a significant consumption of food items that are human can cause dogs to feel sick. Licking excessively can be a sign of a medical issue like gastric illness liver issues, liver disorders or an illness of the nervous system. Contact a veterinarian if you notice that your dog’s licking pattern has changed significantly or is cause concern.


If your pet is licking his bed due to an underlying medical issue Your veterinarian will guide you on the best treatments. You can reduce and manage the behavior of licking that stems from mental issues by reducing your dog’s level of stress and anxiety. Establish a consistent routine and daily schedule for your dog. Praise for good behavior, and don’t increase the severity of your problem behavior by increasing your level of attention. Do not feed your dog in his bed, and ensure that the bed itself is tidy. Offer daily opportunities for exercise and an array of chew toys and dog toys for your pet to stay busy within the house.


Anxiety Or Depression

Anxiety or depression could result in a dog’s obsessional cleaning of their bed. If your dog has moved surroundings or is experiencing anxiety or depressed this could cause them to show new behavior. Letting the bed be soiled is a prime way to let your dog know that they’re stressed or anxious.
Stress and anxiety may result from changes in routine for the dog or those who are with them each day, tension among family members or specific anxieties.
Dogs suffering from separation anxiety may also like to lick the bed as part of their methods of coping. However, dogs who have serious instances of this disorder often exhibit other behaviors that are extreme (pacing and barking, whining) as you prepare to leave your home and soon after.
The repeated licking of the mattress releases endorphins and results in the dog self-soothing. This can turn into an endless cycle and eventually develop into a routine.

Dog Licking Bed: Causes for Obsessive Licking

A variety of breeds, including that of French Bulldog have a hard time living on their own and, consequently, can be susceptible for separation anxiety. This is why it’s crucial to study a breed prior to you purchase puppies. Much depends on the way breeders have selectively breeding dogs. Greyhounds race. Pointers hunt. We recommend that you know what the dog you choose to keep has the best life quality for your dog.
It also applies to the energy level of the dog. A dog that is active such as the Border Collie has to have a task. If he’s bored it’s likely that he’ll begin kissing your mattress until he comes into chewing and ruining the bed. This is why it’s important to keep your puppy amused. If he’s bored, he’ll do the job for himself.
Any behavior that is unusual is worth looking into. If the behavior isn’t immediately obvious, you should schedule an appointment with your dog’s vet. Sometimes, health issues appear in odd ways. It could be that is as insignificant as a nutritional insufficiency or allergy. The gum disease can cause it.

What Can You Do To Prevent Your Dog From Licking The Bed?

If you’ve discovered the reason your dog is chewing on the bed or furniture, explore methods for stopping it.

  • If you’re experiencing boredom Try distracting your dog by playing with toys or other forms of exercise and play. You can make their lives more enjoyable and active!
  • Be aware of the surroundings and all that is happening within your dog’s vicinity to determine what is triggering the licking. When you identify the trigger, you are able to immediately redirect your dog. If you are able to reduce or eliminate the triggers you are comfortable with, the behavior will be less frequent.
  • Bring your dog to the vet for a health checkup to determine any medical conditions that could be present.

The dog’s tendency to lick the mattress or any other furniture you have in your home is not a rare occurrence but it’s usually not something that is serious. But, it’s recommended to take note of the problem and find out the reason behind it. It is always better to be in the right place and ensure the proper care for your pet.


Final Thoughts

Licking your hands excessively is a red signal, whether on your bed or your sofa in your living room. This isn’t a normal thing to do. It is recommended to take note and trying to find the reason behind it. Understanding the reasons behind dog behavior that is compulsive isn’t as easy as it is for us. Stress and anxiety are the most likely factors. If you are attentive and pay attention, you can quickly find out what’s affecting your pet’s world in a negative way.
The positive side is that if you are able to connect the dots you’re well ahead of the curve. Keep in mind that your dog would like a secure and secure home. The bed may be a sign to tell you that he’s not happy.

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