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If your dog bites your body after showering This article will tell the reason and how you can do to stop it.
Then, why do my dog love to take a lick after showering? One of the reasons that your dog will lick after you shower is that it is a fan of the taste of your food and it also likes the feel of the water on you, or it’s grooming your.
Your dog could be doing it due to a variety of different reasons . It could be due to a mix of these. There are a few aspects to take into consideration in determining the primary issue and the options to fix it.


Reasons why your dog licks you after you shower

Here are a few possible causes and how you can do to address them.

It likes the way you taste

One reason that your dog is licking you after showering and shave is because it enjoys the way you smell. It is especially likely if it happens more frequently when you apply the same type of body lotion after taking a shower, and your skin has a distinct scent.

It likes the moisture

Another possibility is that your dog enjoys the sensation of licking water on your skin. This is especially likely if your dog is licking you more often on regions that remain wet , such as the hair. In this instance it’s best to make sure that your dog is able to access water at times when it may need it.

Encouraging the behavior

It may also be you’ve taught your pet that this behaviour is rewarded. If you often give your dog items such as treats, toys or time when it is licking your body after showering, it is likely to repeat the act to receive more rewards. It is better to treat your dog with a reward whenever it behaves as you expect it to, and avoid rewarding the dog when it is not.

It is grooming you

It’s not unusual that dogs lick their own bodies and one another when they’re wet. The reason your dog may lick you might be due to it grooming you. It is most likely to be the case if doesn’t appear to be very exuberant while it is doing it, and it doesn’t appear that it is doing this because of enjoying the taste or thirst.


Things to consider

Here are some suggestions to think about to identify the reason your dog has been doing this.

If your dog has always licked you after you shower

If your dog was not always lick your skin after you took a bath, it might be helpful to think about what occurred when your dog first began doing it. If your dog began acting up suddenly it could be due to an issue with applying a different scent of lotion, or that your dog did not have access to water for a while, and your dog began to apply a lick to your skin after showering for the moisture.

What else is different when your dog licks you after you shower

If your dog doesn’t always kiss you after the shower could be helpful to look into what makes it different each time you do it. For instance If it happens when it doesn’t have an access point to drinking water, the dog may need to drink some water.

What to do about your dog licking you when you shower

Here are some solutions you can consider when dealing with the behaviour.

Avoid encouraging the behavior

As we mentioned it is possible you dog learned this behavior is rewarding. It is better to keep the dog from licking your face and wait for it to calm before paying it attention.

Get it to sit elsewhere

If you don’t wish for your dog to lick your body after showering the best option is to make your dog rest somewhere else once you’ve had an shower. If you do this it won’t be feasible that your pet will kiss you.
You could also move it once it begins to lick you. In the end, after doing that, the dog will realize that licking you will result in moving it.

Give it distractions

Another option is to give your dog something that can keep him entertained, like toys or bones as you dry off in the shower.

Redirect its focus

Furthermore, you can change its focus to something else when it appears likely to begin licking you. It can also redirect its attention to other things, like toys or food.

Give it access to water

If your dog is prone to behave more frequently when it doesn’t have drinking water at hand, it could also be helpful to ensure that your dog is able to access water.

How to train your dog to stop licking you after a shower

To make your dog stop licking your face after showering it is best to ignore them and pay no focus when they do this. Consider giving your pet a toy to play with , or tell him “no!” when he begins licking, before he walks out of the way. If you laugh or shout “good dog” when he’s doing his licks, that’s when he’ll continue because he’s convinced it makes you feel good.


Your dog might be kissing you following showers to show love as well as to try lotions or water, to demonstrate respect, to make you feel better, show respect or to settle him down. If you do not like it then you can always teach your dog to not do it. Be sure not to be a harrier to your pet since this isn’t an acceptable or efficient method of training. If there’s a more serious issue or the dog’s behavior isn’t new or seems excessive, bring them to the vet to undergo an examination.

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