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If your dog is kissing you in the morning, you may be wondering why , and what you can do to stop it. This article will provide the possible causes, and the ways you can do to address them.

Then, why is it that my dog likes to lick me every morning? The reasons your dog is licking at you during the day include that it’s being affectionate or is excited. it’s trying to persuade you to offer it something, or it’s seeking attention, or perhaps you’ve accidentally rewarded the behavior.

Because there are a variety of possibilities for the cause, it might be beneficial to look at what might make each likely. When you have an idea of the root reason, it will be an easier task to train your pet to cease the behavior.


Why does my dog lick me in the morning?

Here are some possible reasons your dog was kissing you at the beginning of the day and what could make each one of them more likely.

Hunger or dehydration

It could be because it’s hungry or thirsty. It’s more likely if it is eating other objects including places where there is food or drink, and then chewing on its lips often. If you believe that this is the reason then you can give it an empty bowl of water as well as some food. If it is able to drink the water fast then that could be the cause. It is also probable to cause reason of the problem if it ceases to lick your skin after you have given it food or water.


It is possible that something is causing it to feel anxious at the beginning of the day and itching is a relaxing behavior. The reason it may be feeling anxious is that it suffers from anxiety about separation and it’s licking. This is especially likely if it becomes anxious just before you’re about to fall asleep at night , and also if it sleeps in a room that is different to yours. It is also more likely to happen if it touches your skin a lot at the beginning of the day.

Attention seeking

The reason it licks you could be because it’s seeking attention. This is especially likely if it does this more often when you haven’t paid it any attention and also if you pay more attention to it when it does it , and when it is likely to get exuberant and try to kiss your face while it does.

In this instance it is beneficial to pay it attention all day long by playing with it, working it and teaching it. It is also helpful to not reward the animal with additional attention whenever it is licking you.


Encouraging the behavior

It could be that you’ve encouraged it to lick more by offering it the things it likes when it does. If you offer your dog things like time, toys, or treats whenever it licks your face, you’re likely to see it perform more often in order to earn more reward.

It is better to reward it for being well behaved and not rewarding it when it bites you.


The reason for it doing it is that it’s showing that it is in love with you. Animals that are social, and one of the ways they communicate is through the act of licking. This is especially likely to occur if it is as a response to your attracted to it, such as when you pet it. When it licks you, it’s signaling the trust it has placed in you, and you belong to its group.

It likes how you taste

Another reason that your dog may lick you is that it might be because it likes the taste you give. This is especially likely when your dog licks you more often after you’ve been washed, when you are sweatier or will lick you when you are sleeping due to the salty flavor.

Why Is My Dog So Affectionate In The Morning?

We could most likely learn a lesson or two from dogs’ amazing outlook on life that is incredibly sunny. Every day is a joy to their owners, and also giving them a fresh beginning.

They don’t hold on to the past and let tiny things slip by (dogs prefer living in the present). Alongside the reasons mentioned above, dogs generally are very loving animals, and they make use of affection to express their desires as well as their needs and final objectives.

What About Morning Licking?

Dog licking can occur anytime, it is also possible to find evolutionary causes for this behavior, what is the case with excessive licking during the morning?

A lot of dog owners notice that their dog will often lick their face when they wake up. For some it can be irritating, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that for dogs, this is a normal and natural. They’re just doing what their dog’s nature dictates to them.


Final Thoughts

Consider the sweet, tender dawn kisses as your dog’s very own term of affection for you, his most special hooman. They use it to express their gratitude, love and appreciation and is one of the primary methods of communicating with them and communicating their desires and requirements.

Although excessive licking may become annoying and there are a variety of methods to stop the behaviour, keep in mind that there’s an extremely fine line which you’ll want to stay clear of crossing. Be sure not to discourage the habit of licking entirely since it could cause serious problems with behavior over the long term and eventually lead to them becoming violent.

Refraining them from their main method of expression is only causing difficulties (and the training of obedience) to come in the near future.

Dogs are dogs, and slobbery kisses truly are part of the territory. Enjoy the affection. The time they spend with us is never enough, and when you realize, you will be asking to have the one or two more rose shining kisses.

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