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If your dog is kissing you every time your pet is licking, you could be thinking about the cause and what you can do to stop it. This article will provide various possible causes and explain what makes each one probable to represent the most important cause.
What is the reason why my dog love to lick me every time I touch it? One of the reasons your dog is licking you when you pet it is that it is showing its affection to you. It may also be because it hasn’t learned that it’s not acceptable to lick you , or it has been taught that this behavior is rewarding.
There are a variety of causes that could be a factor It is helpful to look at what could make each one more likely. When you have an concept of the primary issue, it’s much easier to decide what you need to do to address it.


Why does my dog lick me when I pet them?

Here are a few possibilities for the reasons your dog might have been doing this, and what might make each one more than likely to represent the most important motive.

Your dog is showing affection back to you

Licking is a method by which dogs often show affection to people. Because you’re being affectionate to it, by touching it, it could try to convey how much it appreciates it by being affectionate towards you.

Your dog hasn’t learned that it is not ok to lick you

The reason could be that it thinks it’s okay to kiss you. This is especially likely if it hasn’t been taught a lot yet. To help it stop, it is helpful to stop giving the attention when it begins to lick you.

Encouraging the behavior

It could also be that it has realized that its behavior is reward. If you often give it more attention, toys or food items, when it touches you, it’s likely to perform it again in order to earn more rewards. Instead, it is best to reward it for doing things in the manner you would like it to behave and not reward it when it is not.


As puppies one of the primary methods they use to investigate the environment is through touching and sniffing objects. In the case of just a puppy, then it could be the case that it’s exploring even as it licks your eyes. This habit of repeatedly licking objects will continue to be a part of it as you get older. This is why they tend to frequently lick their eyes.


The dogs will usually lick you when they are happy. It is possible that the reason your dog is licking you is because they’re exuberant. To stop this from happening it’s best to not give your dog additional attention once they begin to lick you to ensure that they are taught that licking can result in not paying attention to them.

Wanting attention

If you’re not giving your dog enough attention , aside from occasionally petting them, it may be that your dog gets happy when you touch them. This can be a reason for this. If this is the case it may be beneficial to pay your dog more focus throughout the day by walking them or playing with them, as the one who feeds their food and pet them more often.


Things to consider

Below are some points to take into consideration when trying to determine the primary reason your dog is doing this.

What else happened when it first started doing it

If your dog didn’t always give you a kiss whenever you pet him, it might be beneficial to look at what occurred when it first began doing it. If it began doing it in a sudden manner and suddenly, it could be because of things like the realization that the behavior is rewarding or even things like separation anxiety, if it began performing the behavior upon your departure or arrival at home.

What is different when your dog licks you while petting it

If there is a specific time when your dog will tend to kiss you it is also helpful to determine what’s different in the time. For instance, if it occurs only at the time you return at home, it may be due to fear of separation or excitement about seeing you.

The age of your dog

As puppies they are able to get very excited easily . Dogs will usually be able to lick their faces when they are exuberant. In the event that your dog an infant, it could be more likely that they is doing this because they are excited when you cuddle them. In this instance it’s a good idea to help your dog learn to not lick by not paying attention at the time they begin to lick. As your dog grows older it is important to teach them that licking does not earn them rewards.


Excessive licking

As with everything else in life the excess of something can turn out to be an issue or even something undesirable, such as throwing away an arm covered in spit each when you try to offer your dog a pat across the top of his head. When it comes to the licking process, over-the-top gestures of a dog’s tongue could indicate a larger problem if the licking becomes persistent and your dog doesn’t keep it from happening once he begins. American Veterinarians suggest that dogs that exhibit behaviors such as excessive licking might be doing so because of musculoskeletal disorders however, they tend to tend to lick their feet or joints if they are suffering from a condition. Dogs that lick their owners or other animals regularly may be suffering from anxiety, stress, or obsessive compulsive disorder.
Additionally, certain dogs have been found to lick their lips excessively when they spot an illness within their beloved person. Doctor. Marty Becker goes on to describe the results of a study where nearly 50% of dogs studied could detect the presence of low levels in blood sugar of their owners with Type 1 diabetes. What did they do to inform their owners? You can guess it -by licking their skin.

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