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Dogs love to lick their fur for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, licking can appear affectionate and help in the formation of a bond with your pet. But, when your dog is licking your face frequently however, it’s not quite as adorable. You may even become frustrated with your dog if he continues to lick it.
Because of this the habit of licking that is seen so often in our pets Pet parents are often curious to know why their pet would be licking their faces before going to go to bed.
Whatever the motivation behind the licking there is a proven fact it is one of the benefits of their constant licking is the release of endorphins in the body of dogs, and the dog is soothed by this.
Let’s take a close review of all possible reasons your puppy is kissing prior to going to bed.
Licking is a natural activity for dogs. When they were puppies, their mothers took care of them by licking them and gave them a sense of safety. As they age and mature the habit of licking may start to have multiple reasons and motives based on the puppy and their surroundings.
Here are some possible reasons why your dog might be engaged in this behavior frequently.


Reasons Why My Dog Licks Me When I Go to Bed

It Makes the Dog Remember Their Younger Days

If your dog is licking you prior to sleeping One explanation is that the licking is a reminder to the dog of their time as a puppy. It is important to keep in mind that, when a dog comes into the world, it gets kisses from its mother as well as siblings.
The dog instantly responds with a kiss, and the routine is recorded in its memory.
After adoption, bringing the puppy to your home, and then taking good care of it has caused your puppy to see yourself as an adult and since it is instinctual that dog will not hesitate to touch you whenever it is possible.

Separation Anxiety

The anxiety-related issues that dogs suffer from are the same way as they affect us humans. Dogs are afflicted with anxiety over separation which is among the most severe forms of anxiety that they can experience.
Separation anxiety can develop when you’re absent, and your dog has to spend a substantial amount of time at home. If you leave too early and come back at a late hour, you might not have time to spend time with your pet which can result in an immense amount of stress because dogs are social animals by nature.
Separation anxiety symptoms are often seen in irritative and repetitive behaviors including whining, barking and pacing and excessive licking the mouth.
Since you’re likely to be home in the evening In the case then you’ll likely to be among the primary victims of your dog’s ferocious routine of licking.


They’re Showing You Affection

If dogs kiss the face of you, they are able to experience an increase in the positive emotion. Dogs don’t communicate with us in the same way as humans do so your pet could just be licking your face to release endorphins and express their gratitude and love to you in the most loving way they can.
It could also be a submissive act that is respectful by kissing your neck or face.

Attention Seeking Behavior

Certain dogs will have their owners lick their faces prior to bed, as a type of seeking attention. Dogs almost always seek attention and will often “complain” (via their vocalizations) when we pretend that they do not exist.
If your dog is fond of licking you prior to bed it could be a way to say, “Hey, why are you going to sleep while I’m still awake?”
Dogs who aren’t appreciated enough will likely to lick their pet’s faces prior to going to bed because they find it relaxing and comforting for themselves.
In addition, when they are puppies, dogs are known to lick their mothers’ mouths to show that they’re eager to eat This could be a method of your dog signalling that you are in need of a snack or treat prior to retiring for the night.


Your Dog Might Be Suffering from a Medical Issue

The dogs are also known to rub sores or achy areas around their body. Liking the same area repeatedly can indicate discomfort or pain. It’s also possible that your dog’s lips in excess when they feel they are feeling sick.
Furthermore, a dog who is known to lick its lips a lot as they age could suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. If they’re scared or anxious, or scared they might also lick their lips. They could even be obsessed with licking your face or other objects near them to feel comfortable.
Separation anxiety is often the cause of the issue however, it’s worth seeking advice from your veterinarian in the event that your dog displays worrying behaviors, and the cause isn’t immediately apparent.

Your Skin Tastes Good to Them

The skin naturally releases salts, which can be enjoyed by dogs as they relish the salty taste. When you exercise, and afterwards it is common for dogs will kiss the faces of the owners of their pets, and this is normal. You’ve have worked yourself to a tee and were coated in all kinds of fresh smells and tastes which is why they’re sure to become curious and seek out the scene with the only manner they can that is, by sniffing and licking as fast as they can.
If you’ve had a full day and didn’t get shower, the smell and the taste of your sweat will keep your dog busy by your bedside for a prolonged period of time.


Dogs will lick their lips before going to sleep for many reasons. It’s normal so the licking isn’t excessive. In certain instances it could be that your pet may duplicate the feeling of your stroking him since you’re not doing it anymore. You’re gone or to sleep. You might be in awe of you. If he isn’t an exact replacement for what you are, is the closest option.

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