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Dogs are the most loyal and amiable animal that man has ever encountered. There are numerous stories in the human past that recount their unique relationship with man. The connection between dog and man has been in existence since prehistoric times and the bond they share has grown to be one of the greatest interactions between animals and humans. Their bonds have been tested over time and dogs are the greatest true companion of humans.
Dogs are the best and most faithful companion to humans. The loyalty quotient attempts to demonstrate itself through various ways like licking, barking and so on. Sometimes, pet owners may be pleased with their manner of behavior, however, at times it can be irritating. There is no issue about the pet. The reasons for their behavior are as follows:
Love or desire for affection:
The dog can’t express his emotions through the use of words. He is able to show love by touching its feet and the faces of the owner. This is done by the dog in order to express gratitude towards his owner. This is a way to show that he is able to understand his master and shows affection for him by kissing his feet.


To show its acceptance in the family:

The dog will lick the feet of those who he cherishes. In doing so the dog tries to show that he’s a social structure of the family. The dog is also working to establish his place within the family.

Licking to show affection:

The act of licking can release pleasure-inducing endorphins. It soothes and calms the pet. If you’d like your dog to stop doing from licking too often, simply avoid him and go to another room. Dogs are extremely sensitive. They will eventually realize that the owner does not like his behaviour and stop the behavior.

Try to convey the demand for food or water or something else:

In certain instances dogs may become hungry and would like water, food, or to communicate a message to ensure that the door remains open or shut. The dog may be trying to convey the message to his master by kissing.

For gathering information:

Certain experts believe that dogs will lick feet to collect details about the person. A dog can make thousands of different sounds and receptors for detecting smell inside his mouth and nose and nose, which helps him gather information about the person by licking the feet. When the body sweats and releases information about the person that the dog is able to process.


Like the taste of salt and human sweat:

The foot of the human body has a lot of sweat glands. The sweat is a mix of salt and water. Some dogs enjoy it and are known to lick.

Licking is importance for a dog:

Dogs are social creatures similar to humans. They require all the attention and affection of their owners. In order to get it they will begin licking their pets. It’s a strong connection to other aspects, such as showing social acceptance for the owner. The act of licking typically signifies submission. When dogs lick their feet, they also signal the dog’s position in relation to the owner.

Love and submission:

The habit of licking their master’s feet signals an initial relationship that the pet has with the master. The bond between dogs and their masters is extremely emotional and usually comes to an end when the dog dies with his master or other serious tragedies. This licking is a symbol of love and submission by the pet.
Dogs attempt to express their love and affection by the act of licking. Because they can’t talk and show their love by the act of licking. Additionally, human sweat is appealing to dogs because of the salt present in it. Sweat aids the dog in making sense of the information regarding the individual. The sebum produced by the glands that produce sebaceous fluid is an excellent source for dogs to gather more details about the person and, in actuality sebum can transmit complicated messages to dogs and it has the unique capability of processing information about the person.

Dog and Man

Dogs and humans are friendly, social creatures. They are both incredibly affectionate. In his seek truth may be superior to a dog. But, in terms of loyality and loyalty, the dog is in the direction of the dog. In terms of love and loyalty dogs are the ideal companion for man. There’s not a single instance that the dog hasn’t been loyal to its friend or the person.
A dog displays its love for his master in a variety of ways, such as waving or licking, barking etc. Letting the feet of the master or lying down on the floor are touching and emotional moments for the owner as well as the dog. Touch creates an irresistible connection.


How do you stop the dog licking?

Naturally, if there is a medical condition that is identified, the treatments will be designed to treat the issue. If boredom, stress, or something else is the probable cause, then your vet will consult with you about methods to reduce the anxiety of your dog and/or improve his happiness and comfort. The modification of behavior or the administration of mood-enhancing medication might also be suggested.
In the end, it is important to keep in mind that excessive licking could be extremely difficult and frustrating issue to solve. It may be necessary to consult with an expert veterinarian who is trained specifically on animal behaviour. Whatever the case you and your vet should work together on making a diagnosis, forming an action plan, and making the effort to follow through with the plan.
Should you ever have concerns or questions You should contact your veterinarian. They’re your most reliable source for ensuring the health and wellbeing of your pet.


There are many psychological and scientific reasons to lick. But the most important reason is to express its love, respect in return for respect and love to the master. After a long and tiring day the unconditional love dogs shower on their owner is something can be felt and can be described in no words. Dogs are perhaps the most wonderful pet animal , more so than other domestic animal, based on their devotion and love. They have positive psychological effects on the human being as a true friend.

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