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If your dog is licking you hair for a while, then this article will explain what to do and why. do to fix it.
What is the reason my dog like to lick my hair? The reasons the dog will lick your hair could be that it is a fan of the taste, is grooming you, seeking to be noticed, or it’s doing something to show affection or is scared.
Your dog could be licking your hair due to a variety of reasons. It could cause a mix of. There are several factors to consider in determining the primary issue and the ways to address it.


Reasons why your dog licks your hair

Below are some possible causes for why your dog might be doing this and what could make each one more likely.

It likes the taste

The reason the dog you pet licks your hair may be due to the fact that your dog enjoys how your hair smells. It’s more likely if your dog is inclined to do it more often at the same time of day, for instance after you’ve taken a shower or if the dog also chews on your hair.

It is grooming you

Another reason could be the fact that your dog is grooming you. This is likely if the dog seems to be at ease when doing it, and more often when you sit in a chair with it.

For attention

It may also be that it’s doing it to earn the attention. It is more likely in the event that your pet is inclined to do it more often when you are not paying attention to it, or when you are inclined to give the animal greater attention whenever it is doing it.


If your dog is bored, they tend to seek ways to entertain themselves. The reason your dog is doing it could be that it’s bored. It is more likely if it is done prior to exercising as opposed to after. In this instance it’s best to ensure that your dog can be getting the daily exercise recommended for their species and the age of its.


It may be that it happens when it is stressed. It is more likely to happen if your dog exhibits it more often at a particular time , for instance when you are getting ready to leave the house or when there is a loud sound outside.

It is showing affection

The reason could be due to the fact that the dog you pet is rewarding affection. It’s especially true if the dog is inclined to kiss your hair more while you’re petting it.


Some diseases may cause dogs to begin to lick things that aren’t fooditems, such as hair. The reason your dog is doing this could be because it’s gotten an illness or disease. It is more likely if your pet is old, began doing this in a sudden manner, or if it has been licking other strange things also. In this instance it is recommended to bring your pet to the vet for a health check-up.

A diet issue

Sometimes, dogs may start to lick their hair if they have a problem in their food. It is because they’re not getting the nutrients they require from their diet, they’ll chew other food items to obtain the essential nutrients. The issue is with the diet. is more likely to be the reason the dog’s behavior if it is doing this after a change in their diet.


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Things to consider

Below are some points you should consider in order to determine the root of the issue.

If your dog has always licked your hair

If your dog hasn’t always been licking you hair in the past, it may be helpful to think about what occurred when your dog first started to do it. If it began doing the behavior suddenly, it could be due to something like the fact that it is a behavior is rewarded, or which can cause it to become anxious, sick or changes in diet.

The timing of when your dog licks your hair

If your dog also seems to repeat the behavior frequently at an exact period of time, it may be helpful to look at the timing. For example, if you notice that your dog does it after having taken a shower, it’s more likely that it is because your dog does it due to its awe-inspiring flavor.


What to do about your dog licking your hair

Here are some solutions you can consider when dealing with the behaviour.


As we mentioned it could be the dog is aware that this behaviour is rewarded. Instead, it is best to stop your dog from licking your head and to wait until it calms down before paying it the attention it deserves.


It is also helpful to direct your dog’s attention to something else when it is likely to begin to lick your hair. Things to focus its attention toward could be toys, bones or doing an activity like rolling over.

Give it distractions

It can also be helpful to give your dog items like toys or bones to play with so that it’s less likely to to kiss your hair.

Give it exercise

Like we said boredom is a factor. If your dog has a healthy condition, it will aid in ensuring that your pet gets the amount of daily exercise according to its species and age.

Get help

If your dog is being excessively active and is causing you anxiety, talk to your vet to discuss it with you when you visit the next time. In doing this you will be able to receive specific advice from a vet who is tailored for your dog’s specific needs.
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