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Each dog has its own unique personality and temperament, which is based on breed. However, one thing they all have in common is their enthralling love of the act of licking hands.
The majority of people associate long sloppy face kisses with affection and love. However, does this mean something similar to hands and is something more to this? You might initially think of it to be an indication of affection, love, and friendship, however, it’s a bit more complicated than the previous one.
There are a variety of reasons why dogs may touch your hands and being aware of them could change your attitude towards it. Read on to find out more.


Why Do Dogs Love Licking Your Hands?

Instinctive Pack Behavior

When pack animals such as dogs and wolves in the wild come back to their pups and companions when they have finished hunting usually take the meat of the hunt and eat it. In addition, because their puppies aren’t old enough to be hunting yet, they take the food out of their mouths.
The habit of licking can be passed through a dog’s genetic code which causes them to do this without motive, often instinctively as they consider you to be part of their group.

It Reminds them of their Puppyhood

As puppies their mothers will often kiss them while grooming and loving them. They repeat this behavior to the other litter members. Dogs are extremely intelligent and can develop nostalgia. Therefore, as the pups develop, they recall the good times they had and repeat the behavior they had in their younger days. This is done by licking your hands.
It is a sign that dogs take the trip through time when they lick your hands as it provides them with the same security and affection that they received when they used to lick their puppies’ siblings or their mothers licked them.

Trying to Groom You

Dogs are pack animals and have a tendency to groom each other in close proximity, or even adult members of the pack groom dogs who do not have the maturity to handle it by themselves. It’s a bonding activity and it also shows a sense of care and security.
A dog’s grooming routine continues throughout the course of its life. Because it lives with you and regards you as a member of the family It may think of itself as the leader or parent. It may even lick your hand and groom your hands.

A Way of Greeting

Pups are very emotional like us and are absolutely thrilled to see your family when you return home. They show how much they miss your absence and they love you. They show you their love that they show through slobbering the entire length of your hands.
It’s not just about leaving your dog being on its own, since all the other dogs at the park or on the path are able to reach out and meet you with a lick which is why the best way to greet a brand new puppy is to extend hands to them. It’s like hugging relatives they’ve not seen in long time.

Indication of an Underlying Issue

The dog that licks you from time to time is not common, however, excessive licking in excessive (and that involves licking other surfaces, objects or even your own self) might be an issue. Dogs can develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder resulting from stress and anxiety that lasts for a long time.
If your dog is licking your hands constantly it is best to contextualize the behavior with any behavior issues it might be displaying. For example, if the puppy is new and was taken in from a rescue facility or has been mistreated previously, the behavior might be because of separation anxiety. It will lick you to soothe itself.


You Taste Good

They can eat almost anything with the most exquisite flavor from food crumbs to getting rid of spills. If your dog starts to bite your hand and discover the fascinating human flavor that is slightly salty, it’ll keep going. It could also be eating the last remnants of food you’ve consumed.

It’s Submitting to You

Hand licking is a normal dog behaviour that was prevalent when they were wild wolves. Some dogs would touch on the “alpha” pack leader whenever they met to reconnect with the other members of the pack. This was an expression of respect and obedience, as well as a sign of companionship and to let them know that they had missed him.
Because dogs are part of the family of wolves, this instinctive characteristic is evident in the way they interact to their owners. One reason that your dog might be able to lick your hands is that it perceives you as the leader in the pack. It’s an act of submission and eases separation anxiety when you’ve been away from one the other for a long time.

Showing Empathy

There’s a good chance that your pet is licking you since it’s showing empathy toward you, particularly if you’re feeling stressed or angry. Dogs are able to sense changes in the human’s mood and stay near you, touch your face and hands and even whine to comfort and sympathize with your emotions.
It wishes to ease your sorrow at this moment. Dogs’ ability to demonstrate compassion to one another and their owners as well as even strangers is the reason the therapists endorse their role as therapy and emotional help pets.

Is Licking a Dog’s Way of Kissing?

Let’s take a popular belief to the forefront first: Some owners who attribute a lot of human characteristics to their pet believe they are implying that when their pet kisses them, it’s a kind of kissing. We’re not certain about this.
The research jury has decided as to whether the phenomenon may be compared with kissing. However, sometimes there is a touch of love involved.
When you think that your dog could be training you to give them treats for their dogs and then you start to doubt. If they show a certain behaviour, they could receive rewards. Therefore, until the double agent dog releases the truth, you might never know for certain.



It’s certainly difficult to resist puppy kisses as an act of bonding What’s the matter? Dogs kiss you to express affection, respect and love, so it’s only natural to would want to reciprocate the same affection and love by letting it kiss you on the hand. Be careful, however, when it is doing this repeatedly and seek out ways to help to stop it.

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