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Few things can catch your attention quicker than a warm, salivary dog tongue slide over your feet. If it’s an occasional flash of jolt, or an ongoing and annoying behavior If your dog is kissing your feet and legs it’s possible you’re wondering what’s the cause of this bizarre behavior.

As a dog’s owner you are likely to have a relationship with your dog. This may involve actions that cause non-dog owners to beg their feet, such as having your dog lie in your bed with you, or the possibility of him licking peanut butter off of a spoon. But there has to be a point of no return and for a lot of pet owners, this is the moment when their dog begins licking their legs.

It’s a an enjoyable lick, but also gross and, if the incident happens too often, it could be it’s a bit alarming. Are you asking yourself, “why does my dog lick my legs?” If yes, continue reading to find out the fascinating explanations.


So why would your dog lick your legs and feet?

Your dog might use their legs to attract your attention, show their emotions, collect details about you, or where you’ve been, or due to the taste of something they enjoy. If you’re bored of seeing your dog constantly doing this you can try some simple ways to modify this habit.

It is important to note that I’m talking about licking but not the nibbling the front teeth that is extremely common, and that kitty has come to adore.

Reason 1: Attention-Getting Behavior

Dogs are intelligent and social creatures and are constantly looking for clues and opportunities to achieve what they need. If your dog is licking your legs at least once in a while It’s probably because they’re trying something they like (more on that later). If they’re constantly kissing you, this is likely to be a learned habit.

Imagine yourself laid out on your sofa and your head is buried in a book or your mobile. Your dog could have entered the room to get attention, or perhaps toys. The attention you are paying elsewhere, may not realize that your dog is searching to be noticed.

What’s he supposed do? He’s a good guy and knows it’s not a good idea to be barking, however he truly would like to [insert any random dog-related desire here] and then notices your feet and legs, all laid out and prone to the perfect cuddle.

Reason 2: Complex Communication

Animals that are social are, just like humans, created complex communications signals. Their emotions cover the whole spectrum of human emotions and dogs with strong bonds with their owners will probably discover ways to communicate the emotions to owners they’re experiencing.

It’s impossible to describe all the possible emotions your dog might be trying to convey through licking your leg in just a few words. If you’re concerned about your dog’s behavior, it’s worth recording the behavior in front of your vet in order to be sure that it’s not something that’s serious.

But most of the time, your dog is licking your legs to communicate to you, they are trying to express one of two general feelings: Affection or Stress.


It should come as little surprise that dogs love to lick their fur in order to show their affection. It is an instinctual behaviour in dogs, which is reinforced right from the time that they’re born.

Even in the most expensive and advanced program for breeding, the initial stage when puppies are born is to put them in the mother’s arms. She will feel their presence pup and will begin to lick.

The act of licking for caring affection is, thus one of the very first events in the life of a dog. Puppy dogs lick faces, and dogs love to lick the air after their owners come home and they kiss to pamper each other. They simply love to be licking!

When your pet is constantly licking your legs while looking up at you, you’ll likely be able tell if it’s a simple tongue tap. Personally, I’m not averse to sometimes getting a dry kiss my pet gives me even if he chooses to express his affection by rubbing my feet.



However, it’s not always the dog’s affection for you that could make them shin-licking. Dogs can also be able to lick your legs or feet to let you know that they’re stressed.

As I’ve said dogs have complex social systems. This is due to their origins as wolves. These are pack animals ruled by an “alpha” and all the other wolves of the pack are subordinate to the alpha.

At house, you dog sees you or another family member as the superior. The dog’s licking of you’s legs can be a respectful gesture to show that they are aware of your position as the head of the pack.

Reason 3: Taste

In the case of dogs, unlike humans, the large portion of their sensory perceptions are acquired through their noses and mouths. Dogs possess a remarkable sense of smell and taste and therefore, they could be licking your legs since they found something fascinating on their own.

Before we can begin figuring out what you ate at lunch and how your dog’s enjoying your legs, we must discuss what they’re eating and smelling the food that you share. What is it that makes their senses of smell and taste distinct from ours is the biological advantage dogs possess over us.

The organs of dogs in their skulls that allow them to taste and smell at simultaneously. It’s possible that you didn’t realize that it’s not possible for you to simultaneously smell and taste simultaneously. The two are closely linked in humans but they happen in a sequence, one after another. Dogs absorb the entire scent and taste at the same at the same time.

It’s a bit difficult to grasp the full consequences of this biological advantage dogs possess over us when it comes to tasting. An excellent point of reference is the glass of tea.

If you pour 1 teaspoon of sugar in the tea you drink it’s likely that you’ll be able detect it. The same amount of sugar into the water and you’ll be unable to tell that it was there. However, your dog will be able to feel and smell the tablespoon of sugar.

Thus, you shouldn’t be shocked when your dog discovers something tasty or intriguing on your legs to eat. You might have dropped some food onto it during lunchtime today and not noticed or splashed water on yourself as you walked through the rain, or… in fact, anything.


How To Get Your Dog To Stop Licking Your Feet

The first thing to note is that it could be an “pick your battles” kind of scenario. There are many reasons for your dog to desire to rub your feet and legs, and it’s not worth the effort for the two of you attempt to stop this behavior.

However, I can understand the issue. If the behavior is getting too much, turning into an obsession to your pet, causing the jitters, and constantly waiting for a surprise lick here are some suggestions to help the dog off from licking your feet.

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