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After a pleasant stroll with your pet, you’re lying on your sofa. You invite Maya to come over and she offers you warm slobbery kisses and warm slobbery kisse your legs. Although some may consider it more offensive in comparison to others, they could be wondering why she’s showing this type of behaviour. Why does my dog lick my legs? Is there something wrong? Does she want to inform me of something?

Animals exhibit all kinds of bizarre behavior that we don’t be able to comprehend, like touching your legs with a lick, but to them, it’s one of the ways they communicate with humans. Understanding the reason your dog does this will help strengthen the bond of love that you share with your pet.

A dog will lick your legs as she’s grooming you. Dogs will lick their own legs and other dogs in the course of cleansing. There are other reasons for this, such as your dog trying to show you love or just enjoys the scent the smell of your leg.

There are no dogs alike because they all have their unique personality. That being said there are many causes for your dog to feel the need to kiss your legs. Here are a few of the most popular causes behind dog’s behavior.


Why does my dog lick my legs?

The dog that licks your legs for a variety reasons, like the taste you like, showing love and empathy, grooming the desire to be respected, boredom, stress and to get your attention. Studies show that dogs that communicate with their pet owners via kissing their legs, see an increase in oxytocin levels.

Why does my dog lick my legs after I shower?

Dogs will lick you after having were washed because they’re trying make you dry (like dogs do when drying themselves). Based on Dr. Megan Maxwell, a dog may also lick you when you’ve showering due to the lotion that smells great.

7 reasons why dogs lick your legs

Being a dog’s parent exposes you to lots of dog chewing. It’s a common thing for dogs. They can even lick almost every skin that is exposed when you allow them.

If you’re wondering why it is, then you’ve come to the right spot.

Here are the main reasons to figure out the reason your dog is licking your legs:

1: Taste

Dogs love to lick anything that smells or tastes good to them.

Are you aware of the way your dog licks your legs after exercising?

Do you do this after applying lotion?

If you exercise sweat, you sweat. It is believed that dogs like the taste from sweat that you rub on your body.

The lotion you just applied.

2: Affection

There are many who believe that dog licking is similar to human kisses.

If your dog loves to lick your legs, it’s a sign that they’re showing affection. They do this because they’re happy with you.

Here’s a hilarious illustration of how it looks:

Did you realize that dog licking could be linked to hunting for food? It then evolved into an expression of greeting for dogs.

3: Empathy

Dogs can tell your mood.

You can lick your legs to show compassion, particularly when you’re feeling angry or lonely.

They would like to help people feel more comfortable.

It’s comforting to get this type of reaction by your pet. If this occurs more often and you are aware of it, your dog will know that you are in need of comfort.

They kiss you in order to show that you’re not the only one.


4: Grooming

Have you ever observed the mother dog and her puppies? Licking is an integral part the daily routine of these dogs.

It’s not just to wash the puppies. Mama dogs love to lick their pups to stimulate urination and defecation.

The mother dog kisses her pups in order to take care of them.

If they kiss you when they lick you, they treat you as an integral part of the group.

It is a part of their family just as they are part of yours. The idea behind grooming is another method of showing the love they have for you.

5: Respect

As puppies and dogs, they are trained to kiss their mothers’ muzzles. This is to demonstrate respect.

Your dog is likely to lick your legs in order to show respect for you.

They consider you to be the one who is the leader.

6: Boredom

When dogs are bored they chew on your footwear and furnishings.

Dogs are bored when they don’t have emotional or intellectual stimulation.

Certain dogs require daily exercise. Some dogs require toys to help train their minds or keep them focused.

If you don’t dogs, they end with licking your leg in a way that he is bored.

7: Stress

Check for symptoms of stress so that you can avoid the problem from getting any more severe.

Are they afraid of something?

Did you do something that is completely new to him?

Did you move your dog and he finds it difficult to get used to the new environment?

If you’re worried about it, bring your dog to a veterinarian. They’ll be able to tell the reason your dog is stressed and also what you can do on the subject.


Why do dogs lick humans legs and feet?

The dogs may be able to kiss our feet as we’re humans, but they aren’t looking to harm us. We are extremely sensitive in the event of pain we respond in extreme ways. When someone shows interest in us even if that means the foot is licking, it shows great respect for us, and we are grateful for that. This is the reason dogs are loving and loyal. If you notice an animal licking your leg it is important to stop and be aware of whether you’re feeling discomfort or not. People may believe that licking their feet is a normal dog behavior but this is not the case. Always consult with the dog’s owner prior to the dog licks his or her foot.

Why does my dog lick my leg or arm?

Dogs can lick their fur due to being drawn to salty smells and is a sign of affection, love or even attraction. Perhaps they just desire to clean themselves after a day of playing. However, licking can also be used to ease anxiety and stress. If you believe your pet is licking you and you are not sure why, rub your hand on the dog’s body as the dog is still doing the lick.

Final Thoughts

The dogs do bizarre things. It may appear strange, but to them, there is probably an explanation for this. The majority of the time that dogs lick their fur it, it’s a method to show their appreciation and affection to their special humans. It’s also one their main ways of expressing themselves and also telling us about their desires and requirements. Your dog knows you most effectively and, regardless of whether you would like the behavior you can be sure that you have your own doggie mentality generally positive ones.

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