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If your dog is often licking your lips You may be thinking about the reason and how you can do to stop it. This article will help you understand several possible causes and how you can do to fix them.
Why is my dog like to lick my lips? The reasons the dog will lick your mouth is that it is a reward and it’s looking for attention, boredom, is a sign of affection or it is happy.
Given the variety different causes that could be causing the problem, it might be beneficial to think about what could make each likely. When you have an idea of what is causing the issue it should be much more straightforward to bring it to stop.


Why does my dog lick my mouth?

Here are some reasons why your dog may be licking your mouth. What makes them more likely to be the primary motive.

The behavior gets rewarded

It could be because you have taught it that it is rewards for licking your mouth. If you give it rewards like more attention treats, toys or treats when it is licking your mouth, it is likely to repeat the action to receive more rewards.

Looking for attention

It could be because it is seeking attention. This is especially likely to happen if it occurs more often when you haven’t paid it enough attention, and you are inclined to pay it more attention when it is doing.
It is better to keep it in mind all day long by teaching it and exercising it , but to not reward it when it bites your lips by redirecting its behavior after it first starts.


It is possible that your dog engages in this behavior because it’s bored and is looking for ways to get its mind stimulated. It is more probable if the dog has a tendency to do it more frequently before engaging in activities like exercise or training.
It is important to make sure that it’s able to be getting the daily recommended exercise appropriate for its breed and age. in the event that it already does an anxious animal. Another way to bring it down is to provide it with the opportunity to train.


As puppies one of the primary methods they use to discover the world around them is through taking a sniff or lick of things. When your pet is just a puppy, it will likely be the instance that it is observing by chewing on your lips. It is a habit that licking at things will continue to be a part of it as they grow older, which is why they tend to be licking frequently.


It could also be that it is doing it due to its affection. If it is licking you, it’s telling you that it is trusting the person you’re with and is an integral part of its group. This type of licking can be common and is usually seen when you attempt to pet it.


The reason you lick your mouth might be because it is overly excited. It is more likely if it is prone to do this in circumstances where it is very enthusiastic, for instance when you get home, or going out for a stroll.
In this situation it is best to stay clear of doing something that your dog gets excited about, and be patient and wait for it to stop from licking your mouth prior to continuing.


Things to consider

Here are some points to think about when trying to figure out the reason behind why your dog is doing this.

What else happened when your dog first licked your mouth

If your dog didn’t always lick your lips It would be helpful to look at what else took place when it first began.
If it began to do it at a moment’s notice it could be because of factors like learning that it earns rewards for it, or if you didn’t give it the attention that you used to, which caused it to perform actions in order to earn more attention.

What is different when your dog licks your mouth

It is also helpful to think about if there’s something different in the time of day that it usually happens.
If it is prone to doing more often when you are at home, it’s probably caused by things like excitement. it’s best to not notice the issue until it ceases to lick. And then be rewarded for it not taking a lick.

The age of your dog

It is commonplace for dogs to kiss the mouths of others and their faces when they are young since they are accustomed to greeting one another with their faces. When your pet is an infant, it could be very likely that the dog is still learning that this behavior isn’t acceptable. In this instance it is advisable to refrain from giving your dog any attention once the behavior begins by providing it with the benefit of a “time out” so that your dog will learn that this behavior will not be rewarding.
If your pet has reached the age of adulthood, it’ll be more likely to be the case that your dog has been taught that licking your mouth can be an effective method to get more interest from your.


How to get my dog to stop licking my mouth?

Here are some tips you can try to get the dog not to keep it.

Avoid encouraging it

As stated above It could be the situation where your dog been taught that it can earn rewards when you lick your mouth. It’s best to stop rewarding it with rewards or attention whenever it begins licking your mouth. You can then pay it again after it stops. This can be done through giving the dog the option of a “time out” whenever it is trying to lick your lips. It is also helpful to redirect your dog’s attention as soon as it appears to be the process of licking your mouth. This should help make your dog aware that mouth licking not acceptable.

What should I do if my dog licks my mouth?

Keep the dog’s tongue away from these places. If your dog is licking other areas of your face clean the saliva off by washing your face with soap and water. Also, clean your hands immediately after a dog has eaten their hands, and at a minimum after touching your face or eating, as this is another way in which pathogens could enter your body.

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