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People often view canines licking being just an expression of affection and love. Although it is sometimes actually, a sweet gesture, it tends to be more profound than it, in both sprightly young pups and wise adult dogs. The licking of the face often signifies feelings of insubordination.



If a puppy is aware that a dog is a greater strength, and is higher in social status and socially than he is it might try to act in a gentle way. Be aware that dogs live in pack groups that revolve around the strength of the alpha dogs. Your puppy is conscious of the dominance of the other dog which is usually older. If your puppy is constantly licking the face of your dog most likely because he’s aware that your pet is older and, as such it is your “top dog” in your home. In licking his face the dog is trying to build an amiable and friendly relationship with the other dog, signalling that he is not going to contest his position.


If your puppy shows an inclination to lick your dog’s face It could indicate affectionate and positive feelings between them, so it is the case that the other dog also does it back. If your dog’s other has taken your dog under his wing and they’ve been bonded and become close during the time that Junior has been at your home, the act of licking faces may not be a sign of dominance and submission. It may actually represent affection and trust between the couple — how sweet! it’s not much more sweet than this.

Presence of a Wound

Don’t make assumptions about the actions your pets are doing until you have an in-depth take a look. If your dog is constantly licking the face of your dog frequently, it may be a sign of a wound, more than being a sign of love or submission. If that’s the case your dog may require urgent veterinary attention Don’t be apathetic about it. Always consult a knowledgeable veterinarian about the health and care of your pet.

Licking Peoples’ Faces, Too

Puppy and mature dogs aren’t restricted to licking their faces only to their companions. They can also engage in this behavior with people that they consider to be dominant over them, like their owners. Young puppies will often kiss the faces of their parents it could be an attempt to draw attention by asking for food or snacks.


Puppies in the Wild

Puppy’s out in the wild also kiss their mothers in order to stimulate them to eat food in the form of soft gruel. While their mothers feed them, but as do the elder members of the group. Puppy’s are prone to this behavior until they’re ready to begin eating food items.

The Root of the Behavior

A dog who licks another pet’s ears can be, within the dog world, a common greeting. Before we started domesticating dogs, were pack animals, the practice of ear licking between dogs has its roots from earlier times. In a reunion of the pack the dogs were able to establish their presence with their pack and inform the other dogs that they were present by licking their ears. It’s like an old and primitive high-five. It was an integral element of the pack. The dogs are genetically, at the very least, pack animals and will likely continue to take licks till the end of the world. More technically the ears of dogs are, for them, an inaccessible area. Unless they begin scratching an ear using an arm it’s impossible they’ll be able to get their ears, and sometimes they aren’t able to connect. Dogs who lick each other’s ears is the best chance to get an enjoyable time in that zone. Similar to monkeys performing the communal and reciprocal slicing through their furs to get rid of parasites and dirt the dogs will lick one another’s ears as an act of grooming. You’d want to help your dog’s friend similarly do you? The ear wax of dogs has a distinct smell. Do you really think you’ve never noticed? Yes, we’re not allowed to sniff the ears of our dogs. Your pet, with its superior nose-sense is a fan of it and enjoys it. It’s an integral part of him. He’ll sniff before licking. Dogs have different tastes that we would think of as appealing. They love things that smell bad. The more sour, the more enjoyable. Have you noticed that your dog is able to find any item that we think is to be gross, and, regardless of how decayed take it in?

Encouraging the Behavior

It could not be related to the ears of another dog or ears at all. Certain dogs simply prefer to kiss other dogs to show love or attention. When they were young they were getting bathed and groomed by their mothers, therefore it’s normal for them to follow this practice with their extended family members as an act of affection. In some cases the ear wax of a dog can become the equivalent of catnip for dogs. Like a human’s love affair to chocolate. The more you sniff it, you’ll want it more. It’s been proved to be addicting. This is why your dog may be drawn to licking the ears of a dog more appealing than any food you’re trying to lure them with. We all know that your dog has a keen perception of scent. Many times the dog’s olfactory senses can be employed to sniff out explosives, drugs, or even scouting for individuals trapped in rubble following an earthquake. Dogs also have noses for infections. If your dog suddenly begins to repeatedly kiss another dog’s ears It could be a sign that your dog is having an issue with his ear. It could therefore be beneficial



A dog that licks the ears of a dog is something that canines do. It’s a big deal to the dog. It’s a way to integrate with the crowd or giving a social favor through some gentle grooming. Keep in mind that even though an instinctual ear licking behavior, it may evolve into something else and you must keep your eye out for it. But don’t forget that it is one of the very few ways that to show affection to a dog and we all require a bit of it. Although it must be mentioned , there are intelligent dogs that have perfected the art of giving hugs. Does yours?

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